Redic gets nod from Dubie, Libertarian Party

Ericka Redic (bottom, left) and Anya Tynio (top right) are the two Republicans in the GOP primary for Congress next Tuesday. Liam Madden (bottom right) identifies as an independent running in the GOP primary. All three are seen at a June 7 Vermont Public debate.

Ericka Redic, GOP candidate for Congress in next Tuesday’s primary, has accepted the endorsement of former Lt. Gov. Brian Dubie and the nomination of the Vermont Libertarian Party of Vermont (LPVT).

Redic and Anya Tynio from the Northeast Kingdom are the Republican frontrunners in the primary. Liam Madden is in the GOP primary but has said if elected he will serve as an independent.

“Vermont and our nation are in the current state of inflation, unaffordability and instability because of government overreach,” said LPVT Chair Olga Maria Mardach-Duclerc. “Ericka represents a commonsense approach that acknowledges our rights to take back control over our own choices and lives. She has a pragmatic liberty approach, and her diverse experience makes her an excellent candidate for US House and we are confident that she will represent the goals of the Libertarian Party of Vermont; Less Government, More Community.”

When asked whether accepting the Libertarian Party nomination might make her appear more ‘pro-choice’ on the question of legal abortion, Redic said the Libertarian Party has both pro-life and pro-choice wings, and that she affiliates with the former.

Dubie, an airline pilot and former Air Force fighter pilot, was a popular lieutenant governor from 2003-2011 and was the GOP nominee for governor in 2010, losing to winner Peter Shumlin (D) by about 5000 votes.

“I am pleased to endorse Ericka Redic to represent Vermont in the United States Congress,” Dubie said. “Ericka is a great listener. She will listen to Vermonters and work hard to find common sense solutions in Congress. Ericka will scrutinize Federal spending, support US energy independence, and will support policies that will grow the economy. I trust Ericka will always do the right thing for her constituents. I fully endorse Ericka Redic for Congress to represent Vermont.”

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  1. This race is a very hard choice because both Ericka and Anya are extremely excellent candidates. To those who haven’t made up their minds yet (that includes me), please know that Anya Tynio should also be thoughtfully considered before making a final choice. Anya is the strong silent type who’s answers are equally thoughtful (as Ericka’s) with an air of amazing maturity for her age. She has formulated a plan to go against the Left’s runaway train and is determined to implement it. This is a tough choice so I’m simply asking folks to study and to pray about who to vote for.

  2. It’s a shame we don’t have a tough choice when voting for governor. Vote for a conservative candidate who can’t win or vote for the RINO who doesn’t represent the party’s values and has been a dismal failure; I’ll take the conservative every time.

  3. Why is Liam Madden even running in the Republican field? I looked at his positions and he is clearly a New Green Deal liberal. Says he admires Bernie for crying out loud. He should be running in the Democrat primary.

  4. Erica after speaking with you at the event Washington / Wndham county GOP I have a couple of questions for you.

    Are you a Phil Scott Republican?

    I know you stated that you voted for Donald Trump but in our conversation I had a feeling that you were wavering with some of the things you were saying about Trump like he handed money over to his buddies and he raised our debt.

    I would like a more thorough explanation of that if you have one.

    Do you think that people who used a constitutional right to attend the reading of the vote at our capital on January 6th are white supremacists and insurrectionists as has been stated by Joe Benning our Vermont senator.

    Do you support their constitutional right and agree they had a right to be there?

    Do you support Christina Nolan for our next senator in spite of the fact she is in favor of the slaughter of the unborn and she supported the appointment of a supreme Court Justice who favored pedophiles and refuses to answer what a woman is..

    Are you a woman?

    I’ll be looking forward to you answering these questions as I’m still trying to make a decision as to where I’ll place my mark on my ballot…

  5. Ericka Redic is a great fiscally conservative and socially moderate candidate who can actually win in November. Vote Redic on Aug 9.

    • Is she? What record does she have to substantiate that statement?

      I’m waiting for a answers to my questions before I make any choice.

      After meeting and listening to Anya Tynio I really am leaning in her direction

      • Considering the way you treat people, I don’t want your vote. I don’t want votes from hateful, bigoted people. The things you say to people on social media is shameful.

