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  1. I subscribe to your paper because, though I am a raving liberal and have been since the Sixties, I want to see what other people who think differently are thinking about news issues and so on. I don’t appreciate the Jeffries cartoon about “affinity groups” at all. And I don’t like the slap at Ibram X. Kendi, who is doing something constructive about our society’s endemic, pernicious, and all-too-open racism. Children are NOT being separated in schools by race into “affinity groups,” which are NOT the same as “races,” and I don’t think it serves any of us well to paint teachers, parents, racial identities, etc., as either inimically opposed or incompatible. This is a cheap shot and a mean-spirited cartoon that illumines no issue, offers no solution to our differences, and tries to use children as a weapon. Bah, humbug.

    • Even bringing our irrational hyper-sensitization about race in the form of a cartoon gets some leftists underwear in a knot, eh? We hear a lot from the left about the poor children traumatized by having to deal with impending climate doom and recovering from the “horrible days of Trump”
      and now we pile on top of that misery telling all the white kids to hate themselves. Child psychologists and other professionals will certainly have their hands full.

    • Gina, read the article in September’s Atlantic called “White Progressives in Pursuit of Racial Virtue” for one mother’s account of affinity groups in her son’s California school. See also news of the Atlanta school that was segregating primary students by race (until a mother complained).

  2. Rich LaC : I don’t think that “leftists” are telling “all white kids to hate themselves”. Media and who we interact with is a powerful filter. Here’s another take on CRT: What is being modeled is the importance of discussion and how to have the discussion so that individuals feel safe to self-reflect, walk for a moment in other people’s shoes, and then ( if they choose) bring forward their perspective for discussion within the group. Isn’t that what everyone would want for themselves and their children: to be able to truly listen and truly be heard? To have elders model and teach respect for self and others? Thank you, Gina Logan, for writing in even though you’d run up against opposition.