Scott endorses LG candidate Benning

Sen. Joe Benning (R-Caledonia), GOP candidate for lieutenant governor, has been endorsed by Governor Phil Scott.

Benning and Gregory Thayer of Rutland are seeking the GOP nomination for lieutenant governor in the August 9 primary. The winner will face the winner of the Democratic primary in the general election in November.

“As we face serious challenges, we need more elected officials with Joe’s integrity, fairness, and experience to help get results for everyday Vermonters – and he’s earned the respect of his Senate colleagues on both sides of the aisle,” Scott said in a Benning campaign statement.

In addition to previous endorsements from Former Governor Jim Douglas, and the Minority Leaders of both the Vermont House and Senate (Rep. Pattie McCoy and Sen. Randy Brock respectively), Sen. Benning’s campaign has also announced endorsements from former VTGOP Executive Director Jeffrey Bartley, former Senator and frequent GOP voice John McClaughry, former VTGOP Vice-Chair and Commissioner of the Vermont Commission on Women Anne McClaughry, and former GOP candidate for Lt. Governor Scott Milne.

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  1. Here’s something from our Progressive Tyrant, in 2020

    “Unfortunately, we know some will still get together and schools have asked for help. @VTEducation will direct schools to ask students or parents if they were part of multi-family gatherings and if the answer is yes, they’ll need to go remote for 14 days or 7 days and a test. 9/

    — Governor Phil Scott (@GovPhilScott) November 24, 2020 ”

    (Where PHIL asked schools to interrogate little kids after Thanksgiving break)

    PS: I do NOT support Phil or Mr Benning ( esp after his BOGUS , awful op-ed he wrote here last week) I will NOT support any candidates that align with Phil Scott.

    We are DONE having our rights violated for the last TWO years and, we’re DONE being treated like excrement because we didnt pick Biden.

  2. It is fitting that Joe receive endorsements from weak people who identify as Republicans. Joe’s position on Article 22 is an example where Republican value and platform planks have gone out the window. Sometimes Joe does stand for the Constitution but according to his oath of office, the Constitution is the supreme law of our country and state. Personal or political whims play no role.

  3. Phil Scott endorses Joe Benning. There’s a headline that shocks No One.
    The day after Phil Scott called the 116,000 Vermonters that voted for President Trump ” White Supremacists and Racists, ” Joe Benning was on WCAX saying the same thing.
    Joe Benning and Scott have betrayed the VTGOP Platform by voting for Prop 5 / Article 22.
    Benning voted for it twice and says he will vote for it in November.,
    Phil Scott says he supports Prop 5 / Article 22 and says he will vote for it in November.

    Two transrepublicans that have failed and betrayed Real VT Republicans so many times you need a calculator to add them up.
    A Vote for either of them is a vote for the continual destruction of the VTGOP.
    Full disclosure ; I am working with Gregory Thayer and several other Real Republican Vermonters.

  4. What value does this have? Observant, thinking people can easily see that one unprincipled, immoral RHINO in Vermont State Government is endorsing his candidate buddy who is another unprincipled, immoral RHINO.

    VOTE FOR STEPHEN BELLOWS in the August 9th Primary and let’s join together to throw out the arrogant, unprincipled and immoral RHINOS, Socialists, Marxists and Progressives who only serve themselves!

  5. Said one RINO to the other RINO– “I’ll scratch your butt if you scratch mine, that’s why we have the horn”– One day “average” Vermonters will TIRE of these Dem’s in Repub’s clothes, but then it may be too late..”Quislings” says Vt. Citizen? Nay! The REAL Old Norse term is “Skralings”..

  6. Dear Steve Merrill,

    You used an interesting word,”Skralings.” I hadn’t heard that word before, so I looked it up. I found it means,”Little Men or Barbarians.” I agree with you.

    It’s a very fitting word for two “little men” who have signed onto the unrestricted and “barbaric murder” of the innocent, vulnerable lives of unborn human babies and the use of their body parts for GOD knows what, along with ALL the other perversions that will be opened up and allowed if Article 22 with, “personal reproductive autonomy” is voted in.


  7. Thanks! You can see more of these “nuggets” on our NEKTV weekly show on Youtube & Rumble called “It’s News To Us–Vermont”, just type that in on the header & it’ll come right up, enjoy! SM.

  8. Joe Benning is a good friend and will be the best Lt. Gov. ever! He has been a friend of mine for years and I have always admired his intelligence and experience.

    • Many of us will agree to disagree with you Mary. Joe Benning should have run on the Democrat or Progressive Ballot. He is pretending to be a Republican. That makes him both dishonest and untrustworthy.

