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To the editor:
I want to take this opportunity to say thank you to all Vermonters for allowing me to say hello and who talked with me over the last six months on the campaign trail to be your 84th Lieutenant Governor.

Tammy and I are very humbled by this experience visiting many communities in our beautiful State, meeting many of you and your family, visiting your businesses and listening to your hopes, goals, concerns and fears. I heard you. I will continue to speak out for you in the years to come.

I believe I ran a solid campaign, staying positive and on point, communicating to you my vision for Vermont. We executed my campaign plan. It will always be about You and our Federal and Vermont Constitutions; my motto is simple: “We The People” – a Common-Sense Approach to Governing.

I have a huge thank you to my campaign Team, we call them; “Team-Thayer” campaign: Tammy Lancour, Jim & Shirley Snelling Sexton, Linda Kirker, Terry Williams, Jay Shepard, Pam & Gary Pouliot, Martha Hafner, Jim Letourneau and Christopher Kruckel. And to my son and daughter in-law; Alec & Leidy! You all rock!
So, from my heart thank you and I appreciate you all. God bless you, your family, and Vermont!

Gregory M. Thayer, MBA
Constitutional Conservative Republican Candidate for Vermont Lieutenant Governor

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  1. Greg, you did terrific and I want to thank you and all the other Republican candidates who took a stand for republican principles. I heard Joe Benning on the Morning Drive say for some reason the republicans were not opening their wallets. When I saw Joe at Franklin County Field days, I told him the reason the republicans were not opening their wallets was because they had nothing in their wallets. The media is always talking about the rich republicans but look at the obscene amount of money the democrats spent. The media benefited so that might explain their bias against republicans. And yes the media is biased against republicans. It’s time for the media to tell the truth about the rich democrats and the rich LGBTQ. The media should be fair to all the candidates .Some candidates were not even mentioned.

  2. YES, Thank you Greg for putting yourself out there….You ran a CLEAN campaign which is more than I can say for most of the rest……all those shiny fancy BIG flyers in my mailbox from mid july on…just made me mad; that stuff is not cheap! I believe term limits with no special consideration after service (ie; no payck for life) is essential; as we can all see, no matter what party you are that “career” politics does not serve THE PEOPLE………its just time to make the change.
    I hope we see you again in the near future……dont give up!!

  3. Greg thanks for all your hard work and your concern for the republican party and the taxpayers in the state of Vermont

    I could go on and on about you because you are a legitimate candidate who really cares about vermonters.

    All I can say is you did a great job against the corrupt government and wish you well in your future endeavors.

    God bless you Greg your intentions are right.

  4. Yes, a great campaign Greg! Thanks for being you and wanting to stand up for We the People! Come to the Rutland State Fair August 16th through the 20th and visit the Convention of States booth. Article 5 in the US Constitution is where We the People can change the course of the Federal Government. We need a Convention of States now more than ever!

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