        I denounce you and your opinions. You do not represent Republicans or Conservatives values. I’ve watched you be an absolute monster of a human being the last few years and you do not deserve to call yourself a Republican any more than the people who get elected and then vote against our values.

        And with that, we’re done Richard.

      • This is in response to the crazy outburst from Erica Reddick on my post that shows her exactly where she spoke the words someone else pointed out to her.

        The words she Denis saying are available for everyone to see and hear on WCAX.

        Why would it upset her to the point of attacking me for exposing the truth?

        I research the candidates and I post what information I find.

        I have discussions and I use that information to make decision whether I would support a candidate or not.

        If trevealing the facts upsets someone to that extent what else is being hidden.

        I always encourage people to do their own research. I read what others say and the I take time to check it out

        If my information upsets a candidate so be it.

        They have every opportunity to explain why they would disagree.

        In my discussion with Erica this weekend she accused me of attacking her on fabook.

        I explained that I didn’t attack her or anyone else. I expose the facts.

        I also said to her if she felt I made statements about her that were not accurate to send them to me and if I was incorrect I would make public apology.

        I stand behind the information I make available.

        It obvious it easier for Erica Reddick to attack me than answer the questions I have asked.

        I guess asking Erica to be honest with the voting public is too much of a challenge for her.

        If she has a problem dealing with a couple of people asking her questions in a public forum how will she respond as a representative from Vermont?

        Someone should hand you a pocket constitution and ask you to read the first amendment.

        Men have died to protect free speech in America. You should be ashamed of this attack on the voting public.

        Erica, I don’t believe people endorsing you would still be doing so after treating the voting public so viciously.

        Do you actually consider this attack and your comments as representation of Republican and Conservative VALUES?

        After exposing yourself in such a destructive manner I don’t understand how anyone can support you and vote for you to represent them.

        Do you believe Brian Dubie would endorse this behavior from a political candidate?

        If you represent libertarians they must be shaking their heads at your destructive behavior.

        Best of luck…

      • Candidate Redic has just attacked a voter and patriot who has been a staunch Republican for longer than she has been alive as a “hateful,” “bigoted” “absolute monster” who is “not representative of Republicans or Conservatives values” and publicly “denounced him and his opinions.”


        These histrionics indicate Redic clearly does not have the temperament to hold public office.

        Her atrocious behavior further disgraces Brian Dubie, who is already disgraced by his association with Christina Nolan.


  6. Redic is Vermonters only chance to keep an avowed marxist like beka belan from going to DC and doing more damage than pete, boornie and paddy ever did combined.

  7. The comments above are indicative of someone who has “gone off the deep end” with respect to understanding how to win elections. Comments such as these are useless to fostering the decision between candidates and reflect an infantile perspective of “either it’s my way or the highway”. Attacking Brian Dubie is simply unacceptable.

    • Why is it unacceptable to call out a traitor to our party.

      He is endorsing candidates who support election fraud.

      He swore an oath to defend us from foreign and domestic terrorists.

      Enough said.

      His endorsements mean nothing to those that believes in the rule of law.

      This is disgraceful.

      I would be embarrassed to have someone like Dubie endorsing me.

  8. This is BS. I’ve been involved with Redic’s campaign and know that she is pro-life, but recognizes that most Vermonters support a woman’s choice to have an abortion during the first trimester, possibly up to 15 weeks, as the all the EU nations do. As someone who would be representing Vermont in Congress Redic is correct to be sensitive to her constituents’ opinions on some issues. This is contrary to her opponent Anya Tynio, a nice person but one who takes such a hard line on this issue she never win the general election. If we Republicans always take a hard lined stance on abortion, we will continue losing every election (and the Democrats know it!)
    As for smearing Redic based on hearsay of who she supports, perhaps you should spend some time looking at her website before spouting off your lies. For one, Redic has interviewed Malloy on her website, and certainly appears very supportive of his run for US Senate.
    Redic has the smarts and savvy to speak up and make a difference in Congress and deserves our vote.

    • I didn’t lie about anything.

