Sununu mocks Manchester visit by ‘Infomercial Guy’ Lindell

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Posted to NH Journal Politics February 14 by Michael Graham

My Pillow CEO Mike Lindell may be a rock star on the fringe right, but Gov. Chris Sununu tells NHJournal he is not impressed.

“New Hampshire isn’t interested in debunked political conspiracy theories from some infomercial guy. Our citizens can sleep easy knowing that our elections were safe, secure, reliable, and accurate – just as they are every year,” Sununu said Monday.

That stands in stark contrast to Lindell, who claims the Granite State presidential election was stolen by Chinese computer hackers and corrupted vote-counting machines that switched more than 50,000 votes.

Lindell, best known for his non-stop TV ads on Fox News and out-there theories about COVID-19 and the 2020 election, is bringing his conspiracy roadshow to Manchester’s Doubletree Hotel Wednesday morning. The New Hampshire state House of Representatives will convene at the same hotel, due to COVID concerns, that morning.

According to an email sent by state Rep. Susan Homola (R-Hollis), legislators and town officials are invited to “a presentation on the latest tools, techniques, and technology advancements in election security. This presentation is being hosted by Mike Lindell, and it is intended to be a forward-looking discussion on emerging election methods and supporting hardware.”

Homola declined to respond to multiple requests for comment, nor would she name any local organizers or participants. For a social media savvy figure like Lindell, there are virtually no mentions of the upcoming event, which is not open to the public.

Lindell, who is facing multiple lawsuits for his outlandish claims about voting machine companies, remains adamant that Donald Trump won a major popular vote victory in 2020, despite the available evidence to the contrary.

This won’t be the first time Lindell’s pitched his view of American politics in the Granite State.

“China picked our winners” in the 2020 election, Lindell told the group 603 Alliance during a speech in Manchester last August. “Everybody knows it — 100 percent this election was stolen,” Lindell said. “It was stolen by machines,” he added. “There had to be some kind of algorithm because it went across all states.”

And yes that includes New Hampshire’s election which, despite the work of then-Sec. of State Bill Gardner, Lindell claims was stolen by the Chinese Communist Party. Lindell declared that rather than losing the state by eight points (425,000 t0 366,000), Trump won the Granite State, 410,000 to 375,000 votes.

 “He crushed New Hampshire, he crushed it,” Lindell claimed.

Lindell’s latest project is making pillows for the truck drivers protesting in Canada.

“All of our employees are busy making pillows right now for the truckers in Canada,” Lindell told an interviewer over the weekend. “We’re going to try and get them through. I’m not going to say what day or you know there will be obstructionists.”

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  1. If Sununu loses his next race because of busloads of student voters brought up from Massachusetts, he may change his tune…

  2. NH governor is a RINO like the one here. These governors must be shielded from the news about the 2020 election and how illegal it was. They are also shielded from the jab reports all over the news. Safe and effective is really not very safe and definitely not effective, but lets coerce people and children into getting it anyway. Who are these people or who owns them might be the better question?

  3. I love Mike Lindell. He is a hardworking patriot that deserves our attention. He is uncovering TONS of election fraud all across America. If we don’t get rid of our computers and use paper ballots we will never have a free election and Sununu knows it! Go to frankspeech.com to support Mike Lindell. Lindell TV is free and has great information. The algorithms are not conspiracy it’s all true and all the politicians know it. If they are not are afraid of Mike Lindell and the band of people behind him, they should be.

  4. No, Mr. Lindell isn’t a polished, silver-tongued politician. His commentary is typically disjointed, rambling streams of consciousness. And yes, in the final analysis, all he really wants to do is sell his My Pillow stuff – one willing seller to one willing buyer.

    Mr. Sununu, OTOH, is a different animal entirely. No, at least Mr. Sununu is not a progressive democrat. But yes, he’s as silver-tongued as any polished politician. And yes, in the final analysis, all Sununu wants is to be re-elected – even when only half of those he represents want to buy his snake oil.

    And Michael Grahm of NH Journal Politics is the consummate MSM bit player. If you want ‘the rest of the story’ on Sununu, check out GranitGrok.

    “His Majesty, sorry – excellency, Chris Sununu thinks he’s got something of a constitutional streak. Sure, if it’s the one he creates when he uses the document to wipe his backside.”

    What continues to convince me that Mike Lindell is on to something is the fervor with which established politicians like Sununu and the MSM try to discredit – and ignore – what he has to say. After all, if they really wanted to discredit Lindell, they let the investigation into his so-called ‘conspiracy theories’ play out as proof positive. After all, if they have nothing to hide, they should stop hiding.

  5. What has the RINO Sununu ever created , has he started from nothing and made a multi-million $ business ?

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