VTDigger spikes commentary about GMO vaccine

Screenshot from VTDigger, August 20

By Guy Page

UVM-trained microbiologist Aimee Stephensen this month wrote a commentary titled “What’s the Link Between GMOs and the Covid vaccines?” She’s concerned Covid-19 vaccines may genetically modify its recipients. VTDigger, the not-for-profit online news publisher that self-identifies as “News In Pursuit of Truth,” published the op-ed Friday, August 20.

Shortly after, VTDigger removed the post with this cryptic explanation: “Editor’s Note: This commentary has been removed. It did not meet VTDigger’s editorial standards.”

Yesterday, Vermont Daily Chronicle asked VTDigger Publisher Anne Galloway via email: “Can you or one of your staff please tell me on the record why Aimee Stephensen’s op-ed didn’t meet your editorial standards?” This morning, Galloway replied: “Thanks for asking. Here is our response: In the midst of a global pandemic, we believe it is irresponsible to amplify arguments that could lead to the further spread of Covid-19.”

What’s going on here?

Ms. Stephenson’s commentary may be read in its entirety on Vermont Independent, the blog published by social media consultant Dr. Rob Williams. 

Artwork credit MIT

In a nutshell, Stephenson wonders that anti-GMO (genetically-modified organism) Vermont has enthusiastically embraced the mRNA vaccine – itself a synthetically-produced gene therapy. 

“Just a few short years ago, Vermont led the nation in enacting legislation requiring labeling of food produced with genetic engineering,” Stephenson writes. “I find it fascinating that this same little state also led the nation in COVID-19 vaccination rates….because Vermonters may have inadvertently ingested or turned themselves into GMOs when they got the COVID-19 vaccine.”

But Stephensen’s worries extend beyond the inconsistency of the ‘Frankenfood’ state eagerly embracing gene therapy. The trained microbiologist is worried that drug regulators in their rush to approval are ignoring a very real potential problem raised last December by Harvard and MIT scientists:

“We describe evidence that SARS-CoV-2 RNAs can be reverse transcribed in human cells:” so say the one-paragraph abstract of a Dec. 13, 2020 study published on the National Institutes of Health National Library of Medicine

Research into mRNA therapy has been ongoing since 1976, according to an MIT statement. “RNA vaccines deliver genetic information that allows the body’s own cells to produce a viral protein. Synthetic mRNA that encodes a viral protein can borrow this machinery to produce many copies of the protein. These proteins stimulate the immune system to mount a response.”

But what the MIT/Harvard researchers say could happen next raises red flags for Stephenson. 

“Some argue mRNA vaccines are not truly gene therapies because they do not interfere with our human genes. But is the standard narrative really true? We have been assured by the vaccine makers there is no possible way mRNA vaccines can impact our human genes/DNA, but a recent study by MIT and Harvard scientists demonstrates the opposite. This study showed how segments of RNA from the coronavirus itself are most likely becoming a permanent fixture in human DNA.”

Pro-mRNA researchers say it’s not only safe, but it’s the key to curing HIV and cancer. The sky’s the limit for mRNA. 

Which brings Vermonters back to VT Digger ditching the Aimee Stephenson commentary. Does her commentary threaten lives by reducing confidence in a life-saving vaccine? Is it the equivalent of shouting ‘fire’ in a crowded theater? 

Or, does it save lives by pointing out its risks? 

It’s up to the editor – and ultimately, the reader – to decide. 

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  1. VT Digger is only into their version of “the truth”. Kinda like Fauci into his version of “the science “.

  2. So “Digger” turns out to be “shovel ready” after all, “News in Pursuit Of (our) Truth” & dissenting opinions veering from their group-think will NOT be tolerated, i.e.:CENSORED, as will happen on Tweety, Facefux, & YooToob too. I actually READ the Moderna patent application & what concerned me was (Sec. 26, ss 40–60) their “AMP’s” made from AIDs & Hep-C virus “parts”, they ARE there, and Dr. Levine just blubbered/babbled when Guy Page asked him about them at the Gov.’s Press Conference. What REALLY concerns me is the LACK of statistics cited, like the Confirmed Fatality Rates, AGES of the dead, co-morbidities, etc., just the constant FEAR being PUSHED as folks are coerced into taking the vax. So the more they PUSH, the more they DON’T tell us, and the STICK vs. Carrot approach w/MANDATES will only make more folks dig in their heels. Whatever happened to “my body. my choice”? And IF the vax is so “effective” (safety will be shown YEARS later) then what do they have to FEAR from the unvaxxed?

