Silverstein: when breast cancer becomes ‘chest cancer’

by Gerry Silverstein

In a May 10 Wall Street Journal commentary by Patricia Posner entitled “When Did ‘Woman’ Become a Dirty Word?,” the author discusses the lexicon of the new age gender identity movement.

Ms Posner was recently treated for breast cancer that a nurse referred to as “chest cancer”.  This was the first time Ms Posner encountered what she refers to as “degender medicine”.

Referring to (biological) women she says: “it seems as if we are incrementally being erased in a rush of political correctness to ensure no trans person is offended.”

Of greater concern she states: “There is a death of common sense playing out in real time, and most women are quiet for fear of being attacked as bigots….”It’s Orwellian that today many of us feel compelled to remain silent about our female bodies, motherhood and our health as women”. 

I am reminded of the evil Borg collective portrayed in the Star Trek-Next Generation TV series. The objective of this “master race” was assimilation of all other life forms and its motto was: resistance is futile.  

Ms Posner rejects such capitulation.  

Resistance, history has shown, is essential, not futile.

Towards the end of her Commentary Ms. Posner roars: “I am sorry if this offends anyone, but men don’t menstruate, give birth, experience menopause or develop endometriosis, ovarian cancer or cervical cancer.”

I fear that society has fallen through the equivalent of a spatial wormhole and emerged in an episode of Rod Serling’s former TV series “The Twilight Zone, where the definition of reality is synonymous with strange.   

Men can be women and women can be men through the simple venue of personal declaration or the more complex reality of removal and/or adding of body components.  

Children in elementary schools are told one day they can be pansexual (all sexes) and the next day asexual or non-binary.  

A child’s name by itself is no longer sufficient as identification; the proper pronoun of he-him, she-her, or they-them is now required.  

“Misgendering” someone (not using a preferred name or the wrong pronoun) is treated as if it were a crime against humanity.  In Wisconsin, 3 middle school boys may have sexual harassment charges brought against them for refusing to use another student’s preferred pronoun.

Why have such profound changes occurred in public schools and society at large?  

I can think of only one explanation: because public school teachers and administrators, as well as the self-proclaimed intellectual and moral elite of society, have declared this as the new age reality. 

George Orwell said that “there are some ideas so absurd that only an intellectual could believe them.”

If new age educators and administrators had the courage to respond to parental objections to this modern-day sophistry of the public school gender identity educational platform here is what I believe they would say: 

“You (parents) engaged in an action that led to the creation of a human being and you lovingly cared for that individual for 4 years… thank you; responsibility for the child is now transferred to us and we will instill our beliefs and our values.  Whether these align with your values and beliefs is irrelevant.”   

Anyone who has the temerity to question or comment on the new age gender identity lexicon will be branded as hateful, a bigot, and/or a transphobe.  

Expressing one’s divergent opinion in the gender identity lexicon arena is now grounds for societal ex-communication by those who, like the Borg collective, believe that resistance is futile. 

Silence however is capitulation, and capitulation is antithetical to 6 million years of the evolution of the hominid brain.  

As Abraham Lincoln said: “To sin by silence when they should protest makes cowards of men.” (updated: and, of course, women)

I hear the thunderous roar of the lioness as she declares with clarity her territorial identity as woman.  

Let her thunderous roar echo far and wide. 

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  1. The U.S. is truly sick. Women – their causes, their victories, their intrinsic uniqueness in both body & soul…..and now we cannot even become ill with a sense of dignity?

    Though it is rare, men can and do also become ill with this type of cancer & it is indeed BREAST cancer – not “chest” cancer. Ask a biologist or physician – preferably one who isn’t insane.

  2. I fully agree it is a true dumbing down but so it goes for the species that will be the shortest living one on the planet.