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Sanders points out 800 lb. gorilla – but should we feed it bananas?

By Guy Page

In a Senate speech yesterday, Sen. Bernie Sanders diagnosed our nation’s failing political and social health:

  • Only 16% of Americans think Congress is doing a good job.
  • A strong majority of Americans believe the government is “corrupt and rigged against me.”
  • A growing number of Americans believe that they may have to take up arms against their own government.

Vermont’s socialist soon-to-be-senior citizen then, predictably for him, prescribed another heavy dose of government spending. You can read the entire speech here. Below is an excerpt: 

Sen. Bernie Sanders speaks on floor of U.S. Senate yesterday

M. President: I want to say a few words about the so-called “Inflation Reduction Act” which I believe may be coming to the floor this week.

But, before I do, I want to put this reconciliation bill into the context of where we are as a nation politically.  And that is not a good place.

According to the most recent Gallup poll the approval rating for Congress is at 16% with massive numbers of people disapproving of the work we are doing here.

Further, according to a recent University of Chicago poll, a strong majority of Americans believe that the government is “corrupt and rigged against me.”

Further, according to a [USA Today] poll a very strong majority no longer believes that the Democratic or Republican parties are responding to their needs and we need to move to a multi-party system. And, most frighteningly, there is a growing number of Americans who believe that they may have to take up arms against their own government in order to accomplish what they think needs to be done.

All of this speaks to a very dangerous moment for American democracy and resembles the conditions that existed in Europe in the 1920s and early 1930s which led to fascism and totalitarianism.

And I should mention that, as we speak, while working families are falling further and further behind economically the billionaire class through their super-PACs are doing everything they can to elect members of Congress who will support the wealthy and the powerful against the needs of average Americans.

The people of this country believe, in my view correctly, that we have a corrupt political system dominated by the rich and the powerful and we have a rigged economy in which large corporations are seeing huge profits while the middle class and working families continue to decline.

Sound diagnosis? You be the judge. Will even more spending and taxation cure what ails us? Bribing the rampaging 800-pound gorilla with bananas might not be the best solution, but give Bernie credit at least for pointing out the beast many other politicians are politely ignoring. 

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  1. As is said, even a broken watch is right twice a day. Though Sanders is right on here, the solution to this desecration of our collective Constitutional Republic is not Socialism, Communism, or Marxism…..and sadly such is what some Americans (particularly younger ones) have bought into.

  2. Thank you for sharing this Guy.

    Give Bernie credit? Not so fast. Let’s look deeper than the surface to see.

    I would like to believe that even Bernie Sanders can be logical, reasonable and see the Real Truth at times, but his actions are opposite of his words, speaking very loudly and telling me otherwise.

    He is complaining that, “…. super-PACs are doing everything they can to elect members of Congress who will support the wealthy and the powerful against the needs of average Americans” while he is campaigning for Becca Balint?

    If you want an example of a Radical Progressive who is working very hard to regulate and control every person and everything in Vermont, leaving the average working people in the dust, look no farther than Becca Balint. Real people call her, Bullet Point Balint, because she never offers anything of substance.

    Balint’s campaign is very heavily funded by Anti-American Leftists. She is also a member of the Progressive Climate Cult. They worship the planet and sadly believe they can control the weather if they regulate everything enough.Their actions show they have no care or concern for all of the people who are trying to realistically live, work and survive.

    Balint will be a disaster for the US Congress just as she has been a disaster for Vermont. I truly believe she is the left’s “woke” candidate. Balint has clearly shown she has no respect for the Vermont State and US Constitutions, no practical common sense and no reasonable ideas or solutions yet, she checks all the right “woke” boxes.

    Bernie’s actions are much louder than his words.


  3. The “Beast” or Swamp spent 4 long years trying to take down an honest businessman yet somehow ignore & BURIED evidence of MASSIVE corruption by a career politician’s using his son as a family BAGMAN, all while he was flouting drug and gun laws, racked up 150 “Suspicious Activity Reports” @ Treasury, and violated obvious FARA violations too? Hey Bernie– think stuff like THAT would make it into your “speech”? We HAD an honest person as POTUS, and look what YOUR Swamp did to HIM? Look what they did to YOU in Iowa, NH, etc. where YOUR voters were trampled by a corrupt dementia-addled hollow puppet. Funny THAT “Gorilla” didn’t even get a mention?

  4. Maybe it’s because when I send out a letter like this:

    “Hello Bernie,

    This is one of those cases where we as Vermonters need you to vote for Vermonters and not the national issues that you may or may not see. Vermonters in this specific time must have the ability to protect themselves from those who wish to cause them harm.

