Sanders bill shifts power over military from president to Congress

Sens. Bernie Sanders (I-Vt), Chris Murphy (D-Conn.), and Mike Lee (R-Utah) Tuesday introduced the National Security Powers Act, which “safeguards congressional prerogatives” in the use of military force, emergency powers and arms exports.

If the bill becomes law, Congress could immediately cut off funding for military action ordered by the Commander in Chief; veto all arms sales; and, give the ultimate power to declare public emergencies to Congress, not the president.

In each of these cases, the bill would require the president to consult congressional leaders and obtain congressional authorization. Any congressional authorization will have to meet specific requirements, including an automatic sunset. Under the National Security Powers Act, any activities lacking such authorization will face an automatic funding cutoff after a specified number of days. Rep. James P. McGovern (D-Mass.) will introduce companion legislation in the U.S. House of Representatives in the coming weeks.

“I believe that we have become far too comfortable with the United States engaging in military interventions all over the world, and the time is long overdue for Congress to reassert its constitutional role in matters of war and peace,” said Sen. Sanders. “Article I of the Constitution clearly states that it is Congress, not the president, which has the power to declare war. The Framers gave that power to Congress, the branch most accountable to the people, but over many years Congress has allowed its oversight authority to wane and executive power to expand. This legislation is an important step toward reasserting that constitutional power, and I hope it will lead to a larger discussion, both in the Congress and among the public, about the uses of military force in our foreign policy.”

For more information on the National Security Powers Act, go to sanders.senate.gov.


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  2. So we will need what, 535 keys to the nuclear football ? If an immediate retaliatory strike is needed for defense, how long will that take ? And I guess that should make us feel safer ? That approval by pinheads like Beanie Sanders would be necessary before any kind military action can be taken does nothing to make me feel more secure. Quite the opposite actually.

  3. I usually find that it’s, let’s say…not prudent, to endorse anything Bernie says but when I do it’s because it looks like it might be constitutionally compelling. This might be one of those rare moments. Embarking on a quest to be attentive to the respective roles of our government branches is a conservative’s dream. To put aside your usual endorsment the extreme congressional, executive and judicial intrusions into citizens’ lives, and bring attention to the roles government branches were constitutionally assigned would be a welcome departure. Thank you Bernie.

  4. Someone ask the question: “Do you think the 2020 Election was NOT rigged?”
    Well, I started to think of all the old fogies’ who somehow kept getting themselves re-elected over and over again for the last 30 years?
    During which time they all became multi-millionaires, with the greatest medical and retirement pension plan???
    I also remember thinking, “Had so many Hippies moved into Vermont, that we can’t find better candidates, so we don’t have to keep voting in the same old tired crew?”
    One thing I still can’t figure out is, “How did Phil Scott win so easily?”
    And he didn’t even have the coat-tails to drag Mr. Milne along with him?
    Instead, we ended up with the farmer’s daughter!!!
    In closing let me say we have those Dominion voting machines right here in VT.
    “Therefore, we need to do a full forensic audit here in Vermont.”

  5. Every state should do an audit, time for our good old boys to be voted out. Not helping Vermont at all.

  6. How is that Vermont chose a Democrat for President and then a Republican for Governor, isn’t that strange?

    Biden/Democrat – 65.46% (Votes Cast were 242,820)

    Scott/Republican – 66.96% (Votes Cast were 248,412)

    (Information from Vermont Secretary of State Elections)

    Isn’t it odd that people who voted for Biden, a Democrat, would also vote for Scott, a Republican? Usually votes go down the ticket for the President and then Governor, Lt. Governor, House, etc. Very strange numbers indeed.

    We Need Forensic Audits in Every State! We Need an Forensic Audit in Vermont!

  7. This is just more stupidity. Our congress can’t even get bills passed with bipartisanship. Plus they take forever to make a decision. Plus this is more government outreach. We need less government. Plus most politicians are bought by businesses. Foreign and domestic. Just look at how Biden is connected to China. Not good at all. China is the biggest threat to the world.

  8. You must stop thanking current military members for their service. They are already be used to suppress any opposition to this Communist tyranny. Top military leadership is fully on-board. No patriotic American should even consider joining the military at this point.

  9. While we fixate on the latest bombast and bs from B.S., what’s really going on in the nation’s capital?
    Far more important things to pay attention to than the rantings of Sanders.

    • I completely agree that we have more important issues to deal with than Comrade Sanders, and his B.S. but the sad truth is that the majority of “Vermonters” who vote, keep seeing fit to elect this bloviating idiot to represent us in Washington. Even though I have never voted for the nut job, I personally I feel some sort of responsibility for unleashing this lunatic on the rest of the country. He is an embarrassment. Every time I see the sub title “I, Vermont” under his picture, it makes me want to puke ! Term Limits !!

  10. So let me start by saying, the 2020 election was the biggest scam I have ever seen,
    if Illegitimate Joe got 81M votes ” real valid ones ” that is, then I need to run for office
    as I can use the money for doing nothing !!

    Until we settle the 2020 election, and that will not come to fruition until every state has
    a forensic audit, the foxes where in the chicken coup, but they got caught, Hey Condos
    that will include VT, let that cards fall as they may !!

    Let’s clean up the state house while we are at it.

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