Senate removes THC limits and jail time for heroin possession, creates Youth Council and $1000 child tax credit

By Guy Page

Bills passed by the Vermont Senate in the last two days would:

  • Remove any cap on the concentration of THC in products sold at licensed marijuana stores. THC is the psychoactive ingredient in cannabis.
  • Reclassify the felony category (and therefore severity of sentencing) for drug possession and trafficking. Among other changes, it removes jail time as a sentencing option for simple possession of heroin. 
  • Create an advisory State Youth Council with 28 members ages 11-18, all of whom must demonstrate a commitment to “inclusion.” Committees within the Council will tackle climate change, equity and racism, and mental health. The Council can meet up to 16 times a year, and will be paid per diem. 
  • Create a Child Tax Credit of up to $1000 per child for families with joint incomes of $200,000 or less. 
  • Allow ‘ranked choice’ or runoff voting in Burlington, via charter change. 

Some of these bills were passed by the House and then amended by the Senate. The two chambers must agree on the final language of the bills before they can be sent to Gov. Phil Scott for his signature. The following is a list of all Senate bills passed since Tuesday, April 26:

H.5154/27/2022banking, insurance, and securities
H.5054/27/2022reclassification of penalties for unlawfully possessing, dispensing, and selling a regulated drug
H.4624/27/2022miscellaneous Department of Health programs
H.2934/27/2022creating the State Youth Council
H.2664/27/2022health insurance coverage for hearing aids
H.6554/27/2022telehealth licensure and registration and to provisional licensure for professions regulated by the Office of Professional Regulation
H.7414/27/2022approval of amendments to the charter of the City of St. Albans
H.7444/27/2022approval of an amendment to the charter of the City of Burlington
H.7114/26/2022the creation of the Opioid Settlement Advisory Committee and the Opioid Abatement Special Fund
H.5484/26/2022miscellaneous cannabis establishment procedures
H.5104/26/2022a Vermont Child Tax Credit and the Vermont Social Security income exclusion

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  1. Are our legislators completely out of their minds? There was a time when the adults, who presumably had knowledge, experience and wisdom, advised children as to how they should live their lives. Now we are going to take direction from our children??

  2. The VT Senate members are mentally ill, severely mentally ill. A baby is not a human being but 11-year old’s should create laws/regs, women are men & men are women, criminals are the victims and victims are the criminals, mind altering, dangerous & fentanyl-laced drugs are to be encouraged, etc. etc.

    If ONLY the majority of Vermonters had ANY clue as to what these insane mental patients are promoting, they would be O-U-T come election time. Unfortunately? Ignorance is bliss.

  3. As ever, the lobbyists, er…. “communications consulting firms”….. have been working feverishly on our “representatives”. Schmoozing and having “serious conversation about critical Vermont issues” over Bolognese at Sarducci’s, Steak Frites at Hugo’s and a House salad at J. Morgan’s. And those fees…oh so helpful in funding the vacations on Martha’s Vineyard, the farmettes in Calais and Warren, and condos in Sarasota, And we get…..

    No jail time for heroin posession.

    Enriched and intensified pot (and enriched pay days for pot hucksters).

    “Clean Heat” for everyone (and big paydays for the solar and EV hucksters).

    Legalized Prostitution and No-Holds-Barred Abortion are on deck (won’t mention the sex hucksters).

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