McClaughry: Climate censorship

by John McClaughry

The Wall Street Journal had a really concerning editorial entitled: The Climate Change Censorship: The left is demanding that social media shut down debate even on solutions”.

It began “On Tuesday more than a dozen environmental outfits, including Greenpeace and the Union of Concerned Scientists, wrote to the big tech companies to blame them for “amplifying and perpetuating climate disinformation.”

Citing an early episode of demanded information censorship relating to the COVID pandemic, the Journal wrote that “It’s a bad sign when one side of a political debate demands to cut off the microphones of the people on the other – and the tech censors these days are almost uniformly progressives… On climate change, the disinformation tag gets liberally applied even to people who agree that it’s real, caused by fossil fuels, and a problem – but who also think that humanity can adapt, apocalyptic predictions are overwrought, and subsidies for green energy are a poor investment.”

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  1. The left likes to throw around the critical buzzword “misinformation”. It is defined as:
    anything that is not in agreement with the official liberal orthodoxy. The left also loves to accuse ideological opponents of being nazis, fascists, totalitarians etc but i recently saw a quote that says it all: “the hallmark of a totalitarian society is unwillingness to allow questions to be asked”.

  2. Be it the psychological projection of those who feel inferior or have low-self-esteem, and who feel more comfortable seeing negative qualities in others rather than in themselves; be it the Russians accusing the Ukrainians of planning to do what they themselves are planning to do; be it the Jan 6 committee claiming everyone who disagrees with them are ‘insurrectionists’; be it claims of impending voter fraud; be it climate censorship, vaccine censorship, or any of the myriad attempts to claim that anyone’s information is more legitimate than someone else’s; it is all the typical permutation of a standard playbook. And we all do it.

    OK. So now what? I get it. I haven’t trusted anyone for years now, least of all my own subliminal inner feelings. Have I been consumed by the dark side? I think not. But what do I know?

    The fact is that none of this matters. We’re human. Our opinions change. And all we can do is keep a record of what others claim and recommend to us – and then hold them (and ourselves) accountable when false claims (i.e., ‘disinformation’) becomes apparent.

    And make no mistake: in today’s world of information over-load, the truth will, sooner or later, become apparent. It may be temporarily obscure. But in the final analysis, there is nothing more powerful that the truth – not even our own propensity for self-deception.

    My advice: Take it all in. But don’t make any important decisions until the last minute. The longer you wait, the more information you will have on which to base your judgement.

  3. I love the fact that we feed the world by taking hydrocarbons from natural gas and convert it through the Haber scientific process into fertilizer. Without that fossil fuel people will die due to starvation from the lack of vegetables, corn and grass that not only feed us but all the livestock we consume. I love sunshine because it exponentially increases the yield of farm vegetables that feed us and our livestock that we consume. It’s a shame that our tax dollars are being spent on spraying the sky with sun dimming particles to block the sun to “help” cool off the planet while food crops are diminished through the lack of photosynthesis caused by these policies. Sri Lanka banned all hydrocarbon fertilizers last year and this year they could not feed their people and riots ensued. Europe shutdown all hydrocarbon dense fuel and elected to go green but because they couldn’t use fossil fuels to make steel, they couldn’t build the windmills that are needed to go green. How stupidly ironic is that? Now people will freeze to death this winter in Europe. These policies will exterminate most of the human race which will solve the climate change issue one way or another. All this happens without nuclear war by Putin. The climate change activist politicians can only hope for nuclear war to coverup their progressively destructive policies. Remember, remember the 8th of November.

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