School teacher busted for child sex assault to spend Christmas in Nazareth

A school teacher and Vermont resident accused of repeated sexual assault of a child will spend his Christmas holiday in Nazareth. 

Nazareth, Pennsylvania. 

According to the Dec. 14 Manchester Journal, Peter Hirzel, 60, a teacher at a Williamstown, MA school not far from his Pownal home, is facing trial on charges that he sexually assaulted a student on numerous occasions over several months of grooming.” Hirzel was released on $100,000 bail and has been allowed by the judge to spend the Christmas holiday with his family, in the custody of his sister. 

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  1. Like I have said before, Vermont has become our very own Sodom and Gomorrah and they keep doing the same thing again and again. Inviting perverts and murderers into the state by advertising a policy of “defund the police” and the almost constant articles and news reports about what happened here in VT, only to let the scum back out to do it again and that’s exactly what they are doing. Starting to feel like Lot.
    One of these days some perv is gonna get killed for this behavior by a parent and the killer will be let loose after trail do to jury nullification. Most Vermonters frown ( to say the least) on this behavior.
    Funny though, we keep finding them teaching your children. Makes you feel confident about those public schools and private for that matter, now according to Project Veritas’ insider recordings.
    or this

    And they come here to hide, they come for your children who are being groomed even today to accept this behavior.
    Think about that.