Rutland cocaine ring busted

On November 23, the Rutland City Police Department, Vermont Drug Task Force, Vermont State Police Field Force Division, and the U.S. Department of Homeland Security (HSI) executed a search warrant at 55 Killington Ave. in Rutland City as part of a multi-agency investigation into drug trafficking by Lawrence Jackson, 50, of Rutland, police say.

The search warrant was obtained by the Rutland City Police Department Bureau of Criminal Investigation. Upon police entry into the apartment, a man later identified as David Jordan, 30, of Springfield, Massachusetts, jumped from a second-floor window and fled on foot. Law enforcement apprehended Jordan a short distance from the house. Jordan was transported to the Rutland Regional Medical Center and later issued a citation by Rutland City Police for impeding. Law enforcement encountered several subjects inside the apartment, including Reginald Watson, Christopher Carey, and Linda Vandenburgh. A search of the residence yielded cocaine, three handguns, and other evidence of drug trafficking.

Vandenburgh was found in possession of cocaine and taken into custody by Rutland City police. Watson was arrested on an unrelated warrant for credit card fraud. Both were transported to the Rutland City Police Department for processing. Watson was jailed at the Marble Valley Regional Correctional Facility, and Vandenburgh was released on a citation. Carey had a cite-and-release warrant for failure to appear on an unrelated charge.

While police were at the scene, a vehicle known to be operated by Lawrence Jackson was seen on Killington Avenue. The vehicle was pulled over, and Jackson was identified as the operator. He was arrested on suspicion of three counts of sale of cocaine. This arrest arose from an investigation by the Vermont Drug Task Force that began during the summer of 2020. During the investigation, Jackson was identified as a significant source of cocaine in Rutland. On three occasions, Jackson sold cocaine to confidential informants during controlled buys under the supervision of the Vermont Drug Task Force. At the time of his arrest, Jackson was found in possession of cocaine, heroin/fentanyl, suboxone strips, and $2049.92 in cash. A passenger in the vehicle with Jackson was identified as Briana Arnold. Arnold had two arrest warrants and was taken into custody and later jailed at Marble Valley Regional Correctional Facility.

The rental vehicle Jackson was operating was towed from the scene, and a search warrant was obtained by the Rutland City Police Department. During the search, law enforcement located nearly half a kilogram of cocaine inside the vehicle, consisting of about 433 grams of powder cocaine and 32 grams of cocaine base, along with scales containing cocaine residue. The total estimated street value of the cocaine seized from Jackson and the vehicle is $75,000.

Jackson was arraigned at Vermont Superior Court, Rutland County Criminal Division on Nov. 24, 2021. He pleaded not guilty and was ordered held without bail.

Anyone with information about this investigation is asked to contact the Rutland City Police Department at 802-773-1820 or the Vermont Drug Task Force at 802-773-9101 or submit a tip anonymously online at

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  1. Well it’s good to see our police have job security, I’m SURE all coke dealing there will immediately stop & never return, not..433 grams of powder, 33 of “base” (crack?) and all he has in his pockets is $2,000 cash? Doesn’t seem very lucrative, eh? Baretta (TV) once said “never get high on your own supply”, looks like the old adage is true after all or maybe they haven’t raised prices to keep up with inflation?