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Sign and flag wave Friday, Saturday for Canadians

There will be a sign and flag wave this Friday, February 18 from 3:45 pm – 5:15 pm in Essex at the 5-Corners intersection for a event of solidarity to support the Canadians in their fight for freedom. All peaceful attendees are welcome.

“As we watch what is unfolding across Canada, it is natural to feel the need to get involved. We have watched our freedoms erode for the last two years and it is time to take a stand while we still have free soil to stand on,” one observer said.

Vermont Stands Up will hold a sign wave Saturday 11:30 – 2:30 pm at the I-89 overpass in South Burlington.

“Bring a Canadian or American flag or banners as you wish,” a VSU announcement said. “We are joining with Steve of Grand Isle County to swell the ranks to demand an End To All Mandates now. He started his Canadian flag wave on the overpass to support the Ottawa trucker protest.”

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  1. ” Steve ” is a very good friend of mine, and he deserves credit for helping to create what has become an ongoing show of support for the Canadian Truckers.
    My friend John was standing alone a week ago Monday waving his Canadian Flag the Steve was driving by and noticed him. After they had a short conversation Stever decided to join John.
    The following day Steve showed up with 10 or so more Flags. Placing them all along the railing on the Southern side of the overpass.
    I joined them that Wednesday and since that time I have been back, along with my wife and many others. We will be there again this Saturday at Noon.
    The support of many of those passing by has far outnumbered the middle fingers and vulgarities screamed at those of us supporting the Canadians.