Scott: fed OK for vaccine ages 2-11 expected by mid-September

by Guy Page

Gov. Phil Scott reported at the opening of his press conference today that White House officials today told the nation’s governors that emergency use authorization (EUA) approval for a vaccine for children ages 2-11 is expected by mid-September.

Pediatric offices and other facilities may become vaccination sites for this age group, Agency of Human Services Secretary Mike Smith said.

Rollout and availability of this vaccine product will take longer than the EUA date, Scott said.

Scott also pleaded with unvaccinated Vermonters to heed yesterday’s Federal Drug Administration (FDA) final approval of the Pfizer Covid-19 vaccine. ““If you’ve been on the fence, I hope this news will inspire you,” he said. No new enforcement measures were introduced in connection with the FDA full approval. About 400 Vermonters are being vaccinated daily, administration statistics show.

“Today’s approval provides even more certainty that the vaccines are safe and effective, and we hope those eligible Vermonters who remain unvaccinated join the more the 85+% who have been protecting themselves,” Press Secretary Jason Maulucci said yesterday.

Booster shots for vaccinated Vermonters will begin as soon as September 20, among health care workers and senior care residents. Non-peer reviewed studies from Israel show a third dose of the Pfizer vaccine promises four times as much protection as two doses, Commissioner Mark Levine said. Israel has seen a very high incidence of breakthrough cases.

Regarding “breakthrough” cases, of the 420,000 vaccinated Vermonters, 915 have tested positive, 23 have been hospitalized, and 10 have died, according to the Vermont Department of Health vaccine “scoreboard.” In the last seven days, vaccinated breakthrough cases have risen 18%, non-vaccinated cases have risen 28%.

Vaccinated Vermonters are “highly protected” against vaccination, hospitalization, and death,” Levine claimed. “If we’re going to see cases in Vermont, we’re going to see it in vaccinated people, because almost the whole state is vaccinated.”

The administration also provided information on vaccination of students at 13 of Vermont’s 16 colleges and universities: 89.7 are vaccinated; 5.9% are unvaccinated and have no exemption; 1.4% have an exemption; 3% are unknown.

Outbreaks at senior care homes include: 25 at Maple Lane Nursing Home in Barton, 15 at Ethan Allen Residence in Burlington, 13 at Maple Ridge in Essex Junction, and nine at the Vermont Veterans’ Home in Bennington.

Nix on alternative therapies – Scott and Levine both nixed the suggestion of advocating for more use of ivermectin and monoclonal antibodies. “Take ivermectin off the table,” Levine said. And both men said monoclonal antibody clinics are only necessary in states at risk of running out of hospital beds – like Florida and Louisiana.

“They are in a tough position there,” Scott said. “They are opening up anything they can possibly open up. They are just throwing everything at the wall to see if it sticks. And they should.”

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  1. The Truth from the FDA Approval of the Pfizer “vaccine” is this:

    1. The current supply of Pfizer “vaccine” is NOT approved and still under Emergency Use Authorization. The existing supply is being pushed into everyone’s body BEFORE the “licensed” one comes along, which is a BionTech one called Comirnaty.

    This is the way that the Pharmaceutical Companies remain shielded from liability under the PREP Act of 2005 while fooling the American people into thinking that the current Pfizer “vaccine” is approved and licensed by the FDA. Also note that the current Pfizer “vaccine” has a voluminous amount of casualties, deaths associated with it and that the majority of people experiencing the Variants are the ones that have been injected with the “vaccines”, NOT the unvaccinated.

    2. The ONLY “vaccine” that is approved is the one made by BionTech called Comirnaty, which is NOT even on the market yet. Even this “vaccine” has not gone through stringent trials or committees just like all the other so-called “vaccines”. Everyone who takes this “shot” will be in trials until the year 2025!

    The MEDIA is NOT telling you the Truth, nor is the Commie Marxist Regime of the Federal and Vermont State Government.

    Here is a link to the inventor of RNA vaccine, Dr. Robert Malone along with other professionals who have outlined in basic language what the FDA Approval Letter actually says about both Pfizer and BionTech “vaccines”:

    People, you are being LIED to every single day by your own local Government and Federal Government! Wake Up!


      The lies are never ending! The Gene Therapy Shots offered for Covid are purely experimental!
      Politicians and Governments are ignoring and in many cases overriding our individual right to informed consent.

  2. Unreal. Parents, just say no. And for what reason is Ivermectin “off the table “? Because it’s safe, it works and thus there’s no need to promote a dangerous vax? We can’t trust our Federal government nor can we trust our state government.

  3. Children are not getting ill from whatever this is. So leave them out of the experiment. Children are our literal future.

    Anyone that allows their child to be injected with this unknown untested jab will be committing serious child abuse.

