Despathy: Thankful for free speech, free thought, free press

by Allison Despathy

I am writing to the Vermont Daily Chronicle to express my gratitude and deep appreciation for your passionate and long term dedication to free speech, free thought, free press and true investigative journalism and its intended goal of seeking and sharing truth. Your steadfast, comprehensive reporting of what really matters here has allowed so many to keep an eye and reach understanding of the issues, people and news within our great state of Vermont and beyond. You have carried the torch of truth, liberty and an informed electorate and I thank you from the depths of my heart. Your work is absolutely essential and I am so grateful for you and your fierce commitment to democracy, free speech and the people of Vermont.

Allison Despathy

I have always lived my politics and was never politically active or engaged until recently. My husband and I have created a sanctuary of family and community- we homeschool our children, homestead, support local businesses, built our home over ten years so we did not have to take on a bank loan and we have no debt.

We chose not to vaccinate our children. I have a Master’s of Science in Human Nutrition and I have heavily researched the history of infectious disease. By and large vaccines came after infectious disease declines and actual improvements in this realm were based on real public health initiatives such as: clean water access, proper sewage removal, education and availability of nutritious foods, hygiene practices, regulation and removal of environmental toxins, reductions in overcrowding and improvements in working conditions.

I know it does not take injecting children with aluminum, mercury or foreign or synthetic genetic material to be healthy. The historical timeline and evidence are all there but public relations and propaganda are fierce so Big Pharma narratives abound and agendas continue to be pushed.

We lived in a bubble – a pre-Covid bubble.

Then covid hit and POP – the bubble burst. The attack came into our homes and work and bodies. I instantly knew that there was no way we could look to the FDA and CDC for guidance. This was completely unacceptable. They have abysmally failed the American people for decades.

For over 20 years, I have taught my nutrition students in the Vermont State College system about the corruption of the FDA and the fact they have not served the people for a very long time. The FDA approval process cannot be trusted- they are heavily funded by the industry that they are supposed to regulate. There are literally hundreds of examples of their willingness to choose product approval over safety of the people. Trans fats, GMOs, aspartame- the list is endless. This is experimentation on the people.

Government health policy is dead and has been for a long time – the money, the conflicts of interest, the revolving doors. These agencies have defeated their own purpose and now are officially the public relations and marketing arms of Big Pharma, Big Ag and Big Tech versus an actual agency regulating industry and products in order to keep people safe.

With this in mind and desperate for more understanding about what I saw unfolding in our state, I sought the local news. All I found were parrots – parrots with top down messaging. VTDigger – nothing, Seven Days – nothing. All on board with the mainstream covid trajectory- isolate, lockdown, mask, vaccinate. Don’t even question the mitigation policy.

My writing was censored. Never before was this approach taken – why and how could this be happening? It didn’t add up historically, scientifically or constitutionally. There was no debate, no questioning, no real conversation. It was a vortex of propaganda lacking desperately in attempts at truth or actual understanding and solutions. What was happening in VT?

Finally and thankfully, a friend sent me a link to Vermont Daily Chronicle. I stayed up all night reading, I couldn’t get enough. Finally, real news. Free press, Free speech, Free thoughts. Finally someone – editor Guy Page and the amazing contributors and readers at VDC – willing and brave enough to dive into the weeds and ask the real questions and report the real news and allow the real conversations. Unbiased, raw and honest. Fortunately, I also know that when life takes over and I lose track, I can always rely on VDC to be there and catch me up so that I can be informed, engaged and take appropriate action.

I am eternally grateful. Vermont Daily Chronicle is hands down the real go-to in this state if one wants the current, uncensored pulse of Vermont. From the politics, the issues we face, the opinions of Vermonters, the collaborative unraveling of the mysteries, the history, and most importantly free speech and free press in their finest, most vital form.

I thank you from the depths of my heart for the time, energy and sacrifice that you have offered. Vermont would be lost without your light and commitment to liberty. I hope that as a community here we can all work to keep you supported – you and your work are vital to the future of our state and country.

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  1. More readers of the VDC should find an article that they think may be of interest to a friend and send an email link to them…especially if their friend typically gets their news and information from the garbage lamestream media or Stephen Colbert. Thanks for sharing, Allison.

  2. Thank you too, Allison. Your articles are some to the best to be read on the Chronicle.

  3. Thank you Allison. Thank you for sharing and educating our young people. You are a beacon of light in Vermont, along with Guy Page and the Vermont Daily Chronicle.

  4. Yes, your points concerning our innate freedoms as specified within the US Constitution are, of course, accurate. It’s also accurate that the VT Daily Chronicle provides news coverage which is otherwise difficult to ascertain within this new “liberal world order” or whatever one wishes to term this current crazed culture we are collectively experiencing over the last several years wherein these God-given freedoms are challenged and often “freely” being destroyed as we write herein. However, with limited readership because of understandably limited funding resulting in limited transmission – the VDC and like platforms can only proffer so much influence.

    Our mainstream media is nothing less than a mouthpiece of and podium for the democrat/progressive party and the current government at large. It is a vehicle that solely now exists to spew propaganda whilst identifying as or “appropriating” (a term radicals use often) genuine “news” broadcasts and organizations. Government-controlled news organizations such as these, not to mention the commandeering of our public-school systems as well, both pose serious dangers to this state and to this nation you speak of – regardless of the presence of journalistic excellence such as this wonderful & indeed vital publication.

