Klar: Hey, WHO – We won’t be fooled again!

The WHO is off the rails, and still careening toward tyranny. I will not comply.

(A typical idiotic shop-window sign during COVID)

by John Klar

The United Nations, United States government, World Economic Forum (WEF) and World Health Organization (WHO) have so effectively destroyed public trust in their sketchy operations that if (when) they launch their next totalitarian scam, I will resist them from the outset with every resource at my human disposal. I will fight them with a sharpened stick if necessary: I will not comply.

This is not a posture I held at the beginning of the COVID pandemic: these entities have worked very hard to condition me against them. When the WHO, for example, has failed so completely to respond to COVID, why would anyone trust it with any oversight of anything at all? Would we put Joseph Hazelwood back on the Exxon Valdez for a repeat trip? A drunken sailor is more trustworthy than this globalist cabal.

Yet the WHO strives to influence or control a long list of social ills in the name of health: equity, environment, sexuality, abortion, wealth distribution, etc. In the case of COVID we saw the woke Social Justice WHO at the outset, not preventing a disease but purporting to redress all human sins. The WHO states in “Promoting a fair and equitable response to the COVID-19 Pandemic”:

The COVID-19 pandemic has exacerbated social and health inequities and demonstrated how sex, gender and other social stratifiers (such as age, race, ethnicity, socio-economic status, geography, legal status and other health conditions) result in differential risks and outcomes of COVID-19. ….Some of these population groups have also been the targets of hate speech, discrimination and in some cases violence as a result of apparent blame for COVID-19, underscoring the need for a rights-based appr­­oach to COVID-19.

John Klar

Apparently this is the “World Human Rights” organization, not merely Health. Good thing we have the WHO to regulate hate speech (and exterminate free speech) in America! But how could the WHO get speech right when it has failed on equity (and medical science) so abysmally. Citing gender as a social justice cause, WHO also includes a link to this study by Nature:

Here, we present a meta-analysis of 3,111,714 reported global cases to demonstrate that, whilst there is no difference in the proportion of males and females with confirmed COVID-19, male patients have almost three times the odds of requiring intensive treatment unit (ITU) admission (OR = 2.84; 95% CI = 2.06, 3.92) and higher odds of death (OR = 1.39; 95% CI = 1.31, 1.47) compared to females. With few exceptions, the sex bias observed in COVID-19 is a worldwide phenomenon.

Has the WHO been advocating for male gender favoritism in treatment of COVID? If it can’t get gender right, how will it address the structural racism it claims exists (as usual, a priori)?

More than two years since the first SARS-CoV-2 infections were reported, the COVID-19 pandemic remains an acute global emergency.

While many countries have successfully vaccinated significant portions of their populations, stark global inequities remain with imbalance in the global distribution of vaccines, and potential new variants could further threaten the ability of governments to recover from the inter-connected health, economic, and broader human rights crises. Within countries, the impact of COVID-19 has been disproportionately felt by populations experiencing structural racial- and ethnicity-based discrimination. ….these unequal impacts and human rights violations are not inevitable; neither is a spike in xenophobia and hate speech.

So the WHO that lies about vaccines and COVID now claims it will regulate xenophobia? Those disparate impacts of COVID seem to reflect the elitist disconnect of the WHO: how much “inter-connected health, economic, and broader human rights crises” were CREATED by the immoral, visibly corrupt plandemic response to COVID-19 of which the WHO was global orchestrator? The WHO inflicted great harm on marginalized communities, and now seeks to leverage that very perfidy into its Cause Celebre to do it again. This is a recurring pattern: the powerful weaponizing the vulnerable, to conquer all.But we won’t be fooled again! My stick is sharpened: the WHO won’t ever stick me! If the U.S. government seeks to sacrifice my inalienable rights on the WHO altar, my stick will be pointed there too—I will die rather than submit. And I am not alone.

