‘Support Our Police’ sign ordered removed after ‘racist’ complaint

by Guy Page

A Woodstock police officer was told to remove a “Support Our Police” sign from in front of the police department because, he was told, someone complained it’s racist.

Corporal Mark Donka, a full-time sworn officer of the Woodstock Police Department, tweeted a photo and explanation on July 9: “I was told to remove this sign from the front of the Police station as it was racist. Not sure how.” The tweet included this photo of a sign resting on the back of Donka’s car:

Contacted by Vermont Daily, Donka offered more details:

“I put the sign up in front of the Police station. The town received a call(s) saying that we should realize that the sign was racist. Since it was on town property, I removed it. Then I placed it on the rear of my vehicle for a while.”

Mark Donka

“It is kind of interesting since 1/3 of our department is black and did not have an issue. I am still confused why a support your police sign is racist. But such are the times,” Donka – a 40-year career law enforcement veteran, EMT, former firefighter, and ordained Public Safety Chaplain – said.

Here are a few signs of those times:

In 2020, the Vermont Legislature passed three bills aimed at reducing what it claimed is racial injustice in Vermont’s criminal justice system: S24 (racial bias in Dept. of Corrections), S119 (restricting police use of force), and S234 (miscellaneous judicial changes). A House/Senate resolution passed in June, 2020 remembered the death of George Floyd and declared that “Vermonters of color are subject to disparate law enforcement treatment.”

The role of police also arises in Vermont public school “equity” education. According to Vermonters for Vermont Initiative founder Greg Thayer, students are asked to “Talk about the parallels between lynchings and Police brutalities today” and are asked, “what relationship do you have with the Police, and how does your race play into that?”

Furthermore, Black Lives Matter protesters in Vermont last year were often heard to chant or carrying posters with the message, “All Cops are B——s,” or ACAB for short. Burlington city officials reduced funding for line officers, and one purportedly anti-racist city councilor last year suggested disarming police in most patrol situations.

The sign was produced by the Vermont Police Coalition, whose mission is “to formulate and promote public policies that ensure the safety and welfare of our law enforcement officers,” the website says. Michael Hall is listed as the executive director.

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  1. It is NOT racist. BLM & antifa & the entire communist agenda-driven radical left use this “racist” profiling as a means to control the masses. They are bullies & are the ones very obviously, 98% of the time, who incite violence & destroy property.

    And of course the BLM flags flying on PUBLIC, TAX-PAYER FUNDED properties are honky-dory (like our schools) but a sign supporting the national law enforcement agencies that protect all Americans somehow IS “racist”

    These people are dangerous radicals seeking undermine this democratic republic and as long as true Americans cower in fear & kowtow to their harassment & bullying tactics – this will never cease & merely grow worse until the USA is completely unrecognizable.


    The police ROCK!

      • …and all the idiots of the world will be offended by being equated with whoever this buffoon was. Oh, wait! I offended the buffoons now!

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    Invitees include current Politicians, Cyber Experts and the Media.

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  3. Danka said: “It is kind of interesting since 1/3 of our department is black and did not have an issue. I am still confused why a support your police sign is racist. But such are the times,”

    “The price good men pay for indifference to public affairs is to be ruled by evil men.” – Plato

    Though I prefer how it’s said in Boondock Saints: “But there is another kind of evil which we must fear most, and that is the indifference of good men.”

    Put the sign back up and tell them they are wrong please – signed the public.

  4. So…. who, specifically, told the officer to take down the sign?

    Before we start ranting about whether or not the sentiment or justification of any sign is reasonable or not, I want to know who, specifically, the authorized party was who made the decision to have it removed, and what due process they followed.

    The problem isn’t with the sign, or the sentiment it represents. It’s the continued disregard for constitutional due process that’s problematic.

  5. The caving in of institutions, corporations & public at large, to a small number of “woke” individuals, will cause our downfall. (Reminds me of a popular restaurant in Winooski, a decade ago, asked to, & complied with demand to take down sign promoting their bacon & eggs, so not to offend.) Vermonters are good people & good neighbors; we don’t need to succumb to the craziness that ruins other places.

