St. J fall festival cancelled due to ‘surging pandemic’

Colors of the Kingdom Festival in St. Johnsbury has been cancelled due to the surging pandemic and lack of volunteers

A popular fall tourist showcase of St. Johnsbury and the Northeast Kingdom has been cancelled for the second consecutive year.

The Northeast Kingdom Chamber recently announced the cancelation of this year’s Colors of the Kingdom Festival, which was scheduled for September 18.

The chamber says that the 2022 festival is still on and planned for September 17.

NEK Chamber Director Darcie McCann noted that there is no one reason her organization had to cancel the event, but rather a myriad of factors.

She explained that too many longtime activities being canceled, due to surging pandemic concerns, and the lack of festival volunteers were some of the major considerations in calling off the event.

“Frankly, it breaks our heart to cancel Colors this year,” she said. “The festival has been a way of giving back to a community that has given our organization so much. It just became quite apparent we could not put on the festival that people have come to expect and love.”

McCann noted that most events seemed to be on track when she announced in the spring that the chamber would be holding the event, but the rise of the Delta variant for Covid coincided with events starting to be canceled, one by one, by venues.

“We understand that their first priority, as it is ours, is to protect their people as well as guests to the event,” she said.

In a normal year, the festival, started in 1995 by the NEK Chamber, features more than 40 events, put on by the chamber in collaboration with 30 community organizations and businesses.

McCann added that the final cancellation decision came this week, a month before the event, after receiving far fewer confirmations from crafts fair vendors than normal, the one major event the chamber hoped it could save.

“That silence was quite telling,” McCann said. “I got the message that people are quite wary about the Covid surge. I have heard that concern from a number of our partners, privately. At this point, frankly, we should have been deep into promoting the event, not trying to determine what activities we could still hold.”

The Colors of the Kingdom is a community-wide celebration each year that welcomes thousands of guests into downtown St. Johnsbury.

Refunds to vendors are expected to go out within the coming week.

Republished from Newport Dispatch

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  1. I think people are just depressed and fed up with what we’re being put through as a nation for mostly political reasons and tired of watching our nation implode since the installed, brain-dead, pervert, dictator took office in Jan/2021.

  2. “Surging pandemic concerns” are going to continue as long as this regime is in power! They must continue the fear-mongering to control the population. They have been totally incompetent in their handling of the virus. There are therapeutics by many highly respected and successful doctors and researchers. But all their protocols used to save thousands of people who get the virus are poo-pooed or suppressed by the medical and political establishment. Go to anything other than the MSM for the truth!

  3. Actually, “surging pandemic concerns” will be with the world forever UNTIL the population begins to understand that mRNA or other vaccines do NOT & shall NEVER eradicate this virus and it is here to stay – just as influenza & other Corona viruses et al are. The vaccines merely, yet thankfully, provide strong protection in helping an individual largely avoid hospitalization & death. THAT’S IT. Covid19 is here, will always be here, & that’s the “novel” REALITY!


  4. Come on people. Covid, in one form or another, is here to stay. Are we supposed to hide in our basements for the rest of our lives?

  5. So, in the previous article I read Scott is welcoming Afghan refugees, which I’m okay with in a humanitarian sort of way. But isn’t it hypocritical to continue holding the state hostage with mandates when we’re letting in people who are most likely carriers, and unvaccinated?

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