Bill increases daily board/commission pay from $50 to $125

By Guy Page

The number of Vermonters serving on state boards and commissions is growing. And so will their pay, if a new House bill becomes law. 

H545, introduced Jan. 11 into the Vermont House, would increase the per diem pay for members of Vermont’s boards and commissions from $50 to $125. Most members of these appointed boards and commissions now receive $50, although some earn more. The bill stipulates, however, that no board member currently earning more than $125 would be paid less if H545 passes. 

The bill would amend state law 32 V.S.A. § 1010, which governs the service and pay of board and commission members. This law also permits reimbursement for ‘actual and necessary’ expenses of board and commission members. 

In recent years, the Legislature has created new task forces, commissions, and study committees to provide recommendations on education, climate, systemic racial injustice, and many other topics. The first year of the current biennium was particularly active, State Archivist Tanya Marshall reported to the Sunset Advisory Commission Dec. 16.

“The current dataset contains 243 state boards and commissions and 2,326 members or “seats,” which is a net gain of three state boards and commissions and 76 members or “seats” in comparison to last year. While the Vermont State Archives and Records Administration is currently reviewing the accuracy of the dataset, it does appear that the number of state boards and commissions as well as board and commission members grew following the first year of the 2021-2022 legislative session,” Marshall said. 

Vermont Daily Chronicle was unable to determine current budget allocations for the state’s board and commissions. 

The bill is sponsored by Reps. Christie of Hartford, Austin of Colchester, Bluemle of Burlington, Coffey of Guilford, Colston of Winooski, Cordes of Lincoln, Dolan of Waitsfield, Goldman of Rockingham, Killacky of South Burlington, Rogers of Waterville, Small of Winooski, Vyhovsky of Essex, and Wood of Waterbury. Most of these legislators – all Democrats and/or Progressives – are strong supporters of legislation opposing systemic racial injustice, and other ‘progressive’ issues. 

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  1. Wow! Thought all these “Progressives” (?) served for the “Cause”? Serving on all these useless commissions for hundreds of dollars, Very Capitalistic!

  2. what happens when all the federal money runs out? who pays for these useless boards & commissions then?

  3. Let’s see a list……big increase for how many?? and what boards/commissions served on…and who is serving……..

    • Yes I’m now replying to self…did not read completely. still would like to see in a list form with names and whatever serving on…….

    • There are 243 Boards or Commissions (would you believe) and a total of 2326 Members. I suggest a list of Boards etc be published and the public pick the 10 most important and cancel the rest. The State probably doesn’t even have the nerve to publish the individual Boards and Commissions!

  4. Can we vote on this? Everyone send a big no to your rep. Where is the money coming from? State or fed. Perhaps going from $50 to $60 would be more acceptable.

  5. The beginnings of unnecessary, non-elected governmental positions, for the unqualified and marginally functional, in the name of inclusion and equity, because of non existence systemic racism. Ah, progressive/socialist/liberal Government, the employer of last resort, making pay-outs to ‘woke’ retainers who are sweating it out in useless, do nothing jobs that will dictate how all Vermonters will live their lives. And next, they’re going to demand benefits. Now doesn’t that just give all you ordinary taxpayers a warm, fuzzy feeling?

  6. We should be charging these wokeadopes $125 a day for the damage they do to Vermont taxpayers and economy every day that they are allowed to construct their next scam!

  7. Grifters are going to grift – all these boards are adding up to some big money! The taxpayers have no say in who sits on these boards making all these policies – Vermont is a cesspool of corruption.

  8. Vermont is getting nearly as bad as Taxachusetts with it’s political appointments to no-show jobs and commissions. This is how campaign contributors get rewarded for giving to the “correct party.
    A project for VDC would be to publish a list of all un-elected bureaucrats in Vermont along with their salaries and the terms they have been “serving”. They provide “public service” like a bull services a cow.

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