Many people who eagerly (fearfully) consented to the jab have seen the boldly dishonest claims rolled out by the WHO et al. This has been a surreal Orwell/Huxley novel inflicted upon billions. Let us not forget the litany of lies: about gain-of-function research; the origin of the virus; mortality rates; adverse reactions; that shots are “safe and effective” (they were neither); that natural immunity suddenly failed; that ivermectin and hydroxychloroquine were verboten; that children were at risk, or should be jabbed to protect the geriatric. Remember when Fauci said COVID immunization was just like measles immunization? These are all demonstrable, widespread, coordinated lies. Lies that directly caused the economic decline, alienation, and increased drug, depression, and suicide rates that the WHO now audaciously claims it will equitably cure.

The WHO has its sticky, unaccountable, bureaucratic fingers in every aspect of human society, including abortion (“to deliver life-saving care”) and sex education. After all, conditioning young children to enjoy sex is part of the expansive “health” agenda:

Sexual health-related issues are wide-ranging, and encompass sexual orientation and gender identity, sexual expression, relationships, and pleasure. ….Sexual rights protect all people’s rights to fulfil and express their sexuality and enjoy sexual health. ….…a central aspect of being human throughout life encompasses sex, gender identities and roles, sexual orientation, eroticism, pleasure, intimacy and reproduction. Sexuality is experienced and expressed in thoughts, fantasies, desires, beliefs, attitudes, values, behaviours, practices, roles and relationships. While sexuality can include all of these dimensions, not all of them are always experienced or expressed. Sexuality is influenced by the interaction of biological, psychological, social, economic, political, cultural, legal, historical, religious and spiritual factors. (WHO, 2006a)

That’s a rather comprehensive list of future WHO jurisdiction: it will presumably regulate culture to regulate sex to regulate health to save the world. Talk about mission creep….

The WHO’s mission creep is decidedly creepy. It advocates sexualizing children with no age limit, invoking nebulous “rights” of children to be freed by the WHO-church from the stifling moral shackles of parents: children have rights independently of their parents, WHO claims, for “health” through “comprehensive” sex education:

Children and adolescents have the right to be educated about themselves and the world around them in an age- and developmentally appropriate manner – and they need this learning for their health and well-being.

Intended to support school-based curricula, the UN’s global guidance indicates starting CSE at the age of 5 when formal education typically begins. However, sexuality education is a lifelong process, sometimes beginning earlier, at home, with trusted caregivers.

This is just the tip of the colossal WHO iceberg, inexorably moving across nations to crush them like Titanics in port. If the WHO has displayed a complete corruption in handling the COVID pandemic, why would any sane human–let alone nation–trust this cadre of proven liars with yet more jurisdictional reach, and to oversee sex ed and gender hormone “therapies” as child entitlements? 

If the U.S. Congress defers to the WHO for future health guidance in a pandemic, the U.S. Congress has thereby abdicated completely its own legitimacy: if the WHO is our new master, then those who sold off the ranch and candy store sure as heck are not my elected reps, and have no recognizable authority over anything at all.

Yet this is precisely what is currently in the works. The WHO has redrafted their articles and platform, to appropriate to themselves yet greater powers—to direct, rather than advise. James Roguski has aptly warned of this escalation of unelected globalist control over American citizens, as has John Campbell. The writing is on the wall (and in the latest WHO drafts).

Interestingly, the iconic song “Won’t Get Fooled Again” by the rock band The Who was written in response to social justice agitators. Writer Pete Townsend claims he penned the song in response to an annoying effort by Abbie Hoffman to take the stage at Woodstock for personal political pontification:

He explained to Creem in 1982, “I wrote ‘Won’t Get Fooled Again’ as a reaction to all that – ‘Leave me out of it: I don’t think your lot would be any better than the other lot!’ All those hippies wandering about thinking the world was going to be different from that day. As a cynical English arsehole, I walked through it all and felt like spitting on the lot of them, and shaking them and trying to make them realise that nothing had changed and nothing was going to change.”

Much the same cynicism is appropriate now against Social Justice Warriors who seek to impose tyranny in the name of salvation. There is no worldly Utopia on offer by the WHO, only more degradation of individual liberties and national sovereignties. The WHO did not respond competently, or with integrity, to the Wuhan virus: I for one will not be fooled again. 

