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State college to close library, go all-digital / Death by alcohol up 36%

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NBC 5Burlington party leaders share thoughts on all legal resident voting
WCAXHay truck fire damages historic Stowe building
WCAXSt. Michael’s College president to step down
VT DiggerFinal Reading: Corrections commissioner delivers emotional testimony on staffing issues
VT DiggerBurlington High girls’ basketball team calls out ‘culture of racism’ in Vermont school sports
WCAXCostco readies for full-time gas pumps
VT DiggerVermont State University to close libraries, downgrade sports programs
The Valley ReporterMad River Glen and the natives
VT DiggerBlueCross withdrawal from ACO has Vermont’s primary care practices worried
WCAXVermont alcohol report shows increase in deaths
WCAXVermont congressional delegation talks important issues in light of State of the Union Address
VT DiggerRutland Town looks to hotels to support stretched police force

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  1. Pretty sad to see the libraries all moving online. I’ve spent countless hours doing research In college libraries. And there are many books that are available to both students and community members. I loved the Randolph VTC library when I lived in that area; was a great local resource.

  2. It’s much harder to burn books than it is to simply press a button. Many of the kinds of things I like to research are only to be found in dusty old tomes! Of all the places to get rid of books! LOL. Further proof that higher education is a bad investment at best, and neo-communist indoctrination in general.

  3. Times change. The VSC or VSU or whatever it is called is making a bold move to help it survive. I’m willing to bet that very few students will notice much of a difference as they likely do whatever research they already do on-line and probably either in their dorm room or at home. Most likely, librarians will still be employed in order to help students with their searches which are much more easily done online than roaming through stacks of books and let’s not forget the cost savings.

    It’s just like in the houses of average people who are clearing out their old book shelves and record collections to free up space amid the realization that they just don’t use those objects any more, they are relics of a bygone era. What is the value in having stacks and stacks of outdated books that no one uses when that same information is available at your fingertips? Have these people, including myself, suddenly become victims of “neo-communist indoctrination” as noted in a previous post? Better to repurpose the buildings for other uses. Frankly, I much prefer using a Kindle vs a hefty and unwieldy book.

    Of course the actual solution to the problems the state colleges face is that there are too many of them for a state our size amid the demographic profile of traditional college age students continuing its downward spiral.. I worked in the VSC as a high level administrator and it was pretty well known years ago that there were too many colleges but the political cost of closing either Lyndon or Johnson was too high to pay. I hope there are going to be reductions in redundant academic programs across the institutions and the closing of under enrolled departments.

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