Statewide mask mandate dead: news report

Feb. 15 last day of work onsite for unvaxxed hospital workers

Sen. Becca Balint (at left behind podium with House Speaker Jill Krowinski) called for a statewide mask mandate at the Vermont Legislature’s Special Session in November. This week she reportedly said there is ‘no path forward.’ Page photo

By Guy Page

Even as legislative momentum for a statewide mask mandate is failing, Vermont’s largest private employer says Feb. 15 will be the last day of work onsite for unvaccinated workers. 

Senate Pro Tem Becca Balint (D-Windham) reportedly threw in the towel on the statewide mask mandate she and House Speaker Jill Krowinski have both been pushing since the Legislature’s Special Session in November, according to a Jan. 19 VT Digger article.

However, municipal action has shown only tepid support for a mask mandate. As of January 3, 20 towns and cities had adopted a public mask mandate, while 92 had indicated opposition, according to a Vermont Daily Chronicle survey

This week, Balint reportedly said there is “no path forward,” and blamed Gov. Phil Scott for not taking executive action or backing the bill. However, committee chairs are said to be unenthusiastic about the statewide mandate.

A House bill was introduced earlier this month but as yet has gone nowhere in the Human Services Committee. A statewide mask mandate was reportedly discussed, without much enthusiasm, in the Senate Health & Welfare Committee. 

Meanwhile, the University of Vermont Medical Center health network has given all unvaccinated employees a Feb. 15 deadline to get vaccinated or be approved for an exemption. After that date, they will not be allowed to work onsite, according to letter to employees from President Dr. John Brumstead. 

“Until now, our Vermont affiliates have not mandated full vaccination,” Brumstead said. “The new VErmont vaccination policies are both compliant with and independent of the federal vaccine mandate for health care workers that has been subject to recent court action.” He then stated the new requirements and deadlines:

  1. All employees who have not done so already must submit proof of at least a single vaccination dose, and medical and religious exemption requests will be due, by January 27 (next Thursday.)
  1. After 15, employees will not be eligible to work onsite until they have provided initial proof of vaccination.

Brumstead left no doubt that the hospital is not only complying with the federal vax mandate for health care providers, it is also in agreement. 

“Our network recently issued a public plea for Covid-19 vaccination that ended with these words: ‘Together, we can save lives.’ This is doubly true for you, as an employee of our health care system,” Brumstead said. “If you are not vaccinated against Covid-19, it’s time to do the right thing to protect our patients, our communities, and each other.”

UVMMC is currently short-staffed due to widespread transmission of the Omicron variant of Covid-19. It is unknown how many onsite workers will not be allowed to work after Feb. 15 for lack of vaccination. 

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    • You don’t realize the kind of permission over your body you are allowing. While you think your views on health must be inflicted on others who don’t share your views, it endangers me and everyone else including yourself. This is because you believe that government is good, that government doesn’t lie and that the media would report anything untoward. Those misconceptions are a recipe for disaster. Most of the suffering in the world is due to this superstition – that government cares and that the media reports. if you stand by and even facilitate the belief that others have a say over what goes into our bodies into anyone’s body, then you are virtually handing your own body over, you are giving them say over your health. So say ta-ta to any control over your body. Next they may want one of your organs, or the fetuses in pregnant women’s bodies. There is no telling where this could go, and you and those on the side of forced procedures are the perpetrators of much evil that you don’t seem capable of understanding. Just look up adrenochrome and loosh and wise up.

  1. C’mon John! The science says the shots neither prevent you from infection nor transmission and thus dont provide any safety for others. Not to mention, when balanced with the minimal, short-term, minimal protection the shots can provide recipients, it is inarguably the most dangerous injection with the highest risk profile we have ever seen or administered. If you haven’t had shots by now, you can get your intial, followed by your booster which the phizer ceo himself admits provide no protection. The third and fourth shots have also been recently scientifically proven to not prevent omicron. It’s clear this is less about public health and more about taking the knee to your new technocratic government; the data is indisputable and speaks for itself. One question i would like to ask John is what has led to the significant increase in non covid hospitalizations and deaths as of recent in areas highly vaccinated, including vermont? An Indiana life insurance company is now reporting a 40% increase in deaths among working aged adults 18-64 when compared with prepandemic death data. This is not an isolated event, its WORLD WIDE!

  2. I saw the same interview where the phizer ceo himself admits provide no protection. The one I saw he admitted that the shots had little to no protection against Covid. So who sceemd up this shot and who paid for all this so-called medicine??? Yes folks the CEO knowingly put out all this medication (around the world) that he knew had no effect!!!!!

