Redic runs for Congress

Ericka Redic today announced her candidacy for the United States House of Representatives, stating her purpose for running is to restore integrity, fiscal restraint, and stability to our Federal Government. She will seek the Republican nomination in the primary later this year.

According to a press statement released today, Redic says the campaign was launched because “Big Government is in the way of the average American being able to thrive. Whether you were told your business- your livelihood- was not essential, or you are required to have some new certification or permission to continue working, bureaucrats are picking the winners and losers and using our labor and our income, to pay for it.

Ericka Redic

“The Green Mountain State has become better known for its mountain of taxes and regulations than its ski resorts. We’re leaving drug addicts and mentally ill people on the street and calling it mercy. We’re stifling free speech and interfering with people’s Constitutional Rights. That’s not the American Way, and it’s definitely not the Vermont Way.”

Ericka Redic was born and raised in Vermont, and has made a career out of helping small businesses succeed. She also works with women in recovery from substance abuse and supports many organizations that uplift marginalized, under-served and at-risk people. She fights tirelessly for honest and open discourse from our local, State and Federal legislators, and pushes them to consider ideas and to think outside of their own party narrative. Her desire to fully understand an issue, dissect solutions, and her ability to see short and long-term consequences of the decisions our governing bodies are making is what will make Ericka Redic the right candidate for Congress.

Interested parties can learn more about Redic’s campaign and her platforms by visiting erickaredic.com and Generally Irritable on Facebook, YouTube, and Instagram. There, interested parties will find a berth of information on her positions as well as how you can become involved in her campaign.

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  1. I don’t know much about her, but she seems to be to the right of the rest of the mob. At the very least she’s not a Regressive, excuse me, Progressive, or a lefty, woke, Dummycrat

  2. I was thinking of running myself, but…been there, done that. And I just love this for sass and wit:
    “Generally Irritable “…….. Maybe i’ll just sign on to help her. dennis morrisseau 802 645 9727

    • You’re right Patrick. There is only so much you can convey with text on a website. I encourage you to follow my links to social media. There you will find playlists of various kinds of videos. You may be especially interested in the one titled 2020 Senate. There you will find many videos of me talking about various topics. As this new campaign progresses, more and newer videos will be posted. You can also check out the interviews I host weekly.

      • Respectfully Ms, Redic, you have probably heard about a guy that does not have a “Facebook” account, does not do Twitter” and does not even know what “Instagram” is ? That’s me. I will do my home work, read printed press, watch TV, and talk with people who’s opinion I trust, and somehow between now, and November I will make up my mind as to which Republican candidate I will vote for. Good luck !

  3. I had the opportunity to work with Ericka on the campaign trail last year. I think she will be a great candidate and wish her the best of luck on her campaign.

  4. Great news…thank you Ericka for stepping up. VT demoprogs have long bemoaned that Vermont is the only State which has never sent a woman to serve in Congress, while conveniently forgetting that we had the OPPORTUNITY to elect a woman with great leadership qualities, Martha Rainville, when Peter Welch ran for his first term. Ultimately when Molly gets the nod from the democrats at primary time, I will hopefully have the opportunity to resurrect the home-made sign I had in my car during the 2006 race: “Congress needs another woman, NOT another lawyer”.

  5. Yes Thank you Ericka Redic for stepping up. I would like to know where you stand on Term Limits for Congress/Senate and so on down (and yes I want to know if you agree “public service” does not include pay for the rest of life or any special considerations upon leaving “service”…which it is FAR from as of NOW)
    and question #2 What are your thoughts on the Homeland Security Feb 7 Summary of Terrorism Threat to US; (personally I recall 1 incident of violence related to “election fraud” at the White House on Jan 6, of which a small percentage of a peaceful protest went rogue ..the majority of violence across the nation was related to the GF/police issue; riots, looting, burning, destruction of property and so on coast to coast…and yet in this document all blamed on “covid, election fraud”)
    question #3 The Senate has voted to hold “judges” accountable for insider..woops…..to divulge trading activity; what about Congress, Senate, Federal Reserve, Supreme Court…….WHAT about all of them??
    Politics has become a very lucrative career, and corrupt. I’ve said for years, it trickles down to the states and local level. And it has…….
    thank you

    • 1. I’m for term limits for all Federal and State offices.
      2. I haven’t read the summary so I can’t comment. Can you send it to me for review? contact@erickaredic.com.
      3. Laws should be applied equally. Insider Trading is illegal. Elected officials should not be getting rich from breaking the law.

  6. I think background checks on every candidate is very important.

    Complete disclosure is very important.

    We need to know everything about candidates running for office…both good and bad..

    Every candidate should agree..

    After we know the good things and bad things we can make an educated decision as to we would be willing to vote for someone…

    Voters educate yourselves.

    • Agreed. That’s why I’m really open about myself and the things I’ve been through.

  7. Thank you Ericka! I am so glad to hear you are running!

    Will you please help us find a conservative candidate to run for Vermont Secretary of State?
    A candidate who believes in our US and VT Constitutions and our Individual Freedoms.

    Condos has greatly damaged our Election System. He is retiring and supporting his Clone Deputy to take over.

    We need to have Free Elections again without the cheating and chaos of mass mailed ballots.