      I said people had reported seeing Redic flying Nolan’s banner at an event.

      That would seem to indicate Redic is supporting Nolan.

    • @Vermont Citizen….Flying a particular person’s banner? That didn’t happen lol. And when you begin with “people said” that’s just hearsay. Who said what exactly? This is what happens when you’re nice to all the candidates. Rumors and falsehoods.

    • Lol, Christina Nolan is now She Who Must Not Be Named!

      Benredic won’t even say Nolan’s name, obliquely referring to her as “a particular person.”

      But he hasn’t denied the Nolan signs so I guess we can take that as confirmation and infer that Redic is supporting She Who Must Not Be Named.

  9. I too am undecided Tynio/Redic……..I am older woman and I do believe in abortion up to the first trimester or 15 weeks max; I believe a “woman” has a right to choose.
    i want a person who speaks for we the people; not their own agenda……..

    • Anya believes in our constitution…

      It is the only thing that keeps us free.

      I would encourage you to check her out…

      She is a wonderful lady who cares about us.

  10. “As for the 2020 election, Madden and Redic acknowledge there is no evidence of widespread voter fraud and say Joe Biden won the election.”
    Redic, wake up and smell the coffee.

    Anya 100%.

    • Tim you are taking someone else’s opinion about what I said, as if it’s a quote from me. That is an unwise choice.

      If you’re going to insult me or try to smear me, at least make sure it’s something I actually said.

  11. You’re using someone else’s quote to explain my position. Not somethingi actually said. Clearly you read someone else’s words and decided they were mine. This is an unwise choice.

    • Erica,

      You are on film on WCAX making that statement..

      Obviously you have to remember it.

      You weren’t shy standing in front of a TV camera when you said it.

      When I had a discussion with you at the Windsor / Windham event you were wishy-washy then about President Trump…

      I believe if you really want to take time and do research you will see that voter fraud takes place and it is slowly being exposed all over the country.

      I have to question how we can send you to Washington DC to properly represent us when you are not aware of what’s taking place in this country.

      There have been so many false accusations against President Trump by our own DOJ and Hillary Clinton in unison..

      I hope you’re aware of that.

      I have to question why you’re not speaking out about this fraudulent January 6th committee that defies 250 years of precedent set by our government.

      This is a kangaroo court and one of the hottest issues today and you clearly have avoided it.

      We are losing our country to people like SnatorJoe Benning who calls people participating in their constitutional rights white supremacists and insurrectionists.

      Do you support those statements about Patriots in America?

      Senator Joe Benning says there are two kinds of Republicans… Phil Scott Republicans and Donald Trump Republicans.

      Phil Scott our Republican governor voted for Joe Biden and the total destruction of America that we are witnessing today.

      Phil Scott supports the anti-Constitutional agenda of the gun grab being perpetrated and voted on in Congress today.

      Joe Benning claims to be a big gun supporter in the state of Vermont touting his endorsement from the NRA. On the other hand he supports Phil Scott and Joe Biden… You can’t do both.

      This is where I have to part ways with people who claim to be Republican but clearly are not.. we don’t share the same values.

      In our discussion you tried to convince me that whoever wins in the primaries we have to support them.

      I will never support a candidate who is in favor of destroying my rights and telling the truth.

      I found you to be a very interesting candidate at first but after much research and listening to all of the candidates I have made a decision and it was a very hard decision to make but when I see you defending Joe Benning who is a turncoat to Vermont in America I can no longer support you.

      I would encourage everybody to do a ton of research to watch videos to read speeches before they decide who they are going to vote for.

      I would never vote for a candidate that leads to my own demise.

    • Love your answer Ericka! That person has no real source for what he/she said. The fairytales which are spread about candidates are so unfair and wrong. I know-been subjected to them myself. Keep up the great work–you do us proud! :):):):)

      • OK ‘Vermont Citizen’ in your comment (it would be nice if you’d ID yourself), give the girl a bit of grace. She’s only working overtime to help us and to serve VT. Maybe a mistake was said early on but it’s a real learning curve as one runs for office. The smooth polished politicians who have been in office for years have it all down pat on how to fool people. Please don’t attack someone who’s really trying to help VT. Thank you.

