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Scott welcomes Afghanistan refugees

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By Guy Page
Gov. Phil Scott has told the U.S. State Department that Vermont would welcome refugees from Afghanistan.

This month the Afghan government and military collapsed quickly – far more quickly than expected by the Biden administration – leaving Americans scrambling to leave the country and American officials trying to provide refugees from pro-American Afghans fleeing the Taliban. The Vermont State Refugee Office has set a goal of receiving 375 refugees from all over the world during 2022.

At Tuesday’s press conference, a reporter asked Gov. Scott: “Back in the spring, you sent a letter to the federal government requesting more refugees. Did you ever receive a response to that letter?”

“We did receive a response, more of a ‘thank you for your letter’ type of response,” Scott said.

Due to recent events in Afghanistan, the Scott administration repeated its offer.

“We did reach out again in the last two or three days, to make sure they knew we are ready, willing and able,” Scott said. “It’s up to the state department. We’re ready, willing and able to help those who are coming from war-torn countries, in Afghanistan.”

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  1. How are “we” ready? Who makes this decision? Will these (primarily males) be vetted? By whom? How does a substantial influx of refugees, most from third world or terrorist-governed countries benefit VT? No one apparently asked those questions.

    • How does this benefit Vermont, you ask? Well I thought the biggest problem we are facing is a lack of affordable housing. Bringing in more folks from elsewhere surely isn’t going to help with that. The Gov says that we need more warm bodies to fill jobs, but ask any employer, the biggest problem they face is prospective hires who would like to come here to work but can’t accept employment since there is nowhere affordable to live. The Gov is acting like a democrat again…feeling all generous and warm and fuzzy by giving away stuff that doesn’t belong to him, like scarce, subsidized housing, so he can look good by “celebrating diversity”. Not a lot of logic or common sense coming our of either party these days. Elected officials think the confined nature of a prison is too COVID-risky, so they release offenders, meanwhile people who claim to be homeless are put in “cells” where they are free to come and go and co-mingle in taxpayer-paid-for hotels. The Governor has earned high praise for his COVID policies, but one result is wealthy liberals from California to New Jersey moving here in droves and driving the housing prices up so the average working Vermonter cannot afford to even rent. If you dont work or claim to be homeless, you are given the red carpet treatment with subsidized housing and most recently, a heap-big raise in SNAP benefits. In the theme park of Leftyworld Vermont, victimhood takes precedent over initiative and hard work. The human race is getting stupider every day. This will not end well.

  2. Sure…Our Bernie’s got plenty of room for them..It would be a way for Sanders to give back some of the “Brown paper bag” cash (Wink, wink, nod, nod) he’s been raking in since his time in politics…He’s definitely not short on houses and he’d be directly involved in helping out his fellow “Comrades”…Come on Bernie…Be a good Socialist/Communist…Share the wealth.

  3. Sure take 375 Ethiopians to the south. And how many Afgans ? What about the Veterans who fought and are homeless? Solve that problem first before you give our money away.
    Fix it and then see what we can do.

  4. I wish Gov.Scott would spend more time, and money trying to figure out how to keep young Vermonters from moving out of state rather than enticing flats and others to come here. Instead of offering $10.000 to anybody who wants to relocate here, why not offer $10,000 to Vermonters who graduate from our “institutes of higher learning” to commit to stay here ?

    • Many Jews I know who had homes here have heard this news and take it as more validation of anti Semitism. They feel now that it’s not important to vermont to make the Jewish people feel safe

  5. The stupidity of democrats, liberals, progressives, communists, marxists and rinos like scotty is never ending…. what a perfect example or what a pure moron is.

  6. Scott unilaterally decides that Vermont welcomes unvetted Afghan refugees? What about the rest of us Vermonters? Don’t we have a say? And, with the possible exception of former interpreters, regardless of what the State Department will say, these people will not be properly vetted. There is NO way to properly vet these people, when we no longer have resources in Afghanistan to do the vetting. Besides the multitude of problems, already mentioned by other commenters, that bringing these people into the state will cause, there is very real danger. Bringing unvetted people, who’s ideology includes hating western values and countries, particularly the United States, is the definition of insanity. Scott is a disgrace. And, a dangerous one.

  7. Regarding KH’s comment on who is asking the right questions, Scott won’t allow ANY questions about important issues. He is just another politician who lives in a cushy bubble, away from reality. With all the homeless causing problems and the increase in crimes because of defunding the police, it is obvious that Scott and the progs in our State govt are clueless in how to protect the tax-paying citizens!

    • Well sadly the other alternative practically was an avowed fringe alt left marxist moonbat zuckyman!! Vermont needs a leader not these marist progressives.

  8. I’m sure the good people of Vermont are super excited to be bringing the beautiful custom of bacha bazi to a home near them.

  9. With the hoards crossing the southern boarder, I’d rather see the Gov. commit to sending National Guard troops to Texas to enforce immigration laws than accepting unvetted refugees from a place that is even more culturally different than Central America. We already have enough problems with immigration . Ever hear about the camel and the straw that broke it’s back ?

