State budget heavy on housing $$

by Vermont Chamber of Commerce

The final bill to pass the 2022 session of the Vermont Legislature was the $8.3 billion budget, which provides the funding for general government spending and the major policy bills this session.

The budget invested in broadband buildout, childcare providers, and water and wastewater infrastructure to provide communities with the resources they need to attract new workers and families. It provided $50 million for the Vermont Housing Conservation Board, a $20 million investment in the missing middle home ownership development program and manufactured housing, and $20 million for the Vermont Housing Improvement Program to update rental housing units.

The budget also allocated a total of $137.8 million in community, workforce, and economic development programs, many of which the Vermont Chamber fought for this session. The budget also included $185 million in energy focused initiatives including weatherization, energy efficiency grants for towns and electrification initiatives.

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  1. Last year, a budget of over $7 billion – this year a budget over $8 billion. A State with a population of roughly 645,000. The numbers simply do not add up other than to prove Vermont is insolvent and falling into complete collapse.

  2. Not certain what some of those fancy names applied to housing mean, but manufactured means “trailers”, I presume, and the rest is also related to bringing in more & more & more “affordable” housing, i.e.: LOW INCOME/NO INCOME HOUSING so that Vermont can “save the world & fill the state with illegal aliens. THAT will solve EVERYTHING!

    Too bad once-conservative VT columnists are now fully on board with this nonsense too. There’s a sucker born every minute.

    Perhaps if they finally see that Burlington cannot END its homeless problems (as the Mayor so comically blathered about two months ago to the press) by building “outhouse” style pods to put in, THEN they will see that this purported “lack of affordable housing” is caused largely, almost exclusively by:

    1.) Drug/Alcohol Addiction, Abuse, & Dealing
    2.) Mental Health Issues that go untreated
    3.) Related lifestyle choices such as dropping out of school, getting pregnant as a teenager, etc.

    VT will never learn until VT is thoroughly destroyed. And even then, the columnists will plead for more “affordable” housing.

  3. Vermont is incentivizing homelessness. Its part of the national homelessness industrial complex that increases government power and reliance. Much like vaccines and pandemics, we have altered the definition of homeless to include as many people as possible to receive government subsidies. The bigger the government, the small the citizen’s individual rights. This has to stop. No one is persuaded to get another or a better job by being considered homeless. Instead they are given a roof over their head, food, transportation and a phone on the dole. Actions have consequences. Individuals need to take responsibility for where they are in life and adjust accordingly. Dont give me the equity crap. America is the land of opportunities, not the land of guaranteed outcomes. Please vote the liberals out every chance you get. They are bent on destroying what was once our Constitutional Republic.

  4. “If you build it, they will come…”

    They will come in the dark of night, after having forded a river along our southern border, climbed chain link fencing with barbed wire at the top, been hustled onto unmarked chartered buses, driven to southern airports, flown on government chartered planes throughout the United States “…in the wee hours of the morning…”, and brought by more unmarked chartered buses to a neighborhood near you; neighborhoods that has been prepared at great expense, using your tax dollars, for accepting the, ah, homeless?

    • Mark…I was thinking it before I got to your comment, oh yes, “if you build it they will come”

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