The WHO claims inequity prevented poor nations from receiving experimental vaccines. Next pandemic, I volunteer my dose of mRNA to counter that inequity: please provide it to a trans-BIPOC denizen of a developing nation (if they will have it). And if the WHO wants to be jabbed with my sharpened stick, then “Molon Labe”.

The author is a Brookfield best-selling author, lawyer, farmer and pastor. Reprinted from the Small Farm Republic website.

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  1. The “shot ” was and still is a bio weapon. It has been proven as such. They targeted “red ” states, poor , black and brown people to eliminate them in any way possible.

    How many have been maimed, how many of our young men are broken from that shot or women who cannot now give birth or even carry a child and lets not forget what this did to the children.
    Now, on to them saying MASKS do anything but Virtue Signal to people that you are , let’s say, better than others. No, you are a fool. Yesterday I confronted a young couple about coming into a local grocery store. I confronted them in their virtue signaling masks of pretty flowers and so on. “You know how foolish you look wearing that, you know you are just scaring old people with those “(it was a couple).”You do know they FAKED THE WHOLE THING and you were lied to. ”

    This is not a lie (formally mis-information) no, it is truth, they actually left the store … Worried. I plan to do the same thing to politicians. We need to take this country from the likes of THEM. Those who are sheep , those that are what is now called “ist”s , you know racist sexist and on and on THEY are promoting more shots more masks and more isolation. How long before the guys with the automatic weapons are walking the streets. I think the worst of it was how the husband did nothing. Did not stand up to me or say anything , his “woman ” did, told him they should leave. How sad the state of young men today. I will say it was nice of the older folks to all but applaud me for what I said. Others need to as well I still say.

    You may say it is a choice, but I do not. Much like standing by as a man assaults a woman you are complicit, much like watching someone steal and saying nothing, you are complicit, stand in line to get “tested”, you are complicit. No. You have to draw a line early and stick to it. It is like any other thing we can without effort. I don’t “sometimes” believe in Jesus or believe in our redemption thru him. I do not think sometimes the gubment will save me. Too many times they have failed so many.

    No Mr Klar, you will not comply but based on your own admission “This is not a posture I held at the beginning of the COVID pandemic:” you did not ( or did you ) think for yourself.
    With all the information about what this government is doing and has done. HOW CAN YOU HAVE EVER TRUSTED THEM? Whether state or federal.
    It did not matter if it was them or their NGO’s who did their bidding but most of you did what they said to do. Even today there are businesses that I will never walk into again. When they start asking private medical questions (against the law you know HIPPAA) and then telling you that you can only take 2 gallons of milk. No, I await the sheeple doing more of the same.
    The Gubment is already smearing the airways with its propaganda about the next big thing all the while showing us commercials from Pfizer and all the other poison peddlers not to mention how Ukraine is “winning against Russia”. Yeah, sure.

    As much as I like this paper I do ask you to change that awful picture at the top of the page. You have all been fooled into thinking that flag is all about just “inclusion” of the trans. It is not, the triangle is all about sex with children, yes that flag is for people who are “minor attracted” you know PEDOPHILES. I understand the symbolism of your picture for the article, but again much like the whole ” you are limited in what you can buy” I will not go into a store with that flag in a window or flying including BLM, I do not go into places that condone pedophilia or don’t know what that flag means. In fact, I will point out to people outside that that is the PEDOPHILE flag not a rainbow trans / gay flag.

    It is all a choice people, please make the right one.