  10. President Biden is consistent. He has left the Afghan patriots behind to be tortured, raped, enslaved or left for dead. Gov. Scott, please bring these refugees to Vermont. They know what freedom is now and will gladly give their lives to remain that way. Vermont needs more patriots that will fight against tyranny in the United States. Their women and children do not want to be shrouded in face coverings. They want to be able to travel freely without armed authorities subjecting them to fear and interrogation. They want to able to work. They want to get an education without mandated restrictions. They want to have the right to say no to someone who wants to violate their body. Its too bad they will be disappointed when they come to a state that has a similar Taliban mentality. Meet the new Boss…..same as the old Boss.

    Keep your mask ON!
    Show your vaccine card or we will send you to the designated isolation green zone!
    No dignity because of Covid 19 lockdowns!
    No school if directed mandates aren’t followed!
    School indoctrination policies that punish thought that isn’t like their own. CRT comes to mind!
    No right to exercise My body, My choice against forced inoculations!

    We have much more in common with the Afghan refugees than we ever thought possible.
    What have we let happen to America? We’re better than this Gov. Scott.

    “They that give up essential liberty for a little temporary safety, deserve neither safety or liberty.”
    Benjamin Franklin

  11. So..Germany will NOT take ANY Afghans, nor will France, Denmark, Sweden, Norway, & on & on but PHIL SCOTT will? Just search the net for the Austrian “Refugee” Rape/Sex Assault case numbers where Afghani’s comprise about 10% of the refugees but are responsible for about 50% of rapes/assaults, why? I sent the article/stat’s to Rebecca Kelly @ Scotts office for all the good THAT will do..ALL these other writers are RIGHT, don’t we have a “housing crisis” HERE in Vt.? Not to worry! Once one gains “refugee” status they get the “E-Ticket” to ALL the benefits, Sec.8, Fuel Assistance, EBT Card, ESL, Translators, Biz Grants, etc. etc…These folks were PAID a LOT of cash for their services & have NO contracts/promises in writing..And don’t listen to the charges of “racism” either as these folks are Caucasians which would automatically open them to charges of “White Supremacy” if they happen to think their culture is in any way “superior” to any others, no? Maybe we CAN open this state to MORE “refugees” once we can HOUSE the people sleeping NOW in their shoes or in their cars, until then? NO…SM.

  12. The Biden admin doesn’t need to send refugees here,VT is a Iock for the Left. They will send them to red states to flip them in the future and increase tension and division now.

  13. The heads of state are being promised asylum if they create civil unrest here in America. Don’t you see that the US banking system is on the verge of collapse. The world at some point will not trade in US currency any longer if Biden just keeps printing money. That day is almost upon us. Bringing in refugees that know how to survive at the expense of others does the elites “dirty work” for them. The day that government is allowed to save everyone is the day no one gets saved by the government. Wanting is sometimes more preferable than having. It might sound illogical but is often very true. It is going to be a hard lesson for liberals to swallow. And their not prepared to fetch for themselves. Think hard what that looks like! Not a pretty picture but I don’t see light at the end of the tunnel. If you do stay on the tracks, the light you see may be the headlights of the oncoming train that runs you over.

  14. Is it clear yet that our representatives care less about the citizens who foot the bill for all their corrupt projects and social experiments? They literally do not care about you, your children, your elders – you are nothing but a number and a statistic. Any refugee or immigrant coming here now – welcome to the collapse, go South or risk freezing and starving to death. Many here on the verge of that all ready and that fits their plan nicely.

  15. How about taking care of 2700 homeless Vermonters just released from hotel stays? or who knows how many renters will or have been evicted?

  16. In Rutland, we have Bridges to Rutland, an organization of local churches primarily, who are promoting this activity. It is all about getting the voting numbers up on the Democrat/Prog. side of the ballot. Condos knows that sooner or later his efforts will be history, so in order to keep leftwing momentum going, in terms of numbers, this is what their hat is hanging on. This is a UN effort if one researches the background, it is a part of Agenda 21.
    The next election will determine our longevity as a self governing state, or not. EVERYONE MUST VOTE, not twice or more, but everyone eligable to vote, voting just once will put this nonsense to bed.

  17. Do the Vermont Taxpayers you are supposed to serve have a say? No …… just put your mask on, get your Gene Therapy Shot and shut up!

    Governor Scott seems to be living in a fantasy world where there are no enemies and/or evil. Many people would love to help, but let’s be realistic.

    While it would be really nice to believe we could take in the needy Afghan Refugees or any other refugees into America and all sing Kumbaya together as they assimilate into our culture, our experiences and reality tell us otherwise. My questions are:
    1.) Who is vetting them?
    2.) How do we know which ones are enemies and want to kill Americans?
    3.) Are they being tested for Covid and other diseases?
    4.) How will their strongly held beliefs allow them to live in our culture?
    5.) If you really care about the Afghans, has anyone asked them what they want for themselves,
    where they want to live?

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