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Sheriff, states attorneys face backlash

WCAXBiodiversity bill aims to ‘permanently protect’ 50% of Vt. state lands by 2050
VT DiggerFranklin County state’s attorney issues Brady letter against new county sheriff
VT DiggerDefense attorney blasts Bennington County state’s attorney as rift goes public
VT DiggerSenate unveils child care bill with full-day public pre-K for 4-year-olds
VT DiggerJudge declines to block appointment of Orleans County state’s attorney
WCAXCrunching the Numbers: SBHS students now required to take financial literacy class
WCAXWoman injured in alleged hit and run

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  1. I watched the video. I saw the subject stand up. I will now make what I would consider a “safe” assumption, and say the officer(s?) told the subject to sit down. The subject disregarded the command. One of the officers then used his foot to push the subject back into a seated position to bring the subject into compliance. The subject then, contrary to the officer’s request, stood up again. The officer in question then more aggressively used his foot again to bring the subject into compliance. I have a couple of questions. First, If the officer had used his hands to push the subject into compliance, would this also have been an issue ? In my time, I have seen people kicked. Personally, I would not call what this officer did a “kick”. I believe that there is a difference between a push, and a striking blow, be it the difference between a slap, (an open handed strike) or a punch, (a closed fist strike) and a push. I’m going out on a limb here and suggest that it’s the same when talking about a push with a foot, and a strike (kick) with a foot. Someone please answer my question, I wont be offended, but when a subject refuses an officer’s request to come into compliance, what is the proper response from an officer, whether the subject is in cuffs or not, say pretty please ? That may sound sarcastic, but really ?