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Scott administration considers flood-plain home buyout

by Guy Page 

The State of Vermont has long-term plans to buy out some homes in high-risk flood areas, for which lots of new federal money will be needed, Gov. Phil Scott said today.

Ruined access road to Berlin trailer park off Partridge Farm Road in Berlin.

Scott’s proposal is an early answer to a question asked more and more often since the July 10-11 flood: should Vermont rebuild in

FEMA officials said the federal agency won’t provide funding for homes in flood-plain areas – which includes many riverside town homes and mobile home parks. So Vermont needs to develop an alternative to merely rebuilding in areas likely to reflood, Scott said.

The governor called on Congress to pass supplemental (additional) funding for July flood disaster relief. The State’s existing flood buyout program can’t afford large-scale buyouts without federal aid, administration officials said. 

When asked by a skeptical reporter if a divided Congress will allocate major new funding for disaster relief, Scott pointed out that even sharply divided Congressional leaders like New Yorkers Sen. Charles Schumer and Elaine Stefanik both want flood relief.

“I imagine they might want to get together,” Scott said.

Scott emphasized that mobile home parks in flood plains will be among the homes targeted for buyouts.

Vermont must focus on climate resilience, Scott said. “Even if we could throw a switch and magically stop climate change from happening, that won’t stop this storm and the storm 10 years from now,” he said. 

When asked whether Gov. Scott is thinking about the absence of rainmaker Sen. Patrick Leahy in Vermont’s time of great need, Scott answered, “I’ve been thinking about that since the day he left office.”

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  1. This has been the plan all along. The government acts like they are helping but in reality this is part of the green (UN) agenda.

  2. Loosen the strings on Act 250, and any other redundant government control statute/polocies so citizens can build/own more user friendly properties. Otherwise, Stop the rhetoric and line citizen’s up up for your desired 15 mintute NWO cities.

  3. This is a good idea. There is no point continuing to rebuild in flood prone areas. I can easily think of several mobile home parks and some homes that would be a good fit for this program provided the homeowners have a place to go to.

    • The timing of this is interesting as the state legislature has committed to setting aside 50 percent of all land into wild life/conservation areas, although the United Nations agenda only required 30 percent. Our legislature went the extra mile. If the government cared so much, this would/should have been done a long time ago. Our leaders could care less about the trailer parks. Our leftist political narrative has been that trailer parks disproportionately and negativity impact minorities, which requires action. Our politicians killed two birds with one stone. They addressed the trailer park and can move minorities into inclusive communities, seizing land to meet their agenda of conserving 50 percent of the land.

  4. I don’t know why this surprises anyone who’s paying attention. They have been trying to kills us off with the jab, food, water, chem trails, and when that’s not working fast enough for them, they create a manmade “climate change” FLOOD to to try and destroy VT. And now they will buy your house, and land for dirt cheap all in the name of climate change. What a guy! Tell me this wasn’t planned?

  5. Let me get this straight!

    We have a housing crisis that our Dem-Prog Groupthink had ignored for years because of the sanctity of Act 250. This past year they passed a whittled down version of a measure to alleviate some of the bottleneck.

    Now the solution to the housing crisis goes on hold after being exacerbated by serious natural disaster We start buying lots without a clue of where we can build replacement homes. And we can’t build homes fast enough to meet the know pre-existing demand.

    When will they realize that inaction sows the seeds of collapse.

    When will Vermont voter end this love affair with the Dem-Prog supermajority?

    • “When will Vermont voter end this love affair with the Dem-Prog supermajority?

      Is their a conservative plan to deal with climate change other than burying their head in the sand? I am genuinely interested

      • Yes ! Stop the chem trails, the poison spills and the toxic chemicals in our water systems .Good start there . Then release
        The innovative energy they have been hiding from everyone for decades instead of making us all convert to products that that Nobody can afford and the top 1 percent is invested in .

      • Chris, Is there any particular positive proof of climate change that worries you and threatens humanity? Please don’t try to blame this flooding on climate change before you examine the 1927 flood and all others before that. Since, every climate change, global warming, new ice age prediction from the last 60 years has not come true, more proof is needed. Do you have any proof other than predictions from those invested in the windfall profits from the climate change cult and grifters in line to make big profits from government grants?

  6. “Never let a crisis go to waste”, I believe is their mantra. Any type of “crisis” whether it be man-made by the Globalists/NWO (New World Order) or natural disaster, they will use it to their advantage. Remember Vermont WANTS 30% of our Land by 2030 and 50% by 2050, if they can get it sooner they will do it. H.126 “Community Resilience and Biodiversity Protection Bill” became Law on Jun 12, 2023, Gov. Scott did not sign it and let it become law. The Title which is given to Globalists/NWO Bill actually does the Opposite of what is stated. It’s a Land Grab from the people of Vermont to the Globalists/NWO.

  7. Many of the people who would BENEFIT from this program are low income people who own a mobile home in a park or a house in a flood plain that’s been severely damaged. Why on earth do you people think that they would be better off left to remain in a flood prone area with a signicantly damaged home? They would benefit from this program. How much do you think their damaged flooded property would bring them now on the open market.