      • You wrote, “maybe a mistake was said early on.”

        No, it wasn’t “early on” and it wasn’t a “mistake.” Redic lied just a few weeks ago on June 29th that “nothing has been proven” regarding 2020 election theft after 2000 Mules and other reports have already been out for months.

      • Erica is on film at WCAX making that statement

        Why would she try to deny it was ever made

        Come on now you all have the ability to go check it out and see if she’s telling the truth or she has chosen to lie to the voting public.

        This is chilling to think we have people that wouldn’t take the time to go research the truth and then ask why she would be deceitful about such a statement that she made in a video on WCAX.

        These things aren’t fairy tales and if you think they are you should take time to research them to either come back on and claim they are not true or to reinforce the truth.

        When you act blindly like this you are helping to destroy honest representation.

  12. Republicans need to elect a candidate that can actually beat the Democrat in November. When Anya Tynio has a hardline personal view of abortion that is at odds with almost 70% of Vermonters, and vows to subject those people to her disparate personal views, that is a sure-to-lose in November strategy.

    • If we decide to vote for the lesser of two evils that’s exactly what we get

      Just remember the word evil is key here

  13. How easy is it to sign in with a fake account using Redic’s name? I for one don’t believe Redic would even entertain the idea of confronting someone on this venue. election is critical. The best way to confuse voters is to pay for commenters to spue “truth” as they see it. TRUTH has been hijacked. There is no truth anymore. People with agendas just pay institutions greats amount of money to fabricate truth in their official studies. We see this with vaccines, climate change, marijuana, inflation, Ukraine. I saw Redic in debates. I like Redic. She has my vote! Ask for discernment, its the most valuable commodity one could process in a world of deceit.

  14. Don, you wrote, “How easy is it to sign in with a fake account using Redic’s name? I for one don’t believe Redic would even entertain the idea of confronting someone on this venue. election is critical. The best way to confuse voters is to pay for commenters to spue ‘truth’ as they see it.”

    So you, as a Redic supporter, are asserting that someone “paid” two commenters to sign in with “fake accounts,” impersonate Ericka and Ben Redic, and stage a spectacular public sh!t show viciously attacking voters and lying about her statements that are recorded on video, all with the intent “to confuse voters”?

    I respectfully disagree with your analysis. It is clear from the specific comments and individuals the Redics were attacking that it’s actually them and not “fake accounts.”

    Also, I’m sure if someone was impersonating her on Vermont Chronicle right before the election, making her look like a raving lunatic and disgracing Brian Dubie in the very post announcing Dubie’s ill-advised endorsement, Ericka Redic would have immediately issued a statement condemning the imposter and disavowing their unhinged rant.

    One thinks Redic would have also denied supporting She Who Must Not Be Named, as I am now referring to Christina Nolan ever since Ben Redic refused to say her name and obliquely referred to her as “a particular person” after attendees reported seeing Nolan signs on Redic’s float at the Lyndonville event, since the mere whiff of such an epic betrayal would send her supporters flocking to Anya.

    But beyond Redic’s histrionic meltdown indicating that she does not have the temperament to hold public office, and beyond lying that she didn’t say things that are literally on video, I am most concerned by Ericka Redic’s lies supporting Biden election theft.

    On 6.29.22, months after the release of 2000 Mules, the Navarro Report, and numerous other documentaries and reports, Redic lied that “nothing has been proven” with regard to Biden election fraud.

    Ericka Redic wants leniency from voters in overlooking her past criminal activity of defrauding others on the grounds that she is now allegedly reformed. But her lies to media that Biden won the election and “nothing has been proven” regarding 2020 election fraud show that supposedly reformed criminal Ericka Redic is still very much willing to participate in fraud against others – in this case a massive fraud against the people, the lawfully President and the United States of America – in order to advance her political career at our expense.

    Military veteran Brian Dubie could still salvage his reputation by upholding his Oath to the Constitution and disavowing both Nolan and Redic.

    The world is watching.


  15. This is a response to erica reddic and erica only.

    You were insulting someone who did decided to post on this page your direct quote… You as much as came out and called this poor person a liar.

