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Snowmobile fire destroys Troy covered bridge

TROY — Authorities say a snowmobile was the cause of a fire that destroyed a covered bridge in Troy this morning, according to a report in the Newport Dispatch.

At around 11:00 a.m. authorities were alerted to a snowmobile fire on the covered bridge on Veilleux Road.

Investigators say a group of snowmobilers had been traveling across the bridge when one of the sleds broke down.

The operator noticed there was fire coming from the right side of the snowmobile and attempted to put out the fire by throwing snow on it.

The fire continued to grow out of control until it eventually caught the wood frame of the bridge on fire as well.

The bridge burned to the point it collapsed into the Missisquoi River.

The bridge, which was built in 1910, will have to be removed by heavy equipment and a temporary bridge set in place before the road can reopen.

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  1. Didn’t anyone think to pull the burning sled out of the bridge with another sled? I wasn’t there but it would seem the thing to do. Better to loose a sled than a bridge.

    • I once knew a man that drove a 10 wheel dump truck thru a covered bridge. I mean half way across he went thru the floor. The company he worked for , their insurance had to replace the covered bridge. That was in Saxtons River Vt many years ago. I have always called that bridge “The Alby Lober Memorial Bridge”. Despite that little mishap he made a lifelong career of driving. Rest In Peace Alby, you were always a good friend and a good chauffeur.