Scott signs cybersecurity bill

June 19, Gov. Phil Scott signed into law H.291, creating a Cybersecurity Advisory Council to advise on the State’s cybersecurity infrastructure, standards, and safeguards. It also requires the Cybersecurity Advisory Council to biennially review and approve the State’s cybersecurity standards for the State’s critical infrastructure domains. 

Scott also signed the following bills:

  • H.175, modernizing the Children and Family Council for Prevention Programs
  • H.471, technical and administrative changes to Vermont’s tax laws
  • H.472, miscellaneous agricultural subjects
  • H.476, miscellaneous changes to law enforcement officer training laws
  • H.482, Vermont Criminal Justice Council recommendations for law enforcement officer training
  • H.490, approving the merger of the Village of Lyndonville with the Town of Lyndon

As of today, there are no more outstanding bills that have been passed by the Legislature awaiting delivery or action.

To view a complete list of action on bills passed during the 2023 legislative session, click here.

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