Meet Meryl Nass, the doctor who’s fighting the COVID Oppression Machine

Maine’s Meryl Nass battles for humanity!

John Klar with the hero, Dr. Nass, in New Hampshire

by John Klar

An unassuming 72-year-old Maine physician named Meryl Nass has gripped the COVID-19 misinformation bull by its poisoned horns.  Maine’s physician licensing board suspended her from practicing in a blatant push to silence her right to free speech, in a medical field in which Meryl holds special expertise.  Meryl Nass has filed a sharp-fanged lawsuit to bring this overreaching regulatory body to account.  The lengths to which Maine’s licensing board has gone to silence this tiger woman reveals the complete folly of the government-controlled COVID-19 narrative.

Who Is Doctor Nass?

Meryl Nass began her MIT education while still a teenager.  She is an acknowledged medical expert on man-made epidemics, including her seminal work in Rhodesia’s 1978 anthrax outbreak, which she proved was due to biological warfare in 1992.  Dr. Nass cares deeply about her patients, reflected in her humble intensity, precise analysis, prolific writing, and passionate determination to speak truth to farcical regulators who overstep their authority.

Maine’s Board of Licensure in Medicine (BOLIM) organized its campaign to silence Dr. Nass early.  After all, she had raised doubts about COVID-19 origins, the efficacy of masks, and the safety of vaccines.  She had also dared prescribe anti-viral drugs that the government had discouraged without evidence of harm, before there were official therapies (vaccines) available.  It was not just regular Joes on social media who were not permitted to question the official narrative; it was doctors with advanced knowledge and expertise in these very fields.

Maine’s Weapons of Nass Destruction

Maine’s Kafkaesque attack on the distinguished Dr. Nass is comical in its absurdity.  Dr. Nass has consistently defied efforts to hinder her ability to provide optimal patient care.  She forwarded copies of her public testimony before the New Hampshire Legislature to the Board, in which she challenged the Big Pharma fear-porn mantra.

At one point, she misrepresented a COVID-infected patient’s illness to a pharmacist as Lyme Disease to secure medication (available for Lyme sufferers but not available to COVID-19 patients due to unwritten threats to pharmacists from state health agencies!), and then she immediately wrote to the Maine authorities and informed them of what she had done — and what a travesty it was that she should have to jump through such obscene hoops to save lives.

And so the State of Maine went after her full force, for allegedly lying in violation of ethics rules as well as spreading misinformation and prescribing ivermectin and hydroxychloroquine.  But Dr. Nass lied to a pharmacist to save a patient.  Must a lawyer similarly reveal confidential information about her client to state agencies upon request, even when sworn to protect that client’s rights?  In either profession, it is ridiculous to claim a paramount duty that overrides the primary directive for the client/patient.

In contrast, Maine’s BOLIM deliberately misrepresented the excessive expert witness fees it paid its primary expert witness who testified against Dr. Nass to another state agency, which is a fraudulent diversion of taxpayer money.  Dr. Nass’s complaint recites:

96. According to documents obtained from the BOLIM under the Maine Freedom of Access Act, in order to secure the payments to pay Dr. Faust, the BOLIM represented to the Maine Department of Procurement Services in its Blanket Contract Justification & Amendment Form that experts are paid a “maximum” of $175 per hour for time attending hearing and $125 hour for consultation and preparation time. When making those representations to another Maine state agency, the BOLIM had already paid Dr. Faust $10,500 at his $500 per hour rate and intended to continue paying Dr. Faust $500 per hour for future services[.] … The fact that the BOLIM is violating its own expert witness policies and misleading another Maine state agency substantiates its retaliatory animus against Dr. Nass.

The Board issued a position statement early in the pandemic warning that questioning official (Big Pharma– and WHO-dictated?) edicts about vaccines or alternative therapies would be considered unethical, claiming:

Assessments and treatments of Covid-19 by physicians and physician assistants will be evaluated by the BOLIM in the same manner it evaluates assessments and treatments of any other disease process. Treatments and recommendations regarding Covid-19 that fall below the standard of care as established by medical experts and legitimate medical research are potentially subject to disciplinary action. Similarly, a physician or physician assistant who issues a vaccine exemption without conducting an appropriate examination and without a finding of a legitimate medical reason supporting such an exemption within the standard of care may be placing their licenses at risk of disciplinary action.