  4. Just for kicks Google “pfizer criminal history” & see what pops up. Dr. Marty Makary at Johns Hopkins has shown that of the 350 something kids who “died” w/Covid not one didn’t have a pre-existing condition nor a co-morbidity and whatever happened to the Flu that DID routinely kill around 700 kids a year? Phil Scott is a tool, he reads nothing, knows nothing, a pure cipher who listens only to what his “kids” and maybe Jaye Pershing tell him then vomits it up for press consumption, 99% of whom read/research NOTHING themselves either. So what DOES he read? The POLLS, period. Maybe his brain’s soft from lack of oxygen & too much CO2 from all that mask-wearing or the lobes have been displaced and squashed from driving around in left turn circles at high speeds for many years. Only an MRI could tell for sure.

  5. It is not a vaccine and should not have liability protection. It is gene therapy never before tried on human beings. I’d rather take my chances with covid 19 and all its variants with its 98.9% survival rate than have the astounding morbidity statistics found among the hundreds of thousands of maimed recipients of the covid 19 “vaccine” documented in VAERS. If this mandate continues we will incapacitate our doctors and health care workers until they’re all wiped out. If there are any doctors out there willing to stay unvaccinated I’ll pay you your full fee without the help from insurance companies. The health care system we have now is a death cult. Medicine derived from toxic chemicals and surgery’s necessitated by shallow thinkers. Give me a veterinarian any day over a UVM indoctrinated clone. They cure their patients instead of managing their care. I guess Angelo is right , follow the money. Vets get paid to cure animals so they can be sold for slaughter. Human doctors get paid by the insurance companies that depend on repeat business and kickbacks from the big pharma corps. Don’t take the clot shot! Doctor Malone is correct. So is Stephanie Seneff and Dr. Judy Mikovits and Dr. Lee Merritt and Dr. Chris Shaw and Dr. Roger Hodkinson and Dr. Reiner Fuellmich and Dr. Richard Fleming and Dr. Dan Stock and Dr. David Martin and Dr. Sherri Tenpenny and Robert F. Kennedy Jr.

  6. Governor Scott please remain calm and stop being so hysterical. You said Israel has the highest rate of “breakout cases”. Israel has the highest vaccination rate in the world. The answer why is staring you in the face. People who are allowing the spike protein in their body through the jab are getting sicker. People who are vaccinated are now suffering from antibody-dependent enhancement ADE. The vaccine is the cause.


    Wow Scott and Levine. Even your Patron Saint Dr. Fauci strongly urges the use of monoclonal antibodies, but sayeth Scott and Levine, “monoclonal antibody clinics are only necessary in states at risk of running out of hospital beds – like Florida and Louisiana. ” Right, because Vermont is somehow special? Why is it I believe that if either of you or your loved ones got Covid, you’d be giving them Ivermectin and monoclonal antibodies? Do either of you sense any reason why we can’t trust our government? And our VT government is no better than what we’ve got in Washington anymore.

  8. More evidence of a captured operation – the puppets dance according to their masters. The “outbreak” in India was brought under control by Ivermecitn according to reports. Yet, the incompetent, corrupted, ignorant Vermont bureaucrats continue to gaslight and lie because money is more imporant than citizens health and welfare. Even if bodies were to pile up on the State House lawn, they would continue to ignore evidence and facts because they are captured and corrupt. Sacrifice your children to their masters is what they were really saying. If you get sick, God be with you – they direct the medical community not to allow treatments that would fix all of this in a heartbeat. Right to choose? No – we have no rights at all according to the puppets.

  9. How can we ever get a solution to Covid 19 when all the CDC data is not allowed to be challenged by world renown doctors who are experts in their field? Just goes to show you that anyone can be manipulated by what they read, listen to and watch in the media. This includes politicians, health care professionals etc.. According to the CDC there is no isolated covid or its variant specimen for use to determine if you have covid virus or its variants. But something is making these people sick. The proof is in the vaccines which are known to spread the deadly spike protein according to many experts. Why doesn’t the government debate these people. Debate by professionals will clear up alot of falsehoods and confirm through science and peer review what can be proven to be true. Without that happening Fauci is just a tribal medicine man demanding obedience or he will not bring back the sun during a solar eclipse. Science brings back the sun, not the medicine man. The tests are fraudulent. Prove that they’re aren’t. Ivermectin works. Prove that it doesn’t. Saying that you have done testing and proved it doesn’t make it so. Where are the debates between the government officials and the professional doctors and researchers that are skeptics. What are you afraid of. Continuing vaccine mandates could be spreading the disease further by developing resistant strains. Continuing the vaccines could be shedding the spike protein from the vaccinated to the unvaccinated. Continuing the vaccines could further expose recipients to antibody-dependent enhancement which could kill them. Where are the debates? Without debate there is no science or facts that can be relied upon. I want to be saved not controlled.