  3. Now that the CDC has formally acknowledged the lack of efficacy for procedure masks and cloth masks, Balint and Krowinski don’t really have much “science to stand behind. Short of an N-95, properly fitted by a professional- the masking is theatre, just like so many told you.
    Brumstead’s edict is based on dollars, not science. The more government insists on the “vax” the more suspicious we should be. fauci, Scott and Levine can defend their hilltop alone.
    There seems to be a correlation between the “vax” and omicron risk. By February, it will either be obvious and denied by government- or a change of policy similar to BoJo’s lifting of all UK restrictions.
    Just don’t expect that the socialists will give up without a fight.

    • You deligitimize your argument when you say N-95’s need to be professionally fitted.

      I don’t care what the protocol is for someone working on a nuclear leak.

      Let’s be real.

      • Let’s be real.

        People don’t need to be professionally fitted.

        They can be sized and taught how to wear them correctly very easily.

        There is a nice simple video in the below link which visually shows the difference between masks and how an N95 masks can make a difference:


        Being real again, infection rates thus far are no evidence against masks.

        The US people were falsely promised that they didn’t need to wear a mask if they were vaccinated.

        From the beginning a quite high % refused to wear masks.

        MOST of the masks that have been worn since the beginning of this pandemic have been non N95 and largely ineffective.

        Now they’re sending sick nurses and Dr’s back to work the floor which severely effects the infection rate.

        I could go on and on.

        Mass wearing of N95’s has never really been applied.

        Thus, being real, infection rates during this pandemic cannot be used to argue against masks.

  4. Staff shortages and a backlog of procedures due to the shutdown are contributing factors to the hospital being “overwhelmed,” and are not due to covid-19 itself. Release from UVMMC in November 2020:

    “For months, health care systems nationwide – including the UVM Health Network – have been under severe strain due to a rapid and sustained increase in demand after patients delayed routine and urgent care in the early stages of the COVID-19 pandemic. Patients continue to be sicker when they arrive, requiring more acute care and regularly pushing the limits of ICU capacity. Hospitals throughout the region are experiencing the same challenges.”

  5. quit these nursing jobs, an educated nurse can go anywhere for good pay, become a travelling nurse to states that don’t require the vaxx! you don’t want this poison in your body!

  6. What a sad joke!! Get out of your Covid Obsession Fear Bubble Vermont Legislators!!
    Stop abusing all Vermont children and workers!!

    You are obviously functioning from a place of emotion and fear not looking at the facts.
    Why can’t you admit what we now know! The “shots” don’t work and the masks have never worked if you look at real science.

    • The problem is which mandate the hospital is following? The mandate connected to Medicare/Medicaid was upheld by the Supreme Court.

    • According to Dr Avery Jackson MD, (Neurosurgeon) said, “I am in the operating room a number of days every week, and I wear a mask. I wear a mask because it protects my patients from any type of bacteria that might come from my mouth and nose. Masks however are not designed to protect or filter virus.” We have heard the analogy that masks filtering out a virus is the same as trying to shelter someone from the rain with a chain linked fence. That is the science, because of the microscopic size of a virus, masks do not have the ability to filter anything that small.
      – now we have a federal government, pushing state governments, to use an vaccine that is only approved as an (EUA) emergency use authorization. Did you know that Moderna and the NIH developed the Covid shots being called a vaccine. Did you know because Moderna held the patent of the Covid shots, the NIH took Moderna to court in November of 2021. Moderna agreed to give the NIH 50% of the profits from the royalties. Did you know Fauci is the Chief of the Laboratory of Immunoregulation for the NIH. Did you know Fauci is chief Medical Advisor to the United States. 1)Fauci advises Government to vaccinate the US public. 2) Government buys massive amounts of vaccine (from tax payer money) to be administered in all 50 states from Moderna, Pfister, and J&J.
      3) Federal government allocates state governments to administer vaccine within their states. 4) Moderna now gives 50% of profits back to NIH. Remember Fauci a member of NIH is responsible for convincing government to buy vaccine from Moderna. Then Moderna gives back to NIH. The cycle continues as UVMMC is demonstrating now. At best is sounds like a conflict of interest. Perhaps money laundering, but all at the expense of citizens and tax payer money.

  7. Yea but the mandate for healthcare workers at clinics and hospitals that receive federal $ (you know like extra $ for calling a patient with a sprained ankle or strep throat a covid case, or additional $ when they’re put on a ventilator, or additional $$$ when they are called a covid death), still stands. I believe Supreme Court ruled in favor 5 to 4. Such crap. Stand up for the brave healthcare workers!

  8. Blast Brumstead’ and all of the board members, with calls, showing them our disapproval. Public outcry needs up be loud and long or this will never end.

  9. Boris Johnson folded – will America follow the British Overlords? The globalists are not gaining ground and time is running out for their plan to succeed. On to war now comrades. The banksters are getting restless.

  10. Brumsted makes 2 million bucks a year and his wife is a Chittenden county rep.

    They’re part of the VT Elite that are making a killing off this scam.

    I pity the folks who work in the VT medical system. They are getting stiffed.