      He also brags about his support of the murder of unborn human babies which makes him very immoral. Since you are his friend, perhaps you could ask him why he is running as a Republican yet, he refuses to be accountable to the Republican Party Platform in Vermont?

  9. “JERSEY” Joe Benning is a sell out to the Republican party…He supports everything we totally oppose.

    Of course, he votes for gun rights while endorsing candidates who are campaigning to take guns away from Vermonters. One vote for gun rights from Benning while he supports the many who oppose our gun rights. How many votes AGAINST GUN OWNERS does he endorse?

    “Jersey” Joe doesn’t have enough kind words for Becca Balint who is running for Congress.

    These are some of the destructive actions she has pushed against Vermonters. Becca led the caucus through a successful fight for the most progressive reproductive freedom legislation in the nation. She was also instrumental in passing the first gun safety legislation in Vermont history and she worked hard to pass the boldest climate justice bill to date in our State

    “JERSEY” Joe tries to hold on to the vote of Vermonters because of his claims to support our GUN RIGHTS while selling out to the people we absolutely detest that are destroying our beautiful state and our constitution.

    Allow me to expose the dirty deeds of “Jersey” Joe and how he deceives Vermonters into voting for him while he votes to destroy our morality and individual freedoms away.

    Every move he makes is well calculated.

    He is being endorsed by the Traitor Phil Scott. Why would Phil, who has gone so far left that he is calling for the federal government to impose strict GUN LAWS that include banning semi-automatic guns after inflicting gun laws on the hard working, law abiding, taxpayers and gun owners in the state of Vermont?

    Why would Benning praise an endorsement from someone hell bent on destroying Vermont?

    It is because they are both participating in the progressive movement sweeping the State of Vermont at the hands of Becca Balint.

    Benning supports EVERYTHING Becca Balint supports BUT he uses his GUN VOTE to keep uninformed Vermonters voting for him.

    We need to think hard about denouncing the NRA. After all this is the reaction “Jersey” Joe wants from us.

    He would like us to help him DESTROY one of the GUN RIGHTS GROUPS in America that fights for our CONSTITUTIONAL RIGHTS.

    The NRA only rates “JERSEY” JOE on his voting record, not his participation with the progressives who want to destroy us with his help.

    Yes, part of his plan is to disarm Vermonters and Americans keeping in lock step with the socialist agenda.

    The last thing we want to participate in is the destruction of any entity that we are deceived into believing is bad by “JERSEY” JOE.

    The RED “A” rating from the NRA is only representative of his record of voting. That is all they have to base his rating on. They do not investigate his involvement with the left to destroy us.

    I believe the voters in our beautiful state need to understand the real RED A stands for the SLAUGHTER OF THE UNBORN which “JERSEY” has voted for twice and he has stated he will vote for ARTICLE 22 which will enshrine the slaughter of the unborn, the mutilation of our children, the destruction of parental rights and only God knows what other evils are buried in this article into the VERMONT CONSTITUTION.

    This is his participation in the destruction of Vermont and America using his deceit to encourage Vermonters to participate.

    Remember he supports turncoat Phil Scott and the Biden agenda to DESTROY AMERICA while endorsing the socialists in VERMONT who are hell bent on destroying us while stealing our gun rights and trying to get us to destroy the NRA.

    People better wake up Gun Owners of Vermont before they participate in supporting this destructive deceipt.

    Supporting “JERSEY” JOE BENNING is selling us all out to the liberal agenda and our eventual destruction.

    A vote for “JERSEY” Joe Benning is a vote against EVERYTHING we have to protect us.

    Wake up Vermonters.

    • Thank you Richard Ley!!

      Many of us do know that Joe Benning is NOT GOOD for Vermont as he and his friends try to present. He is a Wolf trying to hide in sheep’s clothing.

      He is trying to hide his views and beliefs by running as a Republican. The weak and feckless Vermont Republican Party Leadership has enabled Joe to use the Party Name, further damaging the Vermont Republican Party that is already untrusted by many.

      Joe is RHINO Phil Scott’s buddy and clone. Phil has also used the weak Vermont State Republican Party Leadership to hide and wreak destruction on Vermont and Vermonters.

      Vermont Voters, Please don’t be fooled by only looking at the surface. Joe Benning is an unprincipled, power hungry, arrogant and immoral man. He will NOT SERVE the best interest of Vermont and Vermonters. He only serves himself. He IS NOT a Republican.


      Debate Saturday, July 30th, 4 – 7:00 PM – 582 Rockingham Rd., Bellows Falls