    Why on earth are so many of you so hostile and suspicious that you see evil in EVERYTHING proposed by government? You need to evaluate what’s proposed using critical thinking skills. Don’t just put on your conspiracy theory hat and reject everything. I’ve worked with flooded properties in the past. A buyout program which is totally up to the owner btw, is the best thing that could happen for some.

    And no, this storm wasn’t part of some nefarious plot either. Grow up!

    • I agree that people are better off not living in a flood zone. Although, our governor did not make this decision out of the goodness of his heart. If you understood the Green, United Nations and Social Justice agenda, then you would understand the reason why this was done.

    • First of all, the US federal government is $32,000,000,000,000.00 (32 trillion) in debt. Right now with dizzy Joe running things, deficit spending adds over a trillion each year of his term. Where is all this federal money going to come from? How about cancelling the $7 million for EV charging stations proposed by the governor? Seems like flooding damage is a bit more important than plugging your over priced EV into government provided charging stations. How about all this wasted money on DEI (Diversity, Equity and Inclusion) and the green energy BS. How about we look after our citizens before wasting money that is here already being used for social engineering. There are better ways to get the money right here instead of crying to the federal government that has already bankrupted the country. Don’t you think?

  8. Reduce already tight housing wand remove more properly from the grand list

  9. From the comments Posted it sure looks like there are more Vermonters which have either been wide awake for a long time or there are coming out of the slumber..

    First Scott likely isn’t Scott just like Biden isn’t Biden. Biden’s been DEAD since 2019 and Scott likely is right next to him.. Both Traitors.

    • From most of the comments posted above I can see why the VT Republican Party loses pretty much every election. Seems that far too many who call themselves “conservatives “ here are hostile people who view everything through a lens skewed by conspiracy theories. And some are just insane. The Democrats here in Vermont sure don’t have a monopoly on insanity!

      • The interesting thing about the term “conspiracy theory” is it became a term to devalue and demoralize people who questioned the narrative when President Kennedy was assisinated. Another interesting factoid is many of them are proven to be true if one cares to research and read beyond the tell-lie-vision and programming.

  10. Welcome to the Federal and State land grab – destroying and cheating you out of your property for well over 100 years. They don’t care about the losses or the people affected. Any crisis or disaster is an opportunity to lay waste to whatever is left in the wake. They will jerk people sideways with endless paperwork and empty platitudes. This flood will expose them all and the fallout will be tremendous. I guess it takes a torrant of flood water splashed into people’s faces to wake them up.

  11. Please spread the word-
    Please share this one with our Vermont Hierarchy …


    We are talking about allegations of RAPE, TORTURE, CHILD ABUSE and HUMAN TRAFFICKING. This video also connects local to state, state to national, national to the globalist CABAL. Higher education, the clergy, the public school system, CPS/DCF and more.

    VERMONTERS SHOULD watch and weigh in please. ASK PHIL SCOTT why he is on Epstein’s flight logs and a few other questions like WHAT his plan to stop it is.. why was his CCP score card so high and what he thinks of Cathy O’Brien’s congressional testimony. I would also be interested to know why Guy Page and Vermont Chronicles keeps skipping this story, election fraud or any of the other scandals and evedence I gave him.

  12. I don’t even know what to say. who can you trust in government in this day and age ? GASLIGHTING. is the norm !It makes ya crazy…

  13. I am all for helping the people who lost their homes and giving money for them to start over but I fail to see how buying the land is helping those people. The persons who owned those parks have been charging them rent and making money off of them for, in some cases years. I do not feel anyone should buy that land from them and especially not the state. With taxes going up every year. Towns need as much of a tax base that they can get, so let the owner pay his own taxes! Too much land is already in Land Use and Conservation that Vermonters pay extra for in state taxes!

  14. Huh? Someone chooses to build on a flood plain and I have to buy them out, or pay for their rescue? Even the homeless are more deserving of assistance than those who have money but spend it recklessly… and NO ONE should be compensated for the loss of rental property:

    “Housing is an essential need for both the individual and the family and should not be owned by others. Living in another’s house, whether paying rent or not, compromises freedom. Whoever possesses the house in which you dwell, the vehicle in which you ride or the income on which you live, possesses your freedom – or part of it. Freedom is indivisible. For people to be happy, they must be free, and to be free, they must possess the possibility of satisfying their own needs. Whoever possesses the means of fulfilling your needs controls or exploits you, and may enslave you despite any legislation to the contrary.”
    – Muammar Gaddafi

  15. h/t to Pete Gummere and his comments.

    First off, are we looking at 20% of the housing in Vermont – along with all of the businesses where these communities were created?

    For years we’ve heard rumblings from the United Nations along these lines, where politics becomes geometrical.

    It takes a smaller footprint to erect high-rise apartments than it does single-family housing, which they are adamantly against.

    What you end up with is government housing, with government transportation, with government education, with government healthcare, with government provided food, and of course, working for the government.

    It kind of came as a surprise the other day when it was read that the greatest producer of jobs in America in the last two or three years has been government!

    Maybe 1984 should be required reading, but I would still advocate for the Bible – with some moral absolutes being taught in school.