SoBu battery maker provides power storage to electric bus depot

Brookville Smart Energy Bus Depot. Industry photo

A South Burlington battery storage manufacturer will provide battery storage and backup for a Maryland electric bus depot. 

Dynapower has partnered with Alphastruxure and Montgomery County, Maryland to provide energy storage that will help provide uninterrupted power to the county’s fleet of electric buses using on-site generation including natural gas electricity generators and renewable resources.

Dynapower battery storage units included in Brookville Smart Energy Bus Depot presentation.

The Brookville Smart Energy Bus Depot uses an integrated system of natural gas, solar, microgrid energy storage, and electric charging stations which will eventually power 70 electric buses (50% of the Brookville bus fleet) with 4.14 megawatts of charging capacity. Transitioning these 70 buses at the depot from diesel to electric, powered by the on-site clean energy microgrid, will reduce lifetime emissions by 62 percent, equivalent to more than 160,000 tons of greenhouse gases over the next 25 years.

No cost estimates or funding sources for the bus depot or Dynapower’s contribution to it are included in an April, 2021 bus depot presentation

Dynapower’s 3 megawatt/4.3 megawatt hour CPS-i Integrated Energy Storage System provides the microgrid battery energy storage for the depot, storing power to charge the electric buses and enabling 100% operational capacity in the event of a grid outage. It also allows participation in a demand response program with Potomac Electric Power Company (Pepco), which supports regional grid resilience.

Statewide, Maryland is working towards a 50 percent zero-emission bus fleet by 2030.

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    • exactly. and with all of the press about this, NO-ONE reported that. I had to take a medium-deep dive into the project proposal to discover that pretty relevant fact.

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