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SJW exposer James Lindsay to speak in White River Jct.

Dr. James Lindsay will speak at the White River Junction VFW at 97 South Main Street this Thursday, February 10 at 6:30 pm. He is known for exposing indoctrination in academia and making Critical Race Theory a part of the national conversation.

Dr. James Lindsay burst onto the woke-topia horizon in 2018 with colleagues Peter Boghosian and Hellen Pluckrose, all concerned by the rise of fraudulent academic journals posing as rigorous ones in what is now known as the “Greivance Studies Affair”.  The affair arose from the notion the three wanted to see how many academic papers they could get published by these new quasi-journals in one year (the national average being an estimated one to two per author), with the papers deliberately based on fraudulent research in order to expose their inadequate standards. 

What transpired is now the thing of legends. Papers based on such ridiculous ideas as “the conceptual penis” and the thirteenth chapter of Adolph Hitler’s Mein Kampf re-written as a feminist trope, were among some fourteen papers accepted in under a year. A couple documentaries, a New York Times expose, some talk shows and national speaking tour later, and these academic purists turned pranksters are among the world’s leading avatars speaking up against the field they call “grievance studies”.  

Which studies are included? Any relying on citing a grievance as their main field of study.  Aggrieved feminists, black people, fat people, queer, and so on, all find funding and support to essentially conduct research aimed at addressing their grievances. In total we know them as social justice warriors, waging war on any and all perceived injustices they assume the role of trying to avenge be means of social change. 

Out of these SJWs come the Black Lives Matter movement, the LGBTQ movement, third wave feminism, and a host of other aggrieved members of the “woke” mob. Stunned at how swiftly they have taken prominence in American culture, from school boards to board rooms, Dr. Lindsay set out to study the root thinkers and engineers of this new, as he describes it, religion.  

More from a sense of national duty to protect our liberal democracy than a money making opportunity, Dr. Lindsay developed and runs The New Discourses (podcast) where he educates listeners on the scribes and prophets of Marxist Theology. Dr. Lindsay wades through the sophistry laden jargon of the woke philosophers from Hegel, Marx and Marcuse to Bell, Delgado, Crenshaw and Kinde, deciphering their heavy rhetoric into laymen’s terms in order to make sense of their ideas, while also shedding light on their hidden motivations and how, essentially, they are communist utopians who are big on theory and low on results. 

Lindsay is known for his series on “Groomer Schools” where he shows beyond doubt the queer studies agenda is to groom your children for inappropriate sexual manipulation.  

This event is free and open to the public. Please tell everyone you know. This event will NOT be canceled because it is not at Dartmouth and didn’t receive funding from the College. We will not be silenced or intimidated by leftists. 

This event will be filmed and hopefully live streamed thanks to our friends at Granite Grok.

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  1. James Lindsey co-wrote Cynical Theories, a brilliant book on this subject. I’ll be attending. Anyone in the Burlington area who needs a ride down there you’re more than welcome to join me…

  2. I’m not sure what is so great about submitting hoax studies to small academic journals. I mean it was funny but the only thing it proves is that academia is a little too trusting of papers submitted in the right format.

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