    Vermonters have a history of sportsmanship and hunting and using rifles and pistols responsibly. Only recently with the lack of persecution in Burlington of those who commit these heinous crimes using pistols (no rifles yet) has Vermont even seen any of the issues facing certain portions of the rest of the nation specifically surrounding Chicago, LA, and DC which all have the strictest gun laws in the nation. The majority of these issues in Vermont have been surrounding the sale of drugs and out of staters that are causing the gun crime in and around Vermont.

    Vermonters are not responsible for this nor should they be penalized for this in any way shape or form, in fact with the current mentality of slimming the police force around Vermont, Vermonters should be more empowered to protect themselves

    With all of that said a gun is still yet just a tool used by those who wish to cause harm or protect themselves. Removing the gun does not stop those who wish to cause harm. Now removing the drugs that are flowing into this country (especially by those entering the country illegally) and causing this and removing the poverty that is being seen across the nation should be the top priorities to reduce the gun violence seen across the nation. These are the problems which are causing the harm done to Americans. These are problems that are self-created and can be fixed with the swipe of a pen; the pen of which you hold in your hand.

    Vote appropriately for Vermonters WE are counting on YOU.

    Thank you for your time,”

    I get this response:

    “Thank you for contacting me about gun violence prevention legislation.

    As you may know, the Senate passed the bipartisan Safer Communities Act on June 23, 2022, legislation I voted for. The House passed this bill on June 24, 2022, and President Biden signed this bill into law on June 25, 2022. This bill takes tangible steps to address gun violence by enhancing background checks for gun purchasers under the age of 21, cracking down on interstate gun trafficking and straw purchasing, and expanding the current ban on convicted domestic abusers purchasing and possessing a firearm. It also provides funds for states that implement crisis intervention services and red flag laws, community mental health services for families and children, and school violence prevention efforts.

    Let me be clear: advancing this legislation is a step in the right direction, but it does not go far enough. Importantly, it does not ban assault rifles or high-capacity magazines, which are used in the majority of mass shootings in this country.

    What we need to do is abolish the filibuster and pass comprehensive gun safety legislation NOW. No one in America needs an AR-15. How many more children, mothers and fathers need to be murdered in cold blood before the Senate has the guts to ban assault weapons and take on the NRA?

    In the past, Congress successfully passed common-sense gun laws. We passed legislation to share information between state and Federal law enforcement agencies to prevent those who pose a threat to the public from purchasing guns. We strengthened penalties for gun trafficking, and for using armor piercing ammunition when committing a crime. We passed the Undetectable Firearms Act and the Child Safety Lock Act, and we defeated a bill to allow people with concealed weapons permits in one state to carry a concealed weapon in any state.

    But today, far too many Senators are beholden to the gun lobby. We must take on the National Rifle Association (NRA), and Congress must take concrete steps to reduce gun violence now. That means expanding background checks, which is why I am a cosponsor of both the Background Check Expansion Act and the Background Check Completion Act. The Background Check Expansion Act would expand Federal background checks to the sale or transfer of all firearms in the United States. The Background Check Completion Act would prohibit licensed gun dealers from transferring firearms to an unlicensed person before completing a background check, closing what is known as the Charleston Loophole. Like many other gun safety measures supported by a majority of Americans, universal background checks are supported by 97% of Americans.

    We must ban military-style assault weapons and high-capacity ammunition magazines from being sold, transferred, manufactured, and imported. There is absolutely no reason why these military weapons should be sold to civilians. That is why I’m a proud cosponsor of the Assault Weapons Ban. I am also a proud cosponsor of the Keep Americans Safe Act, which would ban the importation, sale, manufacturing, transfer, or possession of large capacity ammunition feeding devices.

    These are just some of the gun violence prevention ideas that are supported by the vast majority of the American people, and it’s time for Congress to move forward in response. We must abolish the filibuster, pass comprehensive gun safety legislation now, and protect our communities. Now is the time for majority rule in the Senate.

    Please know that I will continue pushing my colleagues to listen to the American people rather than the NRA and fight to enact legislation to keep our communities safe.

    Thank you again for contacting me, and please feel free to stay in touch about this or any other subject of interest to you. For up-to-date information on what I am working on, please sign-up for my e-newsletter, the Bernie Buzz, at


    United States Senator”

    Which obviously no one bothered to read my letter, obviously he’s got and agenda and isn’t willing to discuss it, and obviously he’s coming for the guns which is what his speech above is really about.

    He’s right though, America might have to take up arms if people like him keep pushing this radicalized agenda that removes our sovereignty, bankrupts us so they can control us, starves us so they can control us, makes us energy dependent on other countries so they can control us, indoctrinates our kids so they can have more control later, and subverts our way of life through mass formation, Marxism, tyrannical medical mandates, and gender bending ideas ripping at the fabric of society.

