Randolph high school backs down over transgender incident after ADF files lawsuit

by Bob Adelmann, reprinted with permission from The New American

Lawyers representing Randolph Union High School (RUHS) in Randolph, Vermont, persuaded school officials to drop their threats of punishment upon receiving a 124-page lawsuit filed by the Alliance Defending Freedom (ADF).

At issue: the school’s determination to force its transgender policies upon a 14-year-old girl and her father. For daring to question those policies — i.e., complaining when a male who declared himself to be a female entered the girls’ locker room to observe them undressing — RUHS officials demanded that the student, Blake Allen, “take part in a restorative circle … to help her understand the rights of [transgender] students to access public accommodation … in a manner consistent with their [self-proclaimed] gender identity.”

School officials also demanded that her father, Travis Allen, apologize for a Facebook post challenging the mother of the transgender male/female over the veracity of a Facebook post she made defending her transgender male/female son/daughter.

On September 21 a male who identifies as a female entered the girls’ locker room while the girls were changing. Many of them got upset and demanded that he leave. Their parents called the principals to complain.

The next day Blake expressed her thoughts on the incident to some of her classmates, exclaiming, “[he] literally is a dude,” who “does not belong in the girls’ locker room.”

That triggered school officials into conducting an “investigation,” after which it was concluded that Blake was guilty of “harassment on the basis of gender identity” and needed to be punished.


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    • The lawsuit needs to be adjusted and continued. The Vermont law itself needs to be challenged. This FAD is ruining our country. Bezmonov warned us of this subversion.

  1. Randolph board is now showing the reverse side of their lack of moral fortitude with the same lack of courage demonstrated on their initial actions.

    Time for the people of Randolph to put them out to pasture.

    • The people of randolph are mostly liberal dingbats. I saw a lot of support for drag Queen story hour and no voices against it. “In this house we believe….” signs and the attitudes are the same.
      But I agree completely with what needs to be done. Just like in my district where our legislator is on a school bed and co sponsored h659. And she still gets voted in because everyone is a woke dummy or they just vote for her because she stopped by their house and seemed nice. I’m calling out you Elizabeth burrows.

  2. Good. It was the right thing to do. Now it is time for the school officials who pushed this evil to apologize or resign.

    • I like resign better. These people won’t stop until they have to personally pay the same kind of grief and torment they imposed on those who they thought they were going to punish. These people live in an imaginary world where people can change their birth status by cutting body parts off here and adding them there but the chromosomes tell the truth. They also torment confused children who are trying to discover who they are and should be left alone by school officials. These children should not be steered or coached into accepting something that isn’t true and can’t be changed by surgeons. Teacher and school administrator must be taught to keep their hands and agendas off other peoples children. They are not professional medical or psychiatric professions. Really, they should be fired because they can’t be trusted to unindoctrinate themselves. They will do it all again either here or somewhere else. This isn’t Millington’s first encounter with controversy.

      • Resign publicly, in person, where a mob of angry townspeople with pitchforks give them a proper send off.
        This is where we are. They have infiltrated every institution and political office in our country. They want control and a brainwashed populace and their achieving their goal through the lens of inclusion and progress though it is just the opposite.

      • It is easy to say “off with their heads !”, but everyone should be given the chance to react, explain and/or learn and change their position on an issue. We as conservatives cannot allow the madness of cancel culture to run our lives. I admit that I have been inclined to boycott certain brands, but for very specific issues and I never liked doing it. Remember that forgiveness is a virtue and American. Give them a chance to repent. If they do not, then we can hammer them.

      • There is no redemption for Millington! He has doubled-down at every opportunity. He has only rescinded the disciplinary actions (bullying) because his attorneys have likely demanded it or the penalties will only compound. This is very good news for the Allens!

  3. This isn’t going to end. The fringe alt left have taken over Vermont, even the republican party is done with leadership like cory parent, curt wright and don turner caving into the socialists.

  4. Every accusation from the Left MUST BE MET WITH A LAWSUIT.
    I have been saying this for quite some time. It works b/c all their ideas are INSANE and ILLEGAL.

  5. A 124 page lawsuit packs a punch. I assume there was plenty of sauce to drown the Supervisory Union in their own excrement. The momentum shifts to the right side of the equitability equation. I delcare and decree criminal charges be leveled against the RUHS Supervisory Union and the administration for child endangerment, exploitation of minors, harrassment of a minor, defamation of a minor, liable, retaliation, etc,etc. Zero tolerance and no quarter given to anyone endangering the wellfare and wellbeing of children. They picked the fight and it’s up to decent people to finish it – remove them all out of education for good.

  6. Massive kudos to John Klar, who has spearheaded this and many other civil rights efforts in Vermont and beyond. He has – often quietly and sometimes not so quietly – spent countless hours drawing attention to these injustices and given the Allen’s and others the courage to stand up against the bullies at the helm of the Vermont Agency of Education. Thank you John.

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