Secretary of State explains why Dominion vote tabulator memory cards replaced prior to primary election

Changes made ballot processing easier, SOS says

Voting tabulators purchased by the Vermont Secretary of State and installed in all towns and cities that don’t count ballots by hand – photos at top by Guy Page, photo at bottom from South Burlington polls

by Guy Page

The Vermont Secretary of State (SOS) requested and received replacement memory cards for all Dominion voting machines prior to the August 9 primary election, an SOS spokesperson confirmed today.

As reported by Vermont Daily Chronicle in June, the SOS purchased all-new voting machines this year. All towns and cities not counting ballots by hand used these machines. The Dominion machines were provided by LHS, the state’s election services contractor. As reported by Berlin selectboard member Carl Parton in an op-ed published this morning, the original memory card was replaced in all Vermont voting machines last month.

This morning, VDC asked SOS to explain the need for the replacement. Spokesperson Eric Covey replied via email that it was to make the job of processing ballots easier:

“There were two reasons for exchanging the first set of memory cards that were sent to the clerks with a replacement set – both to make processing by the clerks easier.

“First – to restructure the format of the results report, such that it would report the results by party, rather than by office. The first memory cards were programmed to report the results by office, and we requested they instead be programmed to report by party. This is the way the clerks report the results into our system, so it made this reporting significantly easier for the clerks. This is the format the results had been reported in previous years – by party.

“Second – we needed a minor adjustment to how the tabulators look for voter markings in the write-in space, to ensure they are capturing all write-ins by voters if they did not fill in the oval by that space, as per Vermont law. This help make the process easier for the clerks and BCA members.”

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  1. Here is the contractor providing all this stuff over the Sec of States office,LHS Associates Inc.
    Director Gerard H Bergeron, Salem NH, President and Director,Jeffrey Silvestro,Salem NH, Joel Bergeron,Salem NH,John Silvestro,Salem NH. LHS is domiciled on MA. Someone back home should do due diligence on this outfit and the players. They provide the machines,update cards and Dominium voting machines…follow the money. They also supply to the other New England states.

  2. In further reflection it must have cost a lot of money to make all these changes and installing the new voting machines. Was this taxpayer money or did Mark Zuckerberg bucks fund these changes? The recent PR letters sent out by Condos had little real meat on who funds this and how it is funded and why was it changed and who paid for and influenced these changes. If it is indeed ZuckerSuckerBucks then Zuckerburg if interfering in Vermont’s electoral process, so to me, this is very frightening. Is the biggest social media company in the world financing Vermont’s and the rest of the states elections changes and if so what is their end game and who is behind it,? I no longer trust VT Digger to dig deep as they did in the beginning so someone needs to dig deep into all these changes in our election process under Condos…dig deep in all due respect.

  3. under the circumstances in which we live now; I do Not for one minute trust the whole thing…..machines, cards, ect……..

  4. What is the process for requesting a hand count follow up ? Can it be done by a simple petition I wonder… Or just maybe do a run through with the original hardware too… Hmmm. aren’t imaginations wonderful

    • Hey Mike,

      In Vermont it’s up to the discretion of the City or Town Clerk. There is a statute, but the Clerk would not be breaking any laws or doing anything illegal if he or she ordered a hand recount of the paper ballots. I offered to pay for my hand recount of the paper ballots in my Barre City Council Election, but the city clerk denied me. She told me my only option was to sue Barre City. Later I found out If she wanted to she could have granted it without breaking any laws or doing anything illegal. Most elected officials on both sides of the aisle are more interested in retaining power and acquiring more power then in committing improprieties or committing the appearance of impropriety. This is one of the many reasons I’m running for State Representative for Barre City on Tuesday November 8, 2022. Please vote for me. If I’m elected for State Representative for Barre City I will do everything in my power in this elected position to bring more transparency to Vermont Elections. Thank you for your time and consideration. God Bless You and God Bless The United States Of America. Brian Judd 802-839-9985

  5. What did they do with the old memory cards? Bash them with hammers? Acid wash? The smell of desperation is permeating the air. Word is out whistleblowers are coming forward in other States and other countries who captured all the previous shenangians and likely capturing the current ones as well. God is watching and he placed the right people, in the right places, at the right time to expose them all. Watch them dance as the fire begins to burn their feet.

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