    The mainstream media and its twin “social media”, along with this hijacking of the public-school system, have largely undermined the freedoms you outline so eloquently. We cannot allow that to continue though and expect “alternate” publications such as the VDC to effectively combat, in any significant way, the abject lies and chronic denigration of traditionally/conservatively minded politicians the vast majority of Americans are bombarded with by these massive propaganda machines. These posers and their ploys have already effectively shut down civil dialogue and diversity of political/social opinions and altered election outcomes.

    Yes, VDC affords us the opportunity to garner facts and information that our “free press” now refuses to provide. But as imperative as this is, it’s not nearly enough to preserve the tenets of this free nation and ensure its continuance as it was originally founded. We are losing our battle to preserve liberty and to repel authoritarianism. We desperately need to somehow again compete at the same levels as do our adversaries in order to effectively function as the protectors of democracy within our constitutional republic. And we need to thwart the powers-that-be that are enabling these slanderous and propagandized sources to thrive. The VDC serves as but the beginning of a nationwide movement to fight the oppressive and dictatorial ideologies & policies infiltrating the United States — or, as one patriot once described it: Make America Great Again.

  5. Ms. Despathy, I’d welcome an article on how you feel about nutrition as medicine.
    I have a bizarre story involving food intolerances. I’m still living in that story.

  6. I’ve been sending selected VDC to individuals and at least one list that has a circulation of hundreds.

  7. Allison: Your comments are, of course, appreciated here. But I’m concerned for your personal space after being so open about it. The ‘Vermont State College system’, let alone Vermont’s public education establishment in general, is not known for its tolerance of the positions you espouse. Have you had any difficulty keeping your teaching position?

    I ask because education is the key to our success, and VDC is one of the last bastions of open debate on educational dogma.

  8. Scott- I will definitely try to work on that. Nutrition is a foundation for health as we all know. I know it’s not everything but it’s a lot and at least to a degree something we can control to help our situations.

    There have been so many lies told in the realm of nutrition- the lies of eat margarine, eggs are bad, cholesterol is bad, limit animal products, vegan diets are healthy- sadly – it goes on and on. Trying to break through the lies and dangerous guidelines is essential for the health of humanity. I have faith we are getting there and truth like water finds it’s way through, especially with so many working to find the paths.

    I think best rule is- Whole food in its whole form- best quality you have access to- Whole eggs, real butter, whole dairy, local meats if we can access, bone broths in particular are amazing for healing the gut lining-indigenous diets really – before food was so messed with.

    Sorry I will stop now but will definitely work on that. And of course- many probably know-but the Weston Price Crew are amazing. Through years of teaching and research- I have never seen a better overall source for nutrition information.


  9. H.Jay Eshelman- I fully agree- education is the key to success – so far – I have still been able to teach. My students are amazing – I feel so many are desperate for a solid foundation of information versus the back and forth- confused and actually dangerous messaging of government nutrition.

    They want to question and think and apply experience. – I try to support and encourage that as much as possible. They see the misinformation out there – they see the confusion and disconnects and so many seek truth and understanding. I always start with government nutrition is NOT the end all be all and in fact they have gotten most of it wrong since 1970s when they started saying cholesterol was bad and eggs were a problem. Since then it’s gone down hill. And don’t get me started on hydrogenated oils 🙂
    I am working on a case study relating to trans fats as ultimate proof of the FDAs complete failure of the people.

    At its core- as we know- science is about debate and asking questions and trying to push the limits. The historical track record within the world of nutrition speaks for itself. Good Research, history and ancestral diets all align with defining and teaching real nutrition. With that on my side, I can’t go wrong. We know that truth resonates and it’s the next generations and our children that need this information as they move along on their journey – they are essentially being attacked on all fronts.

    Not sure where Vermont State College will land- I felt I had an ethical and moral obligation to share my experience as I believe we all do. I will keep on trying my best.

    I even have some in my wellness for life class questioning EMFs, diving into the science and reconsidering their AirPods – maybe?

    Thank you for all your work.

  10. Kind words. I greatly appreciate vdc as well. But im left wondering, you said you chose not to “vaccinate” your kids. What about you and your husband? We’re you forced or coerced into taking the useless, often harmful, sometimes deadly synthetic mrna garbage? Love to hear your story. I have one too. Covid and the jabs absolutely decimated my family but everyday i give thanks neither my kids nor i succumbed. I value the stories and experiences of others. We can all learn from each others experiences. God Bless you Alison and happy holidays!

  11. Over my dead body- I would never let them experiment on me with a dangerous concoction of synthetic biology, nanotechnology and biotechnology. Fortunately my husband was on the same page also. We never vaccinated our children with the childhood vaccines either. After diving into the research- you realize that it was never the vaccines that decreased infectious disease despite the hijacking of that narrative by Pharma. The historical timeline and evidence are all there. What are they up to now ?- 74 on the children’s schedule. – and Pharma fully shielded from liability. – literally criminal. Fortunately the truth is coming out and saying prayers for all those injured. God Bless you also