Scott, Levine open to making Covid vax mandatory, but need more info

Health commissioner says outcomes are “prime consideration, if we were going to make something mandatory”

By Guy Page

August 25, 2020 – At today’s press conference, both Gov. Phil Scott and Health Commissioner Mark Levine urged widespread, aggressive immunization of Vermonters if/when a safe, effective vaccine becomes available. Their endorsement of mandatory vaccination would depend on likely outcomes, such as safety and effectiveness.

Vermont Daily asked: “The Virginia Commissioner of Health last week said when a Covid vaccine becomes available, he plans to make vaccination mandatory. Even though his Governor’s office has now walked that comment back a bit, Commissioner Levine, can you tell us if you will recommend mandatory vaccination, and if so why? Governor, you’ve said you lean heavily on the Commissioner’s recommendations, what are your thoughts about making Covid-19 vaccination mandatory?”

Gov. Scott exercised his gubernatorial prerogative to answer first. “If we could magically go back about six months, and I could tell you we have a safe and effective vaccine to prevent the destruction of the world economy and 180,000 deaths [nationwide], I would bet that most people would say, ‘give me some of that,’” Scott said. “So from my standpoint, I lean heavily on trying to make sure that if there is [a safe, effective vaccine] that we would do so. But details do matter. There are some exceptions that would have to be made, no doubt, but the more people that take the vaccine, the better.”

When asked to characterize his answer as supporting mandatory vaccination but with exceptions, Gov. Scott demurred: “I can’t say I would want to make something mandatory” without knowing about the vaccine’s safety and effectiveness. But he repeated, “this is about our livelihood, about our loss of life.” He again cited, with emphasis, the 32,000 New Yorkers and 180,000 Americans dead from Covid-19.

Commissioner Levine answered: “I do know the commissioner from Virginia, and I have a lot of respect for him.” Covid-19 vaccine research “progress has been at an astounding pace. The prime consideration, if we were to make something mandatory, is what the outcomes would be like,” for example, “how many deaths that could be prevented. And we already know how contagious it is, and how much care we have to take to prevent it.” 

Levine said he would want to know about a vaccine’s “safety profile…..I can tolerate any vaccine giving some discomfort at an injection site, or causing a low grade fever.” More serious side effects “usually occur very rarely,” but “you want to have a handle on that.” And the trials must have enough people enrolled, he said. 

The health commissioner added, “I’m with the governor, this is a serious enough illness, and not just because it is impacting the economy and our ability to do everything the way we used to do it,” but because lives are at stake.

“I can’t give you a definitive answer just yet,” Levine concluded. “But stay tuned.”

Today’s Commentary:

Rob Roper, Ethan Allen InstituteCalifornia blackouts provide fair warning for Vermonters about renewable power building craze – “California’s plight highlights the major flaw in the “green” energy policy: reducing carbon emissions doesn’t stop the climate from changing, but it does hamper – in cases like this severely – humans’ ability to adapt. A cautionary tale for Vermonters about to consider passing The Global Warming Solutions Act with its greenhouse gas reduction mandates, which are modeled largely on California’s.”

VT Watercooler Comment of the Day:

“I am angry because of the comments by senator Sears and others in the pro marijuana coalition. You got to be kidding me. “I’m against legalization because of the insertion of a seat belt provision” He cares about inappropriate vehicle stops because of his social justice signaling charade. He should be saying this bill is CRAP because it hooks young people on a drug that interferes with education and learning. It leads to more sex and unwanted pregnancies. It leads to crippling mental illness. It leads to a wasted, lazy life.” 

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    • I listen to an interview with Dr. Mikovits, I do not trust the covid-19 vaccine there is an agenda. It makes me think of the Bible story of Noah’s Ark.

  1. How many times have a vaccine or medication been deemed safe and effective when first promoted, only to find out later how dangerous and/or deadly it is, forcing a recall and law suits to follow to compensate victims who were seriously injured or killed? Sometimes it takes a long time for the damage to surface. I feel it is wrong to force someone to be vaccinated against their will when they cannot guarantee you will not be seriously injured from it. The Hippocratic oath compels physicians to do no harm. I was told the shingles vaccine was safe, but I have to live with the damage from it every day for the rest of my life. There always needs to be an exemption for medical reasons, religious convictions, and ethical reasons because they cannot guarantee the safety or the effectiveness of it in advance.

  2. The cows are already out of the barn.

    All childcare facilities, public or independent kindergarten, and elementary and secondary schools must collect proof of immunization or exemption from students prior to entry and while enrolled. These regulations, which establish minimum immunization requirements for attendance at childcare facilities, public or independent kindergartens, elementary, secondary and postsecondary schools, seek to prevent the introduction and/or transmission of vaccine-preventable diseases within childcare facilities and schools.

    The question is, what are you going to do about it?…and why??

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