Scott signs housing bill allowing higher density development in some areas

Gov. Phil Scott has signed into law S.100, a housing bill that allows higher density development in areas with sewer and water service.

According to a statement issued by Gov. Scott’s office, key provisions of S.100 include:

Affordable and Inclusive Housing Expansion: The bill supports the construction and rehabilitation of safe and affordable housing units, prioritizing the needs of low-income individuals, families, and vulnerable populations while expanding programs like the Vermont Housing Improvement Program (VHIP). S.100 also promotes inclusive and accessible housing options by updating accessibility standards in new construction and renovations.

Land Use Regulations: The bill aligns state and local land use policy to enable more homes to be built in State designated centers. This bill enables Act 250 exemptions for affordable housing in all the designated centers, including villages.

Municipal Zoning Reforms: The bill standardizes municipal zoning in residential districts served by water and sewer by lowering parking thresholds, increasing building and lot standards and permitting multiunit dwellings and shelters to be built, supporting more housing options for both low- and middle-income Vermonters (effective December 2024).

The bill includes additional provisions and directs funding to further address the needs of renters and homeowners, which will be finalized with the State Fiscal Year 2024 budget.

“As I’ve said before, we can’t build housing in the clouds,” said Department of Housing and Community Development Commissioner Josh Hanford. “This bill creates opportunities to create new and more dense housing in the places we want it, rehab previously offline units, and reform our land and zoning laws all of which will begin to address this housing crisis.”

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  1. Long ago, POST (Property Owners Standing Together) and Citizens for Property Rights (CPR)warned that Act 200 and Act 250 would make housing more expensive, scarce, and housing development extremely expensive. Twenty years ago the citizens supported CPR and POST. Citizens understood and the legislature did not. Now we suffer a shortage of housing, building lots, permits, expensive homes, nothing affordable.

  2. In Capitalism, the market dictates the prices. In Communism, the government dictates prices, just as it dictates mostly everything within society.

    No need to assert the same ‘ol stuff, BUT I will anyway: Those who have entered this nation illegally aren’t entitled to housing, homelessness is a massive complex cultural problem in this era intertwined with drug addictions & mental health illnesses which remain totally UNADDRESSED if not enabled through the illegal “open borders” situation, young persons who graduate from college or trade schools MAY have to wait several years before being able to purchase their own homes as did MANY generations before them, and inflation under the Democrat’s massive, never-ending spending in conjunction with a war machine kicked back on & in full force only contributes to the illusion of this crisis of a lack of “affordable” housing.

    Nonetheless, I’m SURE Mr. Obama will again be more than happy THIS time, certainly, to open at least one of his island paradises for “refugees”, illegal aliens, and the homeless so that they can live freely or at least on his dime. Yeah. Sure. I’m sure Senator Senators shall do the same right here!

    Our middle-income, paycheck-to-paycheck, and senior citizens will suffer deeply the most from this with Real Estate property values eventually becoming depressed, the
    stressors of forced “diversity” through this Obama/Biden program of “equitable” housing, and this State’s tourism also plummeting over time.

    It’s NOT P.C. It’s simply the truth.