    I’m old enough to remember my parents talking at the table when the Burlington free press wrote that a communist just got voted in as mayor of Burlington. Not a lot of things really change eh Bernie?

    Just now it’s my generation that might need an AR-15 to defeat the commies… it just happens to be that some of them are in office here in the US this time.

    Vote them out to save America the bloody trouble.

    • Just to be even more informative this is Leahy’s response to the exact same letter:

      Thank you for contacting my office about your concern regarding legislative proposals to end gun violence. I appreciate hearing from you.

      I, like many Vermonters, am a proud gun owner. As a United States Senator, I swore an oath to support and defend the Constitution, including the Second Amendment. As Senators, however, we also have a responsibility to protect the lives of all Americans, especially our children.

      Gunfire is now the leading cause of death among American children and teens. Gun homicides, suicides, and accidental shootings are taking a traumatic toll on an entire generation of children. We must do more to protect the families and communities that suffer from this senseless violence.

      Following the tragic mass shootings in Buffalo and Uvalde, the United States Congress came together to pass the Bipartisan Safer Communities Act into law. It was signed by President Biden on June 25th, 2022.

      This law, supported by both Democrats and Republicans, includes important provisions that will save lives. I am especially proud that this law includes key provisions of my Stop Illegal Trafficking in Firearms Act of 2021, which I have introduced for nearly ten years with Senator Collins. This provision creates new federal offenses for straw purchasing and gun trafficking, which are often prosecuted as paperwork offenses. Too often, I heard from our law enforcement officers that current laws did not do enough to deter people from illegally obtaining guns – this legislation answers their call. As responsible gun owners recognize, this law is a step in the right direction for preventing gun violence while respecting our Constitution.

      This action by Congress is overdue, which is why I am also proud that yet again, Vermont is leading the way on many of these issues. In 2018, following the Parkland shooting, the Vermont Legislature took decisive and bipartisan action to pass some of the state’s first comprehensive gun laws. This shows that we can still find common ground in our state and in our country. We can, and we must, continue to work together to end gun violence.

      Thank you again for reaching out to my office, and please keep in touch.

  5. “Bernie has an agenda as isn’t prepared to discuss it”

    This is exactly right. Vermont had no gun laws until a few years ago and violent crime was extremely low. Now we have gun laws and violent crime is growing. But ignore that, please. Because government needs to find ways to criminalize normal, law abiding citizens and what better way than to call them bigots and “white supremacists” while you tear away their rights.

    Vermont spends millions annually on “drug and alcohol” prevention programs, yet the addiction crisis if worse than ever. Oh well, at least their social worker friends are banking coin.

    It’s almost as if the money is used for the opposite of what they say.

  6. Bernie Sanders says “We need to take on the NRA”. The NRA is NOT an organization whose members just fall out of the sky somehow. They are the same Vermonters whom in the next breath he wants our votes from. This is the same convoluted thinking that is currently in place with the majority of the gun banners all across the country. They cannot have this both ways. Sanders has forgotten that because Peter Smith screwed up his election, due to positions the NRA could not support, Vermonters voted Sanders in as an alternate to Smith. The rest is history, and Bernie is far worse than Smith would have been in hind sight. Bernie, the NRA got you elected and you need not forget that fact.

    • It’s also interesting to note that the weapon Sanders cites for elimination, the notorious AR-15 (.223 caliber varmint rifle) doesn’t even make the list of guns traced by the ATF. Not in Vermont. Not in any state.

  7. As much as I would like to commend Bernie for mentioning the 800 pound gorilla living in Vermont….I just can’t in good conscience do it when I know as well as anyone else that he not only feeds it but regularly hides behind it. I have never felt that he had the “regular guy’s” interest at heart. Oh, he talks a good line but as someone else mentioned – his actions just don’t back up his words. He likes to hide the fact that he is one of the wealthy and powerful forces he regularly rants against. But he is right that many of us have lost faith in politicians. I know I have – I don’t believe any of them. Republican or Democrat – voting has become an exercise in deciding the best of the worst. It is very disheartening to hear the lies and witness not only the corruption but the sheer audacity of their actions. Until they stop voting their own raises, accept term limits and lose all the perks they have given each other – public opinion is not likely to change. Oh yea, and pay back the money stolen from social security. It is criminal that there are older folks trying to live on less than a thousand bucks a month (when they have paid into that fund all their working lives) because that fund has been decimated by those in power. The state of politics in Vermont and the rest of the US is in desperate need of a deep clean – only problem is that a decent person doesn’t stand a chance in the swamp.

  8. Well that’s pot calling the kettle black……..look in the mirror bernie…… are the problem, all of you…….TERM LIMITS ARE NEEDED NOW……..every state……say it, share it, SHOUT IT……..

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