  2. The nexus of the WHO/UN/WEF et. al. want to instill nothing less than a worldwide totalitarian regime. They craft their messages in terms meant to convince the world that this is for the sake of humanity and the planet. Nothing could be further from the truth; they forget that fraud is a serious crime and even Dante put the the fraudulent in the lowest ring of hell, the 8th just above Lucifer cast upside in the ice, furthest from God’s warmth and light. This nexus desires not just population control but reduction. This is nothing new either; the elites of old and various secret societies have always wanted to eliminate who they deem the undesirables. Population reduction is even ensconced in US policy and I direct the reader to the Kissinger Report from 1973, and finalized into US policy in 1975 under Gerald Ford. Back then the policy was to ensure US hegemony over resources in developing nations that the US wanted for its own uses and thus needed to keep those populations in check to make extraction a d exploitation easier. Now it is not the sole purview of the US but of the aforementioned nexus. The methods used for population control and reduction include pandemic creation/solutions which they hope would be voluntary if appropriate fear and propaganda is employed, famine ( not generally considered the best or sole option though it could be convenient to use the meme of climate change as blame), and war. All are simultaneously employed to facilitate the transfer of wealth into the hands of those running the global nexus. The utopia they envision and some truly believe they can achieve is at best delusional and the result will be much more dystopian. Those that are pushing this destruction of humanity have a religious fervor in their beliefs that technology and trans-humanism as solutions to the many predicaments we face.

  3. Personally I believe the U.N. should move to the Hague in the Netherlands. (or some other socialist expounding country) That building in NYC is a beautiful building, and deserves to have tenants that are not threatened by freedom loving people, but instead recognize, and appreciate them. The U.N. has overreached it’s intended purpose, and has embarked on a totalitarian, one world government objective, that was not it’s original intent. Just another attempt at absolute power, attempting to corrupt absolutely.

    • You are correct. I saw an interview with the ex director of the United Nations. He stated the the United Nations (this includes the WHO,Ba United Nations entity) has been highjacked and no longer serves its original purpose. He actually stated that Trump was not a friend of the United Nations.

      • It is my opinion that no American should be a “friend” of the U.N. They have and still are trying to usurp rights of all Americans with their agenda.

  4. Well said, sir. It is crystal clear they are trying with everything they have to make our country into part of a world government. Nope, sorry, ain’t buying it. Not for one minute. We veterans didn’t fight for this to happen. The line is now drawn in the sand; you ain’t gonna do that to us. I’ve talked to real people living in socialist and communist countries. Take my word for it, you definitely would not like living in that world.

  5. Stupidity…thats the problem…most people are just like sheep they are too lazy to think for themselves.the world is 75% in the globalist pockets..The world….not just the US..sad

  6. We have to remember that in Vermont we are surrounded by and live amongst transient moon bats mostly not from Vermont. They came here because it was a beautiful place to live. Many of them brought their politics with them and have since outnumbered Vermont conservatives.

    Vermont was a quaint slow moving rural state with more cows than people. Conservatives are not in your face types and leave people alone. This is why it was so easy for progressives to take over the state government and institutions.

    As for the UN and any treaties they come up with, to be valid the treaties have to be passed by the senate and signed by the president. This is important and the main reason why republicans or even rational democrats like RFK need to be elected so our sovereignty is not signed away to some future world government.

    The other most important issue is that we must never let our government or the UN or the WHO be allowed to disarm the American people. The second amendment was included in our Bill of Rights for National, state and self defense. There is no military on earth that could control the land mass of the USA as long as our people are armed. Why do you think they try so hard to disarm people who are not committing crimes (the responsible gun owners) while felons are allowed to roam free with numerous convictions. Let that sink in and think about life after your god given rights are stripped from you and you are not allowed to protect your loved ones or yourself!

  7. I wasn’t fooled the first time, I certainly won’t be the next time. Never once consented to being tested, never jabbed and carefully sought out locations that weren’t hung up about masking. What I found most remarkable about the plandemic was the high level of people in the age group of 60s hippie crowd believing all the lies from the “government” you know, the authorities that they so fervently resisted, mistrusted and rebelled against. Newsflash, the govt is not to be trusted or blindly followed regardless of what party is in control. I’m of the 33% that is skeptical and doesn’t follow the crowd, I have my childhood experience of never fitting in or being accepted to thank for that, painful, but in retrospect the best thing that could have happened in my early development.

    • Same for me. As a kid, I was never a follower and made my own decisions. People that know me now also know I’m that same person. Make your own decisions and question authority. As our new VT constitutional law states, we have autonomy over our bodies. That pretty much means they can’t force us to do anything related to their dictates.

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