Tarrant: Article 22 more about Handmaid’s Tale than women’s rights

Kathi Tarrant

To the editor:

My fellow Vermonters, As I said to myself and others in recent weeks, regardless of outcome, I will continue in good faith to promote a better understanding as to what constitutes good government.

Since I recognize energy for what it can do to help mankind instead of how it is causing climate catastrophe, I would encourage factoring in our mastering ability. Putting profit before human flourishing has no place at the table. While an established goal in Vermont re: affordability along with infrastructure in advancing energy alternatives remains unclear, I wish you well in dealings with the willfully ignorant, defamers, fact-checkers, and/or various other three-letter-agencies; in advancing their objectives; in favoring those who clearly exhibit signs of malfeasance. 

Article 22 has nothing to do with a woman’s right. It has everything to do with a Handmaid’s Tale. 

In the end, We The People deserve accountability and transparency from our elected officials. With that said, I will continue my quest to promote that which upholds the general welfare as exemplified in the US Constitution. Thank-you for your vote! 

Kathi Tarrant, candidate for the Vermont House of Representatives/Washington-Chittenden District 

The author, a Republican and first-time candidate, received 1,048 votes, finishing third to incumbent Democrats Theresa Wood and Tom Stevens. The two-seat district covers Waterbury and smaller towns. 

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  1. She certainly understand, better than most, the role of energy and fossil fuels in our lives and civilization. Vermont seems to be in a utopian dream which when it ends will find us much poorer if not wiser.