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Suspicious character encountered on UVM campus

BURLINGTON – UVM Police Services received a report at 3:26pm on Tuesday, September 12, of a male standing by a blue SUV with the side door open. The male asked a female passerby for help. When the passerby came closer the man asked her to look inside the vehicle to help him with something. This incident reportedly occurred around 3pm in the vicinity of the UVM Votey lot entrance on Colchester Avenue.

The vehicle is described as a dark blue SUV. The person involved is described as a dark-skinned male in his 30’s, between 5’9” and 5’11” tall, with a medium build.

Witnesses to the incident have indicated that a large stuffed animal was inside the SUV type vehicle and that the rear of the vehicle has several bumper stickers. The male was reported to have a dark skin tone.

UVM Police later received a second complaint of a blue SUV with the male inside the vehicle motioning the female complainant over to him. This male was also described as having a dark skin tone. This occurred in the area of Buell and South Willard Street in Burlington. The SUV appeared to be a Toyota 4-Runner. This complainant indicated that one sticker on the back of the vehicle was a blue lives matter sticker.

Though these two reported incidents appear similar in time and circumstance, we are not able to confirm at this time that they involve the same person. UVM Police would like to confirm the intent of these encounters. The investigation is ongoing and information is subject to change.

If you have information about this incident or believe you can help identify the subject involved, please contact Det. Barrie North of the UVMPD at 802-656-3473 and reference case number 23UV006758.

Crime Prevention and Safety Steps You Can Take:

If you have experienced a crime, it is not your fault. The information below can help to reduce, but not eliminate, the risk of an incident.

  • Call 9-1-1 if you witness a concerning incident or a crime unfolding.
  • Do not closely approach or enter the vehicle of a stranger.
  • Call UVM Police at 802-656-3473 if to report suspicious or concerning conduct that you believe could be a threat to public safety.
  • Install the UVM CATSafe App by visiting https://www.uvm.edu/emergency. This app lets you quickly, easily, and (if you choose) anonymously contact UVM Police, request help, and access a number of other safety and security features.
  • The UVM Police Personal Safety Tips website has more general information about how to stay safe and reduce the risk of many kinds of crime in your community.

See attached release for UVM Police Services general contact information.

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  1. Sounds like the old exhibitionist ploy. He could have saved himself the risk of arrest by participating in a pride parade. There’s been a lot of perversity on display in those events.

  2. This is terrible and scary for young women. I have to laugh at the use of the words “dark skinned”. The witness(s) were close enough to see a stuffed animal but couldn’t the person’s ethnicity.

  3. How do you define the suspect, ” dark-skinned ” …………….come on !!
    This degenerate has seen the no-dress code at UVM, and there’s plenty of
    skin to entice him !!

    There are sickos everywhere, and Burlington is a cesspool for crime, wait until
    the students see the two male nudists running around Burlington, their junk
    flopping in the wind………City officials say it is OK………..

    Students beware, it’s an education you don’t want.

  4. On a second police icident they found a young white Christian male walking across campus with an I love Jesus sticker on his backpack. The young man refused to take off the hate speach pass and was quickly brought into police headquarters before any further damage could be done.

  5. Round up the usual suspects….being Burlington, there are no shortages to pick and choose from.

    Tough love may be in order for the good citizens of Burlington. Starting to feel a bit like Sodom and Gomorrah with Lot looking for 10 honest men. Gonna be a challenge for sure.

  6. “Dark skin tone,” like a Hispanic or Arab guy, or dark skin tone like some guy from Sudan? Lives could be at stake here. Not a good time for the PC Police.

  7. I implore the DEI Department and the Law Enforcement Task Force to immediately investigate the UVM Police Services for their racist press release, possibly misgendering the suspect and complaintant, and slandering furries. Vermont cannot have this sort of police intolerance tolerated. Many feelings are hurt by this report and needs to be addressed, protests organized, and a report submitted within 30 days.

    • Exactly! And the officer(s) who wrote this racist & sexist report – imagine, attempting to imply that a male could possibly be presenting a danger to females – be brought up on immediate charges and terminated. Regardless of the end results of such charges.


      Just wait for your medical school to descend in ratings & lawsuits against your “doctors” to begin in a few short years since you are admitting applicants based on “LGBTQWHATEVER” status.