  6. I read somewhere that America don’t have a race problem, it has a stupid problem.

  7. There are, and always will be, idiots who like the sound of their own voices. Think of the power that the individual challenging the sign now feels, since the sign was removed. To encourage nitwits by giving into their irrational demands without thinking of a rational reason to deny that demand is to invite additional idiots to make more such demands. Someone needs to grow a pair and to tell these numbskulls “NO!”.

  8. A Crazy liberal is just smarter, better and more evolved in everyway than a conservative. That one thought, perhaps, the sign was spiritually violent, culturally inappropriate, and, of course, politically incorrect.

    • It implies that police depts. are all tools of the racist structure. Like the false statement that police in the U.S. were begun in repsonse to Black influx into cities.

      • I like what you are saying today. Maybe it is time to come over to the side of Liberty, Beer and Trump and leave all that twaddle about socialism behind ! You are one of us ! Come over to to our side !

  9. You mean to tell me that a sign encouraging support for the police deemed “racist” (whatever that means) by one person gives that person the power to remove the sign? I don’t care if it’s fifty complainers. Some body needs to stand up to her/him and say “NO”.

  10. But of course your reporter didn’t report the name of the person ordering the sign removed. Nor is it indicated that the reporter asked the person who ordered the sign removed what the specific reason was for ordering it removed. Did the person who ordered the sign removed think the sign was racist? Likely not. Then it would seem logical that the sign was ordered removed, because the sign did not belong on Town property, period! Just like no one (and particularly not a Town official) is allowed to post signs as they please, especially without town approval, in support of or against anything. To tell you the truth, the whole thing smacks of being a manufactured unprofessional journalistic farce.

    • While it’s possible this story was contrived to ‘stir the base’, so to speak, that the police officer’s sign did not belong on Town property can only be said if all signs expressing a political opinion don’t belong on Town property.

      Consider this: Woodstock kicks off weekly BLM vigil – Participants display their signs at Monday’s Black Lives Matter vigil in Woodstock, Vermont.

      Again, the issue is one of constitutional ‘due process’. Specifically, the 14th Amendment – “No state shall make or enforce any law which shall abridge the privileges or immunities of citizens of the United States; nor shall any state deprive any person of life, liberty, or property, without due process of law; nor deny to any person within its jurisdiction the equal protection of the laws.”

      So, who was it, Guy, who assumed the authority to have the police officer’s sign removed? If we’re going to support individualism and personal responsibility, let’s start holding individuals responsible.

      • Since when is it political to have a sign asking “Support your police”. So, let us find out who exactly declared the thought “Racist’ and who exactly authorized the removal. Guy, please consider yourself declared “investigator in charge”! Would “Be Nice To Your Mailman” or “Buy Girl Scout Cookies” be offensive to whomever?

      • Yes. A sign with ‘Support Your Police’ written on it is political because the police are a political entity, paid for with tax dollars (or not) at the whim of elected officials.

  11. one persons complaint rules the world? when will people stop bowing to a single persons opinion?

    • I didn’t see that ‘people’ bowed to this complaint. But someone did. And I’d like to know who it was.

      My guess, having some experience in this realm… the complaint was levied by someone who remains anonymous (a coward perhaps), then the Selectboard considered it, consulted with its attorney, and on the advice of that second tier, unelected, bureaucrat (who’s typical response is to avoid controversy rather than stand for a principle) asked the officer (nicely, of course) to remove the sign.

      The lesson to be learned: More often than not, standing up for what’s right (not to mention constitutionally protected) is usually the path best taken. But, today, citizens and elected officials are hunkered down in a CYA position, and the best ‘we the people’ get is to waste our time writing about it.

      As for me, so far at least, my right to do so remains unalienable. And, in case anyone hasn’t figured it out, I have nothing better to do.

      So, please Mr. Editor, what’s the rest of this story? Curious minds want to know.

  12. I hope that the Woodstock PD takes this to the Supreme Court! Whoever wanted that sign down should move somewhere else…and not in Vermont. Very pathetic individual!

  13. So, now we know how the process works to remove those pedestrian hazard, yellow-painted eyesores from the road surface in Burlington and Montpelier, just one person has to complain that they find it racist…

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