Scott signs bills giving state authority over school mascots, universal school meals

by Guy Page

Governor Phil Scott has signed into law the School Mascot and universal school meals bills and other legislation.

S139, nondiscriminatory school branding, AKA the school mascot bill, was introduced because senators thought too many school mascot names were racist, nativist or in some way discriminatory. The law gives local school districts an opportunity to fix the perceived problem themselves, and gives the state Board of Education the power to discipline them if they don’t.

S100, universal school meals, allocates $29 million from the Education Fund to provide free school meals to all students, regardless of income level. Previously about 38% of students in low-middle incomes had been eligible for free meals. Framers of the bill said universal meals would remove any stigma attached to free meals, promote overall student performance, and benefit the Vermont local food economy. It was introduced by the Senate Committee on Agriculture. Critics say it unfairly spends state tax money – some of it collected from lower-income property owners – on children of wealthy Vermonters.

Bills signed May 31 include:

H.729, miscellaneous judiciary procedures
H.742, approval of amendments to the charter of the Town of Milton
S.53, changes to Vermont corporate income tax and conformity to federal tax laws
S.90, establishing an amyotrophic lateral sclerosis registry
S.91, Parent Child Center Network
S.100, universal school meals
S.139, nondiscriminatory school branding
S.140, prohibiting civil arrests at courthouses
S.148, environmental justice in Vermont
S.161, extending the baseload renewable power portfolio requirement
S.173, State House art collections
S.181, authorizing miscellaneous regulatory authority for municipal governments
S.188, regulating licensed small cannabis cultivation as farming

View complete list of action on bills passed during the 2022 legislative session.

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  1. Stupid and disgusting. Looking for a third adjective? CENSORSHIP. OK, OK, one more for all those involved: CONTROL-FREAKS!!!

  2. There should be a stigma to receiving a free lunch because you are not paying for it yourself–someone else is paying for it for you.

  3. What if responsible parents get up early enough to actually feed their children a nutriscous breakfast in order to be ready to learn??

    Breakfast and Lunch, When will Supper become a government obligation.

    Take home meals for vacations.

    How will the children get fed all summer?

    Feeding a family has worked for centuries – so it must be wrong !?!?

  4. Wow ! So many bills rectifying so many things that we evidently could not live without. How did we ever survive with out these government handouts, oversights, and regulations ?

  5. According to the Feds, if schools don’t allow boys in girls “facilities”, if they proclaim themselves “trans”, then they don’t get Fed-Funds for lunches & other “programs”..Lovely..

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