Teen who killed Mubarak in July also fired shots into his home in February, police say

New American group gets grant to address violence among young men

Abdiaziz “Drill” Abdhikadir, 19 (left), is scheduled to be arraigned today for the murder of Hussein Mubarak on July 7

By Guy Page

Abdiaziz “Drill” Abdhikadir, 19, has been charged with shooting Hussein Mubarak, 21, of Burlington in the head at point-blank range July 7 on the sidewalk near Mubarak’s family home on Luck Street in the Old North End of Burlington. 

Police also charged Abdiakadir with eight counts of attempted murder for shooting into the Mubarak family home on February 12 while Hussein’s parents and six children were present. It was Burlington’s first ‘gunfire incident’ of 2022. That number is now almost 30.

Abdhikadir, the main suspect in the case, has been incarcerated on unrelated gun possession and car theft charges since late July. He is scheduled to be arraigned in court at 10:30 this morning. 

Abdhikadir and Hussein, raised in the Burlington area’s African immigrant “New American” community, both possessed lengthy criminal records before the July killing. WCAX reported last Friday that as of midsummer, almost half of the 2022 gunfire incidents in Burlington were related to young New American men. 

The City of Burlington is trying to face the problem head-on. A grant-funded program to address violence among young New American men should be up and running by December. 

According to WCAX, a $20,000 grant has been awarded to the Vermont New American Advisory Council “to fund activities including support groups with mental health clinicians of color. It’s designed to bring these communities together to address safety concerns, mistrust of the legal and judicial system, and the culture of fear.”

“When this murder happened, it was our city’s first in more than two years,” Police Chief Jon Murad said in an Oct. 27 statement. “Since then, we have experienced three more, but detectives – particularly Detective Corporal Nikki Moyer – didn’t let this one go. They kept at it, combing through reams of evidence. They pursued it from human angles, too, with witness and associate interviews, and extensive contact with the family.”

All four Burlington murders have now yielded arrests, Murad said. 

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  1. All due respect to Chief Murad, but arrests mean NOTHING without adequate follow-up prosecution, and we know that will not happen in Chittenden County District Court because of our wingnut prosecutor, THAT WE VOTE FOR. Another stupid grant to address “root causes”…hiring mental health “clinicians of color” because it will make such a difference to a New American if the authority figure “looks like them”. Sounds like INSTITUTIONALIZED RACISM to me when we have public policy that assumes that skin color is the primary factor that will make people relate to each other. Burlington has blown a lot of money doing the same tactic with school superintendents. What’s wrong with “looks like them” meaning two arms, two legs, a head and 23 pairs of chromosomes… in other words: a member of the “human race”. We just need to admit that some people are just rotten predators that dont care a whit about others. They simply need to be segregated from decent society. The only way to effectively do that in white-guilt-ridden Vermont when illegal use of firearms is involved is to use our TOUGH, EXISTING federal gun laws and have the prosecution done by the US Attorney’s office. When this is done to the letter, there will be no justification for the Vermont Legislature to bring additional restrictions down on law-abiding gun owners. In these cases, we have seen how these “New Americans” showed their appreciation to the people (taxpayers) who rescued them from their refugee tent city hellholes. They had a choice to assimilate and become part of the fabric of decent society but instead decided to embrace thug culture. Let them rot in prison for what they have done to contribute to the destruction of the once-great City of Burlington Vermont.

  2. The problem as I see it begins with the name of “the community”. There seems to be more wrong with the new American Community than the old one! When you teach Marxism, dissent and segregation you get violence. This is 100% the result of Bernieland. Throwing money at a problem will not fix this! Just like gun laws don’t prevent gun crime.

  3. Progressives just throw money at the problem. Anyone who can walk up to other human and shoot them point blank in the head is quite a bit beyond counseling. It’s probably whiteys fault according to the governor who forced equity and inclusion classes on most state employees. Also hiring as a cabinet position, a director of racial equality and Inclusion paying her over $100,000.00 per year to fan the flames of racial division. Looks like that’s really helping. Progressives and our governor always throw money at the wrong targets and never get any results. The state needs police and corrections funding as well as jail cells to demonstrate to these criminals, no matter what race or color they are that if they do the crime they will do the time. Instead of wasting money building homes and pods for the homeless and fighting this ridiculous climate hysteria to health the earth, the state needs a maximum security prison and expanded mental health systems in place to stop the rise in crime. The state needs to show to all that crime doesn’t pay. Until then stay out of Burlington and Springfield VT and stop voting for progressives. Then we need a real republican governor who demonstrates common sense instead of virtue signaling for votes.

  4. WCAX FINALLY reported TODAY that Abdikadir was IN CUSTODY on a stolen handgun charge days before the murder happened and RELEASED ON CONDITIONS.
    This perfectly demonstrates Rich LaChappelle’s point above about Vermont’s backwards criminal justice system (or our county prosecutor)
    Oh, and in case you are interested- this is the same man who was being represented by the ACLU in a “police brutality” case for the nature of one of his arrests- yeah, shortly before his promotion to “murderer”, he was tackled too hard after fleeing Burlington cops on an assault warrant.
    New Americans- so awesome! Now we’re raising goat meat AND worthless committees, but this doesn’t cost us anything, RIGHT LIBS?

  5. Simple (I know nothing is simple)Black on Black crime. Get used to it with the changing demographics of Vermont.( please note our Asian American or Indian citizens seemed to have made the peaceful transitional jump with placing ideals and expectations to their children to add to society – not to mention strong family bonds- they build not randomly destroy).
    VT has been an open door to all manners of people and rightfully so. All anyone asks that we treat people as people and have a similar expectation in return- people of color or not. This street mentality misses the reciprocity aspect and continues to be brought us by our tacit approval of the drug culture continually brought to our doorstep.
    If you think throwing money at this to understand the psychological aspect unique to people of color, you are sadly mistaken. Either one wants to join a civilized society or not. Each path chosen has a set of consequences. Time to make a choice.

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