Teachers union to vote on mandatory masking and vaccination, support of abortion rights

Scene from this week’s NEA annual meeting in Chicago. photo

By Guy Page

Even the most basic information about policy initiatives before the National Education Association Representative Assembly in Chicago this week is being kept hidden from the general public and the media. In a significant departure from years’ past, only delegates may view on the NEA’s own website the proposed initiatives facing “the world’s largest democratic deliberative assembly.” 

Vermonters might well ask, so what? Why does this matter?

It matters because during the pandemic it became clear that what teachers demanded, they often got. Mandatory masking. Remote learning. CRT-based diversity and equity hiring and teaching. And of course and as usual, plenty of public funding and zero action on real school choice. 

When the NEA coughs, Vermont schoolchildren catch a cold.

But thanks to a Tweet by someone named Terry Stoops, interested Vermonters have a front row seat. As these tweets show, the NEA will be voting on proposals to:

“Publicly stand in defense of abortion and reproductive rights and encourage members to participate in activities including lobbying and demonstration, rallying and political campaigns, educational events, and others actions to support the right to abortion, contraception, and a person’s decision about their health.” (New Business Initiative #34)

Presumably the “decision” they’re talking about is transgender therapy without parental consent. It’s certainly not about the personal choice to become vaccinated. The NEA’s already got that one covered in NBI #37:

“The NEA will work with state affiliates to support a national policy of mandatory masking and COVID vaccines in schools, as well as high-quality virtual education for immuno-compromised students and all families who want it by publicizing successful virtual education programs in public schools throughout the nation in existing media outlets.”

There’s plenty more. #53 would overturn the so-called “Don’t Say Gay” law in Florida, waging war on “the intersectionality of climate justice and environmental racism.”

Neither the NEA nor Stoops have yet to disclose whether or how the RA votes on these measures. It’s possible that when the annual meeting adjourns today, they will have been voted down or tabled. 

This fall, political candidates will be thumping the tub for all kinds of education-related initiatives. Vermonters at least deserve to know where these ideas came from. In the case of educational policies of mandatory masking, vaccination, and aggressive support for abortion rights, the answer may well be, “Chicago.”

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  1. Sounds like the teachers continue to be the extension of left leaning politicians whom their unions support and vis-versa…This is obviously political and has no place in national education, but of course, how else will the Democrats control the country’s future and maintain power. The only choice outside of unelecting them, which has proven harder since the 2020 election fiasco, is home school or refuse en-mass to pay school taxes until parents are fully heard and respected.

  2. To all parents of school-aged kids, remove your child from indoctrination being pushed on
    ” Your ” children, not theirs…..
    They are willing to do whatever to take control of your child’s mind, kids need to be kids not
    pawns in their liberal agenda !!

  3. CHOICE….every parent ought to be able to choose what education system best fits their children…and the MONEY follows the child. This is purely fair and of course the NEA is opposed as they want “our” money to “ONLY” go to them……
    homeschool, join an initiative of homeschoolers in your area. MOVE to a choice town. Many towns have middle and high school choice……….
    and push for CHOICE every chance you get……..those are your tax $ paying for public (government) education………speak/take action now before its too late…….You DO NOT get to back and redo your childrens education; and then there is the consent to consider……can’t do that over either…….ACT NOW

    • Except once the money follows the child, so does the one who owns the purse strings. That’s the govt. So they then dictate what is taught etc.
      you will ultimately have a bunch of small govt schools that were formerly private.
      You DO NOT want to take any govt money unless you want them having some level of oversight. It’s not rocket science.

  4. Their graphics are violent-looking, and a throw-back to Soviet-style “people’s” art. Maybe it’s best they educate one another on the evils of reproducing themselves.

  5. Wtf does abortion have to do with public schools? I was elected to a school board this spring and i will be advocating that our state drop the NSA from our supervisory unions like 25 other states already have. Its inexcusable that there’s no alternative in education curriculum and legislation guidance aside from the vermont school board association which is a branch of the national school board association which is basically the DNC. Currently, there is no public in public schools. They are government, democrat, socialist indoctrination centers for youth. Go to your local meetings! Speak up!

  6. When the Weather Underground takes control of our education system. They mean to do harm to children and this is a war of good vs. evil. It must be stopped. Protect the children from these demons.

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