Springfield prison guard assaulted, inmate threatened with homemade knife

After separate violent incidents this month, assault charges have been filed against inmates at Southern State Correctional Center in Springfield, state police say. 

On September 16, Southern State Correctional Center (Springfield) inmate Carl Jennette, 60, assaulted Correctional Officer Bruce Clark, 60, by punching him, knocking him to the ground, and kicking him. This incident occurred in the evening hours while staff was distributing prescribed medication to inmates.  

Clark received non-life threatening injuries. Jenette received an Assaulting an Officer charge and a court date to appear November 1. 

Jennette also was arraigned in March for allegedly assaulting two Rutland hospital employees, the Rutland Herald reports. At the time he also faced an assault charge in Washington County. 

On September 12, inmate Aaron Hornbeck-Fielder, 26, made a small edged weapon and held this weapon in a threatening manner close to the throat and face of the victim (his cellmate, Eric Edson, 51), in their cell.  This restricted the victim from freely moving or leaving the cell for a short time.  After a brief stand-off, the victim was able to disarm Hornbeck-Fielder, who was then restrained by DOC staff members.

Hornbeck-Fielder, too, has a November 1 court date. He will face charges of Aggravated Assault, Reckless Endangerment, Possession of Dangerous Weapon while Committing a Felony, and 1st Degree Unlawful Restraint. 

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