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Senate Dems offer boozy elbow-rubbing, starting at $50/head

Proceeds to hire staff for Senate Dem caucus

VT DiggerFinal Reading: Vermont Senate Democrats host ‘spirited’ fundraiser
The Valley ReporterSugarbush workforce housing – what’s next
WCAXFatal crash involving pedestrian in Bennington
WCAXDebating ranked-choice voting in Vermont
WCAXVt. Parole Board to stick with online hearing format
NBC 5Vermont Right to Life holds rally to commemorate the overturn of Roe v. Wade
VT DiggerState wants to sell Burlington office building, drawing criticism from state employees’ union
VT DiggerVermont lawmakers take up landmark abortion ‘shield law,’ but protections could only go so far

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  1. This headline is further proof that Vermont’s democrat elitists require paid representation.
    These legislators do not respond to letters and emails from mere constituents, they require dollars to allow access- in addition to their taxpayer funded paycheck, stipends, per-diems these elected employees of the citizens of The State of Vermont in their hubris want cash.

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