Rowell: Lawmakers not solving Vermont’s real problems

Burlington woman speaks truth to power

Ed. Note: the letter below was emailed to every member of the Vermont Senate. It is the conclusion of a lively back-and-forth that began with the author venting her concerns about the Affordable Heating Act, to which she received an email from Sen. Becca White (D-Windsor) criticizing the source of her information (Vermont Daily Chronicle). 

By Karen Rowell

If only time could be spent on the answer to the unsustainable teachers’ pension problem, making VT go broke that you failed to fix.  

Or the crime problem – not with gun control, but consequences.  

Or the housing problem, by lifting regulations so people will build here.

Or making the state a great place to do business – which it is not.  

Or figuring out how to stop indoctrination of our children, but how to get our children’s test scores up in math, science, history, etc..

Or figuring out how to run this state without taking money from the federal government which has immorally racked up $23 Trillion in debt which will end up on the backs of our children and grandchildren – immoral.    

But no – Democrats just spend time figuring out how to exert their control over us. They want to control what we drive, how we cook, how we heat our homes, whether or not we can protect ourselves against the criminals Sarah George lets run free among us who don’t follow laws and who will have guns no matter what the laws are, and countless other controls.   

They get elected by lying, getting indoctrinated 16 year-olds and out of state college students and non citizens to vote. They spend endless amounts of time on climate issues that will do absolutely nothing to change emissions but will poison our water with broken down solar panels and huge unrecyclable batteries, both filled with toxic materials which I’m sure we will all be drinking in a few years. Batteries built by slaves in the Congo who are treated like garbage. You know the black lives that don’t matter to the elitist Democrats and Progressives but do matter to the Republicans.  

Then they figure out more ways for Vermont to go broke: 

– Universal healthcare that has already been proven cannot work. 

We already feed children in schools who are from families who can afford to feed them. And now we have to provide babysitting for everyone who decides to have a child? That is for families to figure out.   

Our Republicans are so sensible. Do what you can, Republicans! We admire you working so hard when you are surrounded by elitist control freaks.  Good luck.

The author is a Burlington resident.

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  1. I agree with this letter, about the problems and needs of our state, that our legislators should address. However, I disagree with the use of the words democrat, and republican. What we need is a better understanding of the needs of all Vermonters! The labels and righteousness, of these so called parties, is boring and the result has not been good for the rest of Vermont! See, this finger pointing at one party or the other, turns everyone off. However, if this same letter asked our illustrious elected officials to work together to solve the very same issues, then just perhaps, one or some could be addressed. We have legislators that want to take over local zoning laws, allow for affordable housing to be built in downtowns without Act 250 review, and affordable housing in flood plains, the rest of us have to question, what the heck is going on? But look, we have the global warming solutions act that will save our planet! good grief.

  2. Out of touch tax and spenders like White will never admit they are incompetent. They keep putting forward their agendas until they wear us out. We just want to live our lives and not have to worry about our rights and paychecks being taken away. Let’s get rid of them.

  3. Most anyone reading this on VDC agrees with this. This should be sent out to every Vt voter, maybe then they might see the light. The problem is they don’t get this information on any TV news station or other newspaper. The news media is complicit in this. It appears the majority of voters express apathy. Whos definition is lack of interest, enthusiasm, or concern.

  4. Three cheers to Karen for laying out the situation so wonderfully. The Dems/Progs live in a fantasy world of their own minds which they are determined to force on everyone, yet we Conservative/Republicans are somehow the Authoritarian Dictators.

  5. Ms. White is on her power trip and could care less about anything except her ego. In the committee hearing on the bogus Clean/Affordable heat standard she expressed her gratitude to the lawyers of the Conservation Law foundation that they would sue the state if these foolish carbon reductions aren’t met. There you have a representative applauding a lawyer to sue the state. She should be impeached. It’s not her state money to pay for her ego it belongs to the taxpayers. She is the one with less than adequate information. She belongs to the climate cult and views herself as an overlord to us little people who work to pay for her fantasies.

  6. While it is important to address the issues facing Vermont, such as the teachers’ pension problem, crime, housing, and economic growth, it is equally important to recognize the limitations of the Republican Party in solving these issues. Republicans may claim to offer “sensible work,” but in reality, they lack both the solutions and the electable candidates needed to effectively address these complex problems.

    The writer’s criticism of the Affordable Heating Act and the Democrats’ desire to control citizens may be misguided, as it overlooks the underlying issues that the Act was designed to address. Furthermore, the call for impeaching Ms. White is an extreme and unproductive solution that will only further divide legislators and prevent them from working together to solve the issues at hand.

    Instead of resorting to divisive rhetoric and labeling, it is crucial for all Vermont legislators to come together and find practical solutions that will benefit the state and its citizens. This requires putting aside partisan differences and working in the best interests of the people, rather than pursuing personal agendas or political gain.

  7. With your recent preaching, if you’re thinking of running for office please don’t, we have enough RINOs already. It is impossible to reach across the isle when the other side believes they can heal a healthy planet from an area on the earths surface less than the size of a postage stamp. While China and India are building thousands of coal fired electric plants, this gaggle of fools will punish Vermonters believing in the impossible. You can’t reach condenses with irrational, ideological people with a God like ego. These people rank up there with the Flat Earth Society.