  3. Vermont graveDigger is a postmodern publication.

    That is, postmodernism doesn’t believe in objective truth. Postmodernism believes truth is socially constructed by those in power and those in power are incentivized to maintain the narratives or storytelling that maintains the status quo.

    Vermont graveDigger, NPR, VPR, Seven Days, Burlington Free Press, CBS, NBC, New York Times, Washington Post, et al. exist to shape reality to an increasingly ignorant and unthinking public, where the vast majority of ‘education’ is government controlled. What could go wrong?

    “Make yourselves sheep, and the wolves will eat you.”

  4. I stopped reading Vermont Digger after they no longer allowed readers to comment on their articles. The strength of a free press is the back and forth flow of thoughts and ideas.

    • VT Digger stopped allowing comments as so many were written by Conservative thinkers who disagreed with their “take” on the news. Guess that wasn’t what they wanted to see the light of day- only leftist views are desirable. As well, the notion that Conservatives can actually think and write; not something that goes along with their view of us as “deplorables”.

  5. What would be expected from a rag of a paper that was so bad they had to turn off the comments on their site because it was too hard to moderate them. WCAX did the same… Just to stop anyone from calling them out.

    WCAX, NPR/VPR, Free Press in the last 2 years has gone to great lengths to lie and cheat you out of the truth.

    Just junk repeating fear and propaganda and only a narrative based view of this world and state.

    They aren’t news they are government tools of coercion.

  6. Spitballing it here, but it could be that as a legitimate news organization, VT Digger pulled the commentary because of an issue of ethical standards and professional obligation to their readership. These are factors that are relevant to real news organizations, though maybe not applicable to ideologically-driven commentary aggregators like the VT Daily Chronicle. Worth considering.

  7. Comments from the likes of John Hagen only rear themselves when a nerve has been touched.

    That nerve is the fact that Vermont graveDigger, et al., are postmodern publications meant to indoctrinate an increasingly government controlled ideological education system.

    • “Legitimate news organization” – that’s laughable at best.

      The only legitimate news story VT digger has ever done was on Sanders wife’s takeover of a Burlington college where they stiffed the church for a million dollars.

  8. Thank you for sharing this information with Vermonters seeking uncensored factual data points. The intended consequence of our First Amendment right of a free press is to enable an informed citizenry. It seems like VT Digger is engaging tyrannical behavior in surprising valuable information needed by Vermonters to make informed decisions. Is someone paying VT Digger or are they being coerced or blackmailed into being a propaganda arm of pharmaceutical companies?

    • Going back farther than the First Amendment: The Bill of Rights and the Constitution written by the Founding Fathers had no intention of moderation practices to alter the focus of the print, or outright willful censure being utilized on a daily basis as the media now does. Why has not this activity been challenged? Costs too much money and takes too long for remedy if any remedy at all. there will come a time when the perpetrators of such practices will pay the price, but I doubt it will be in my lifetime. What I just wrote here is WAY BEYOND the intent of the Founders of the USA.

  9. VT Digger is a propaganda rag. They are not interested in facts. They are not journalists by definition anymore. Any story about BLM – particularly the Fentynal Floyd and Kyle Rittenhouse stories were complete fabicrated, slanted propaganda pieces. They carry the water for our incompetent, corrupt, ignorant, captured administration.

  10. God Bless Guy for exposing this!

    This is what happens when you sell your soul to the devil – turn off the TV and run from Google for another search engine so you can do the research! Most media outlets sold out long ago and VT media has too. A HUGE Tsunami of truth is coming – events are being staged – fact checkers are owned by the very agencies, corps. and political players who want you in the dark and unprepared. Many are waking up, but more need to for the health and safety of their family and friends.

    Who ran with the wrong narrative on the FDA approval – watch below:

    Catch up on NOW below because this IS a global issue:

    Sources under video(s) –

    Search everything – question everything – it’s good against evil – now look at who is helping evil.

    • This is possibly the most thorough interview on the dangers of Covid 19 vaccines by one of the most respected researcher in the world. Please listen to it, your life depends on it.

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