But assessments and treatments for COVID-19 were not evaluated in the same manner as other diseases, for which physicians are commonly allowed latitude to use off-label drugs to seek effective therapies.  This common practice was jettisoned during the pandemic, as officials who could not possibly know whether alternative therapies were effective prevented patients from receiving any care at all while they awaited the vaunted jab.  Maine’s BOLIM also tightened regulatory oversight of medical exemptions, investigating and punishing doctors for issuing medical waivers for COVID vaccines, despite Maine law permitting doctors to freely issue medical waivers.  And when Meryl Nass got uppity, Maine’s BOLIM mandated that she undergo a psychiatric examination in a failed effort to torment and discredit her, as well as to generate the evidence needed to justify suspending her license.

Maine’s actions against the hero Nass are hardly isolated incidents.  A cohesive messaging plan accompanied the spread of COVID-19, rolled out in concert, evidently pre-planned.  Dr. Nass’s case is a textbook display of government regulatory overreach, exposing Maine’s BOLIM as a captured agency that represents the best interest of not the public, but corporate purveyors of dubious products.

Dr. Nass’s August 16 complaint against the Board alleges that Maine’s BOLIM violated her First Amendment and other rights under both the U.S. and Maine Constitutions, defiantly proclaiming:

Dr. Nass intends to enjoy her free speech rights, including engaging in speech critical of the governmental handling of the COVID-19 pandemic, the safety and efficacy of the COVID-19 vaccine, alternative treatments for COVID-19, and the BOLIM’s pretextual effort to punish her for her speech. 112. Dr. Nass has a reasonable, objective fear of prosecution under 32 M.R.S. § 3282 for her speech. The Position Statement expressly threatens doctors with disciplinary action if they “generate and spread COVID-19 vaccine misinformation or disinformation.” The BOLIM carried through on that threat by prosecuting Dr. Nass for criticizing the COVID-19 vaccine and the governmental response to the pandemic. Even now, the BOLIM continues with an overzealous and pretextual effort to suspend her medical license on trivial and baseless grounds.

Warrior Nass Will Not Be Silenced!

Meryl Nass and her attorneys are on the front lines of an information battle about a disease that is simultaneously a constitutional fracas about our rights to even have a discussion about what treatments a doctor can provide to a patient, absent government interference.  Future health care, the doctor-patient relationship, and citizens’ rights hang in the balance.

Fortunately, the Court of Appeals for the Fifth Circuit just ruled that the Biden administration compromised First Amendment liberties by quashing so-called “COVID misinformation.”  First Amendment liberties should not be squashed by the government against which the Constitution was erected as defense — certainly not by corrupt bureaucrats who stifle scientific inquiry and ethical patient care.  A medical degree is not required to know the vital importance of free thought.  Meryl Nass, the mouse that roared, roars for us all.

Join the opposition, and learn truths about globalist plans to dominate humanity, at Dr. Nass’s website,

(Previously published at American Thinker.)

The author is a Brookfield best-selling author, lawyer, farmer and pastor. Reprinted from the Small Farm Republic website.

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  1. John, thanks for posting this, but when will the left realize we’ve all be hornswaggled, my wife saw a guy in a convertible tuesday with the top down wearing a mask, talking about a phychiatric evaluation, but hey its Waitsfield, land of Bernie, lol.

  2. Question. Why did the Pharma/Government complex ban the use of hydroxychloroquine and ivermectin, both proven safe and effective treatments when prescribed early to “covid” patients, despite long histories of effectiveness and no side effects for both?

    Answer: Because they KNEW IN ADVANCE those drugs were effective at mitigating the bioweapon they released.

    Never forget – One of the “elites” stated goals is to reduce the population by 90%. See how this engineered bioweapon fits into that plan?

    Bravo, Dr Nass!!! Keep up the good and morally correct fight. You have more brains (and guts) than the entire membership of MBOLIM put together.

    • Go Dr. Nass,
      To be perfectly clear, to elaborate on that answer is they could not have been granted Emergency Use Authorizaton if known effective treatments for covid were available. That is why the FDA banned Ivermectin, a WHO declared essential drug for humans. The FDA has been taken to court for lying about that saying it was only for animals. The FDA rep giving testimony claimed the FDA was joking. A regulatory agency that claims to quip/joke! What does that say about their credentials or how seriously they take their responsibilities? So far a judge has only slapped the liars wrists…

      We’re on to their propaganda.

  3. FDA lying on Twitter to the world … their Tweet on 08/21/2021:

    “You are not a horse. You are not a cow. Seriously, y’all. Stop it!” Why You Should Not Use Ivermectin to Treat or Prevent COVID-19 Using the Drug ivermectin to treat COVID-19 can be dangerous and even lethal. The FDA has not approved the drug for that purpose.”

