Vermont State Police clarify enforcement plans for grocery store piece of ‘Stay home, stay safe’

press release text

For people wondering if/how State of Vermont plans to enforce emergency rules requiring curbside drops/delivery only for groceries, the following is quoted verbatim from a press release issued today by State Police (thank you Diane St. Cyr for the tip):

How will the order be enforced?

In instances where police officers observe or are made aware of people operating in violation of Gov. Scott’s “Stay Home, Stay Safe” order, law enforcement is encouraged to speak with the proprietor, staff, or group, provide a reminder of the new requirements, and assess voluntary compliance. Civil or regulatory mechanisms, specifically informing and educating those encountered in violation of the order about the mechanisms that may apply, could prove helpful.  Again, officials expect the vast majority of compliance to be self-regulating.

The executive order does not close roads, nor does it establish roadblocks, checkpoints or the authority to demand identification. Motor-vehicle and pedestrian traffic will continue as Vermonters engage in permissible activities outdoors and travel to and from businesses and entities that are continuing to operate under the order. Accordingly, the order does not establish cause to initiate a motor vehicle stop or detain people for questioning about their travel.

Link to full press release below:


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  1. Isn’t that special! VOLUNTARY COMPLIANCE just like the income tax! Sure, nothing more than communism! And then it is stated something about “permitted” activities, smells like tyranny to me! People wake up and fight this at every turn! The flu killed almost 40000 this year alone! This virus has a whopping 651! It is time to cut out the heart of tyranny and take back our REPUBLIC!

    • It’s not about how many are dead from the common flu – its about the amount of those who are infected vs the mortality rate. The numbers are vastly different and I suggest you check the numbers yourself, but here is a summary.

      Let me do the math a bit for you

      Common Flu – 36000000/22000 = 1 in every 1636 will die.

      COVID – 20000/260 is one in every 76 will die. Making COVID much more dangerous than the common flu.

  2. Rob your a retarded hillbilly, the people of America and the world have never seen anything like this In modern history, the covid19 virus is in no way comparable to the flu or anything we have ever seen in our lifetimes. people like you need to be thrown in jail for not being intelligent enough to understand what’s going on and for spreading lies to everyone. You are no better than the guy who told everyone not to evacuate the second World Trade Center tower after the first tower got hit.

  3. Ye this virus is getting out of control eat her were all going to end up with it eventually or not .the higher up should no this .evrybody already in a panic so we should be told weather or not we will or not .well everybody be safe we will just have to wait for the out come of this China virus I wouldn’t except nothing not even a face mask from over there my belief is there out to cripple the 🇺🇸 people.

  4. Rob please tell me where you are so I can get as far away from you as possible. I can only hope that you do not become a statistic in this thing.

  5. And this is EXACTLY WHY there are so many people NOT following through with this order. Their going on about their day like any other. The other thing I don’t get is so many places are still open and we are allowed to do so much that it really doesn’t feel or seem any different idk if you ask me and yes I’m aware no one has but if someone did I would tell them I believe it needs to be enforced a little more and take away a little more until people start listening

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