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Rep. Balint Statement on Passage of “Default on America Act” 

Washington, D.C – Today, Rep. Becca Balint, a member of the House Budget Committee, voted against the “Default on America Act.” 

“A budget reflects our values, and we can plainly see where Republicans’ priorities lie. Their dangerous list of demands that passed the House today are reckless and clearly for political gain. But American families see through these games. Middle- and low-income families care about the future of the economy – how they’ll buy a house, lease a car, or pay for college. I’m concerned by this reckless and heartless move by Republicans. I plan to continue to work alongside my colleagues to block this plan and find a path to passing a clean debt limit bill,” said Rep. Balint. 

By refusing to act now to prevent a default, House Republicans are threatening an economic disaster that will devastate everyday Americans. In Vermont, an extreme MAGA Republican default on our debt would:

  • Put 47,000 people at risk of losing Medicaid coverage in Vermont.
  • Threaten access to food assistance for 1,000 people aged 50-55 in Vermont.
  • Eliminate preschool and child care for at least 500 children in Vermont.
  • Increase housing costs for at least 2,100 people in Vermont.
  • Make college more expensive for at least 9,200 students in Vermont.
  • Cut at least 10 rail safety inspection days in Vermont.
  • Repeal investments in cleaner, cheaper energy — threatening clean energy and manufacturing jobs.

But the Default on America Act is no alternative. In Vermont, the extreme House Republican scheme would:

  • Kill about 6,600 jobs in Vermont alone. Nationwide, a default could kill more than 7 million jobs.
  • Jeopardize Social Security payments for 96,000 families in Vermont.
  • Put health benefits at risk for 266,000 people in Vermont who rely on Medicare, Medicaid, or Veterans Affairs health coverage.
  • Increase lifetime mortgage costs for the typical homeowner in Vermont by $54,000.
  • Raise the costs of a new car loan for the typical American by $800.
  • Threaten the retirement savings of 97,000 people near retirement in Vermont, eliminating $20,000 from the typical retirement portfolio.

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  1. As typical for Becca Balint she has things upside down. She and those who think like her are the ones who push policies that are heartless, reckless and dangerous to ALL Citizens of our Country.

    Balint, Sanders and Welch have ALL forgotten they were (selected) to serve Vermont Citizens. They live in a fantasy-land about money. They have forgotten that the government doesn’t make any money. It’s obvious as we watch how they spend it. Endless fake credit cards and endless projects. They don’t want to face reality. What will they do when they run out of other people’s money?

    Individuals and families ALL are forced (one way or another) to be responsible and live within our means. It’s time to end the printing and spending of fake monies, end the gravy train for non-profits and special interests and end the redistribution of taxpayer monies by the irresponsible politicians on both sides.

  2. Is this the woman that campaigned on the promise to work together- reach across the aisle?
    She was and is just another swamp rat, gone to DC to become very, very wealthy and “powerful” to her minions.
    If one reads her statement on the perils of the passed house bill, EVERYTHING listed is now happening, as a direct result of her parties policies. EVERYTHING.
    ms. ballint is but another grifter, gaslighting her minions.

  3. The ONLY thing that is dangerous, let’s say “systemically” dangerous to VT and the USA is BALINT herself.

    By the way, I suppose she might also believe that campaign-funding reform is “dangerous”. I mean, it appears to be darn impossible for her to give back the out-of-state corrupted, stolen 1 million bucks in campaign $$$ she gleefully glommed off of Sam Bankman Fried.

  4. As Rep. Balint uses the key, DNC dog whistle, buzzwords such as”kill”, “jeopardize”, and “threatening.” Her comrades put on quite a performance during the House Judiciary Subcommittee on Immigration Integrity, Security and Enforcement and included Health and Human Services. Eric Swalwell chose to intimidate a witness by grilling her for being in DC on January 6, 2021. A representative from El Paso deflected and blamed the GOP and Trump. A great display of how her party is so concerned about the exploitation of trafficked children at the border. The children are in living Hell. Each one of those Dems have the power to condemn it and stop it. Their actions and words in those hearings prove they will do no such thing – protecting the perps and the killers of children.

  5. I dusted off my thesaurus and found something. Did you know that a synonym for “Balint” is “Hypocrite”?

  6. This is the kind of person our now president loves. Blame all things on the Republicans and just keep spending until we are all broke. She has stooped to the level of name calling and throwing tantrums when people resist what she clarifies as truth. The truth is, her president has already said he will not negotiate on his budget, neither of these people should be in office!

  7. If all the things happen that she is saying, it would mean a lot of people sitting on their butt, will go find jobs. And that becka is a good thing.

  8. McCarthy got a bill through the House to raise the debt ceiling. If Biden stays in his basement, the Dems will own any national default.

  9. Bought and paid for by FTX. $1 million dollar donation funneled through a PAC from one donor? VT politics has been fundamentally corrupted. A FRAUD!
    The election should be redone. Gray should’ve won if justice and fair play were upheld.

  10. The Debt Ceiling controversy is just smoke and mirrors.

    The ACTUAL BUDGET PLAN (through 2033) from the Whitehouse
    ADDS another $17 TRILLION in NEW DEBT. The $17 TRILLION includes the effects of $5 TRILLION in additional taxes!!!

    This is the PLAN….

    How anyone in the Whitehouse or Congress can say this is OK or is a reduction of any kind is a liar and thief. You can’t make this $hit up …. Insanity. 🤯🤯🤯

  11. It’s sad that the image of the Right in the eyes of the Left isn’t one of moderate, rational thoughtfulness, as most Conservatives are, but only one of “MAGA extremists.” Not saying MAGA equals extremism, but that’s the image propagated so well by the majority of mainstream media that to many it seems the case. The extreme opposite reactions to these assumptions has done nothing but reinforce them, too. Something needs to give: if a system is broken, it needs to be fixed, and the current two-option political climate is clearly a broken one.

    • Not saying MAGA equals extremism, but…..

      Is it not equally ‘sad’ that the image of the Left, in the eyes ‘of moderate, rational thoughtfulness, as most Conservatives are’, is one of secular Marxism, revisionist history, the indoctrination of children (and worse) without parental consent, and a media so consumed with self-righteousness it can’t handle introspection?

      If ‘something needs to give’, go ahead, make my day.

      As for me, give me liberty…..

      • “By refusing to act now to prevent a default, House Republicans are threatening an economic disaster that will devastate everyday Americans. In Vermont, an extreme MAGA Republican default on our debt would:” …. yada, yada, yada.

        Who is it, again, Ms. Balint, refusing to act? threatening an economic disaster?

        Wouldn’t an extreme Marxist Democrat default on our debt have a similar effect?

        “Who is more foolish? The fool or the fool who follows him?”

  12. But brandon says the economy is strong so there should be no need for social programs if that was the case! You can’t have it both ways

  13. If all the people on this thread and others were to actively campaign for Balint’s opponent in 2024 that might help. If people really care about the future of this country and our state we need to get involved 100%

  14. Did not take but 30 seconds to indoctrinate that fool. Just like our VT legislature she is dangerous. Let’s get rid of her.

  15. God damn new Yorker liberal and their stupid agenda. But I’m sure she has no issues with transit women sports