    … So millions died. Because when they got sick & went to the ER, they were admitted, sedated, intubated and put on a respirator (contra-indicated for fragile Covid-lungs), isolated from family; no family visits to save them) & then they added Remdesivir ($5k/ per treatment – a known nephrotoxin by the FDA that was pulled from Ebola research clinical trials because it induced renal failure & 83% on it died).

    The hospitals became killing fields. The NIAID death protocols (intubate, remdesivir, no known effective antivirals allowed, no methylprednisolone in therapeutic doses to diminish sever inflammation from cytokine storm allowed), a death protocol loaded into every Hospital System across the nation & any MD who tried to veer away from it were fired (Dr. Pierre Kory & Dr. Paul Marik founded the ~ to help C19 victims survive – outside NIAID recommendations) … They, like Dr Meryl Nass, saved their patients lives, and refused to “follow orders”.

    In 2019, the US Govt made certain that every hospital computer system across the nation use “EPIC”~ UVMMC uses EPIC. It was mandated by the CDC & JACHO to be used in every hospital system across the USA by the deadline of the end of 2019; showing pre-meditation). We now know the NIAID treatment protocols for C19 loaded that were downloaded into EPIC are being called “Fauci Death Protocols” … And truth be known, this is what raised the death rate for C19. Not C19 itself (an easily treatable virus) but the NIAID Protocols was what ended up murdering them.

    When, both ivermectin & hydroxychloroquine could have been used preventively on an outpatient basis; just like our hero Dr. Meryl Nass did for her patients, as any MD following their Hippocratic Oath should have done. And, then the US Govt in the state of Maine, came after her with a vengeance.

    Dr. Robert Malone has called this “5th Generation Warfare” and we are in WWIII. They are in fact, depopulating the planet using these mRNA injections combined with the spike protein from SARS-CoV-2 virus, which is in fact, a bio-weapon. We know it was made in a lab, because its genome sequence (not from nature) has a US Patent # attached to it (i.e., nothing that comes from mother nature can be patented; e.g., it is illegal to patent water).

    – We have proof Moderna, Pfizer & Jansen all bought the US PATENT for SARS_CoV2 pre-Covid 19 ~ 2018 & 2019 to begin manufacturing these mRNA ‘faux vaccine” injections – FUNDED w/ our tax dollars, from the NIAID & DoD funds.

    The world was fortunate to have Dr. David Martin, who is the CEO of M-CAM International, who just so happened to follow all Patents around the world, and when he saw what was happening, regarding the creation and patenting of bio-weapons ~ he followed up on it. He has attended meetings to prosecute these criminals; here is a video from meeting at the European Union Parliament in May 2023 reporting their crimes:

    Please everyone start to speak up and share what you know. They are pushing these injections AGAIN on our children & pregnant mothers. The death rate in our working age population (i.e., our ‘healthy’ 25yo-65yo) went gone up 40% in 2021. Edward Dowd wrote a book about the rise in all cause mortality; “Sudden Death” (on Amazon). These injections are a crime against humanity and we can not comply if we want to win this covert war to shorten our life span, and worse, kill us within 5 years after injecting them (what our good MD’s are predicting.)

    Thank you Dr. Meryl Nass for all you have done. I’ve been following this American Hero on her Substack page since 2021 and was fortunate enough to meet her in Boston at Robert F. Kennedy’s announcement he was running for President on April 19, 2023.

    Please follow & support this brave woman’s work fighting for us all on:

    Along with also supporting Robert F. Kennedy, Jr ~ much needed; the DNC is blocking his right to run in the Democratic primary. RFK, Jr. has been fighting the Big Pharma Crime Cartel for decades & MSM makes him out to be some “crazy conspiracy theorist” …they’re very clever that way. Just like they tried to lock up Dr. Meryl Nass for having a ‘psychiatric diagnosis’. The ‘crazy card’ is their favorite weapon of war to delegitimizing our bravest heroes… and yet it does not stop them.

    Other hero’s @ RFK, Jr’s announcement in Boston were; Dr. Pierre Kory, Dr. Ryan Cole (the US Govt are also working to close down his business as a in Pathologist; Mayo Clinic trained with 5 children to support), Del Bigtree (who has covered the C19 crimes extensively), and journalist NYU Professor, Mark Crispin Miller was there (writing about Election Fraud, and the early deaths of people all over the world who received mRNA injections … also has a substack page;

    The crimes happening to our best doctors, our best journalists and best candidates to run for US POTUS should not be tolerated, and just as important, we all need to start listening to what they are saying.

  4. Not only is she suing the BOLIM, but the members of the board individually! That means that the members will have to cough up $$$ to defend themselves…which is exactly what they were trying to do to her!!!
    Payback is a female dog girls and boys! Get ready, ‘cause Nass is gonna kick A$$!!!