Thayer ponders run for lt. governor

Greg Thayer

Gregory Thayer of Rutland is nearing the end of an exploratory process for running for lieutenant governor, he said today.

Thayer, 58 is a lifelong resident of Rutland. He pledged to reverse the Left’s destructive policies and growing-size of government, and stop canceling Vermonters in many parts of life. Thayer said, “I travel and talk to people all across the State professionally and with personal activity. People from various political spectrums are concerned and very unsettled with the direction that the Legislature has taken our State, and what is to come”.

“I’m an excellent listener, and I’m hearing the people of Vermont,” Thayer said.

Thayer has raised four children here in Vermont, all of whom have attended Vermont schools as well as some local colleges. An accountant by education, he has an MBA-Accountancy/Finance from St. Joseph College. A former banker, he currently works in the audit and tax industry. Thayer served on the Rutland City Council and various civic and non-profit boards in Rutland and the State. He has over thirty-five years political experience.

More recently, Thayer founded a statewide organization; “Vermonters for Vermont” Initiative. He has been hosting both Townhall Informationals on “Critical Race Theory” and “Americanism & Marxism Symposiums” in Vermont. He believes parent involvement is paramount in their children’s education with schools. Thayer continued; “we need to apply the breaks on these Marxist ideas, and get back to our U.S. and Vermont Constitutions”.

Thayer will finalize his decision by the end of this January.

Incumbent LG Molly Gray is running for U.S. Congress. State Senator Joe Benning (R-Caledonia) also is exploring a run for lieutenant governor.

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  1. Molly Gray is an ultra liberal walking mistake. Joe Benning is a totally submissive rino. Where does Thayer fit in? His words sound conservative but no party affiliation is mentioned.

    • Tom Koch has fought my proposed Rule change to remove Elected Officials that don’t follow or support the State GOP Party Platform. Koch has supported Governor Scott and refuses to address the fact that Scott has betrayed numerous sections of the State GOP Platform and that Scott and others have attacked 117,000 Vermont Republicans by calling them White Supremacists and Racist’s.
      Koch has nothing to offer Real Vermont Republicans because he supports those that claim to be Republicans, but prove by their words and actions they are part of the left/far left agenda.
      He is entitled to his opinion abut which office Thayer is going to run for. But this isn’t his decision.
      Gregory is one of my best friends, he is a true Vt Patriot that has spent a great deal of time and his own money traveling all over our State holding Town Halls to inform Vermonters of their Rights, and how those in Office are currently failing them.

      • What has Tom Koch done for the republican party and the people of Vermont? I’ll wait for an answer. In the mean time, it’s my opinion that Mr. Koch should retire and let a real republican get elected to his seat. Same for Joe Benning. The republican party is in the shape it is because of these RINOs who have been around too long. It may as well be called the RINO Party!

  2. I hope at the end of the exploratory process that Gregory decides to run. He has experience, integrity, and fortitude, and would serve Vermont well.

  3. Gregg is an exceptional person and would fight for true American values in our state. He is determined and hardworking helping anyone who reaches out to him. His passion for children’s rights is extremely impressive and he is not a man who will flip flop and back down when we need him! He has my vote and full support!

  4. The rising tide of ‘woke’ has inundated Montpelier (and many of our school boards) making our state unrecognizable. From CRT to LGBTQ? to electric cars. Until voters feel an economic push off a cliff – whether heating our home, inability to purchase food & fuel, or experiencing a home invasion by government (see Australia) – change won’t appear in the near future. Mr. Thayer is a start in the ‘right’ direction on the local level. Clearly the Leahy/Sanders/Welch triad are supporting the nation’s demise by their endorsement of the calamitous Biden policies.

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