The Season of the Political Witch: Manipulation, Intimidation, Domination

by Aaron Warner

The light of a lamp will never shine in you again. The voice of bridegroom and bride will never be heard in you again. Your merchants were the world’s important people. By your magic spell all the nations were led astray… (Revelation 18:23)

When asked to describe witchcraft most people conjure up notions of haggardly old ladies gathered around a boiling cauldron seeking spiritual favors from unknown sources.  Images of skulls, potions, incantations and nighttime rituals bleed into the foreground of one’s mind.  Words like sorcery, magic, and evil stumble into their descriptions, however few if any speak with any authority or genuine knowledge when the subject is raised. Witches, long a cast out group among the civilized, are better left to the dark, and their mysterious deeds better left a mystery.  They seem little more than pagans with a flair for dramatic dress and an arcane hobby. 

Peter Levenda has authored several books on the subject of witchcraft and politics.  His titles include “Ratline”, “Unholy Alliance” and the “Sinister Forces” series which looks at historical events through the lens of their occult influence.  Widely respected among both initiates and historians, Levenda recounts major world events from the French Revolution to the rise of the Nazis and the Kennedy assassination with a traveler’s curiosity and insider knowledge from actual participants and the paper trails left among those hidden. Revolutionaries and their revolutions share a common thread of secret societies, secret teachings, occult practices and powerful people with the ability to keep these facts hidden, oftentimes in plain site.

Like with the Devil himself, most Americans are comfortable having a caricature rather than a truer understanding of the authentic. Curiosity seldom moves past entertainment or titillation. With an odd desire to both observe and remain removed from the deeds of darkness we are supped with anemic bites of doings and events intended to give the hints and colors of a dimension built by those practiced at the art of deception.  Thinking one’s self keen to the dark arts through these popular displays one becomes the focus of the very witchcraft they think they are studying.  

The practices of witchcraft are many the world over, yet they can be summarized by three basic categories each building upon the lesser like the levels of a pyramid.  From the shamans of Africa, to the Voudon priests of Haiti, to the necromancers in the Middle East and the warlocks of Europe the methods may differ but the results are the same.  Rather than knowledge of science and diplomacy these adherents use generations-old tactics that call upon spiritual forces recognized for their power to influence those around them.  

What are those three categories? Manipulation, intimidation and domination. 

Witchcraft by those terms is the practice of achieving ones goals outside of the implied rules of polite society.  By polite society I mean that which is built upon the Judeo-Christian ethics used to frame our country’s constitution, and by proxy, the politics of American life.  The average American might be surprised to consider witchcraft being practiced on them by political powers, however, it is by the very practice of witchcraft Americans have become too blind to see it. 

The events having transpired since the outbreak of SARS-COV2 can be felt among everyone, and none of it feels good.  The term pandemic is used to paint a broad stroke over our national malaise, and the blame for our suffering is a thing so hidden, like witchcraft, it can’t be detected without a powerful lens and the desire to see through what we are told is obvious.  

Who is telling us? None other than the main stream media and politicians who now boast the lowest level of trust currently among Americans.   

A 2018 Gallup poll had, among the top 20 least trusted professions, a veritable who’s who for the people “guiding” and/or profiting from this pandemic: 

20. Nurses10. Bankers
19. Pharmacists9. Lawyers
17. Medical doctors6. (tied) Business Executives/Stock Brokers
15. (tie) Funeral Directors/High School Teachers5. Journalists
14. Police officers4. Advertising practitioners
13. Clergy1. Members of Congress.

It would seem were there a goal to this pandemic, other than the reported aim of global health, such as the putative Great Reset/New World Order mentioned by both global elites, who have stated this crisis provides their perfect moment, the American people already had an instinct for the crowd who might attempt such a thing. 

It would take MANIPULATION of information:

  • Studies historically show masks don’t stop viral transmission but wear them anyway
  • Altering PCR test variables to create false positives thus inflating the numbers
  • Control media messaging by “flooding the zone” with a fear based narrative
  • Suppress information on social media for not following  said narrative 
  • Use lockdowns to boost revenue for NOW businesses while crushing small businesses

It would also take INTIMIDATION such as:

  • The use of mandates to violate individual freedom
  • The rise of self-appointed societal police or “Karens” 
  • Silence and vilify doctors and others who contradict the narrative
  • Threat of job loss for not taking an experimental “vaccine” 
  • Threat of being canceled for not parroting established narratives 
  • Threat of being fined for violating unconstitutional mandates 

The goal would be DOMINATION that would look like: 

  • Contact tracing your every move
  • Government permission for where you can go
  • Government permission for how you can travel
  • Government permission for who you can see, when and how many at a time
  • Government permission for what you can buy 
  • Government permission for what you can say

Such a scenario is the stuff of James Bond or Austin Power movies.  In fact, movies like that are made so we plebes are assured such big screen stories can be held to that standard – fictitious.  Who would possibly believe that witches and warlocks actually exist let alone shed their robes and hats for three piece suits and make up, or use technology rather than magic books to cast spells? 

Who would possibly be capable of that level of deception? 

I feel like I might have read about it in a book once somewhere…

For our struggle is not against flesh and blood, but against the rulers, against the authorities, against the powers of this dark world and against the spiritual forces of evil in the heavenly realms. (Ephesians 6:12) 

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  1. An excellent and insightful essay into the fog of spiritual war. These corrupted denizens of counterfeit culture, communism and chaos, are haters of the living G-d of Israel. The Bible is foolishness to “the wise.”

  2. World War 3 – The Fourth Reich – The Socialist Revolution. The CCP utilizes biological warfare and fear to control the masses. The CCP eliminated millions of people to control those who were left. They then turned their sights to the USA and they had a number of allies here to help them achieve what most thought impossible. Fascist Corporations – Pharma, Tech, Medical, Financial – have aligned against the People – Global domination is the goal. Their plan is clear – the fight to defeat this plan needs to be just as fierce and unforgiving.

  3. God bless the 2nd amendment folks…When all else fails and the tyrants keep pushing…