    I have had conversations with you and I have responded to you through social media and the only thing I have ever presented to you was the truth.

    I am in awe to think that a political candidate would attack someone who was previously supporting you for congress for telling the truth.

    Since when has telling the truth become a problem in america.

    You accuse me of attacking people and other things when in fact it is you who are not capable of dealing with the facts and the truth and go totally ballistic when the voting public answers your call for proof of your statements.

    I asked you a series of questions because I want to know exactly where you stand before I vote for you and I think everyone else is entitled to hearing the truth from you.

    I guess you chose to skip over those questions and decided to attack me and go totally ballistic because I posted the source of the quote that that man made on this post.

    You know one of the things that is required of an adult is to own up to what they have done or what they have said.

    So now I have to question why are you embarrassed what you said if you’re a Donald Trump hater just come out and say it… If you don’t believe election fraud just come out and say it..

    However as someone who is running for congress in the state of vermont you must totally understand what has been exposed as to the election fraud that has taken place in america… If you haven’t been exposed to that I would say you are totally incapable of taking the reins of a congressman to represent the state of vermont in washington DC… It is the hottest issue on TV today…. How could you miss it.

    So I’m asking you to answer the questions I posted previously on this page… I would ask that you answer them honestly so people can see the true erica.

    I found a pretty disappointing that you would attack me for just presenting the facts about what you said that you claimed you did not say… Do you really think that’s an attack on you… Exposing the truth somehow now is an attack?

    That sounds like a lefty defense mechanisms… That’s absolutely nothing we need in our republican party that I have been defending for years… I have been defending this party long before I could vote and I am disturbed that you would claim that I am neither a conservative or a republican….

    So based on your remarks and your being shaken up and popping like a cork I have to ask just what party you belong to and what are your true intentions.

    Are you really going to try to continue the denial that it was you that responded to my post?

    I really would love to give you more credibility than that in spite of the fact that you have proven yourself not to be worthy of serving us as congresswoman.

    You do know that one lie leads to another… It’s not a good path to take.

    So again I’m going to ask you to answer the questions above that I have posted…

    I’m going to ask that it is you who has responded so a lot of research does not have to be done to prove who it was.

    As far as voter fraud goes if you watch 2,000 mules you can see that it’s easily to trace the source of calls of comments and of people’s locations.

    Yes voter fraud took place in america and everyone knows it except senator Joe Benning.

    Senator Joe Benning calls people who practice their constitutional rights white supremacists and insurrectionists… This is based solely on his despicable attitude towards the best president we have seen in recent history Donald Trump.

    If you’re throwing your hat in his ring remember he’s supposed to be an attorney who knows the law he’s supposed to understand our accounts the tuition and every time he speaks he speaks as a constitutionalist but he’s willing to deny us our freedom of speech and our freedom to participate and constitutional supported activities.

    Joe Benning was running as lieutenant governor uses his a rating and endorsement from the NRA as something to hang his hat on however everyone in the state of vermont that would consider voting for Joe Benning needs to also consider this:

    Governor Phil Scott voted for Joe biden which was a slap in the face to every republican in the state of vermont..

    Joe Benning keeps asking if we’re Phil Scott republicans or Donald Trump republicans…

    I have to ask you erica which one of those are you?

    Well if you and Joe Benning claim to be pro 2a…. However Joe supports biden and Phil Scott and their agenda to take guns away from americans while he proclaims to be a gun rights activist.. that’s right they’re in favor of disharming america and you appear to align with Joe Benning..

    You need to take a stance and tell the voting public exactly where you stand… If Joe Benning is going to sell us out you need to let us know if you are going to be a part of that.

    Joe Benning calls us white supremacists and insurrectionists because we support our constitution.

    What do you call us?

    You can’t be both…

    You have to decide which side of the fence you are on because sitting on the fence and waiting for the wind to blow is a disgusting position to be in.

    I think you need to expose the truth to the voters in the state of vermont as to your position on Donald Trump and voter fraud and everything else that people are concerned with before they even think about putting a mark to your name on a ballot..

    I find it incredible that any candidate running for office would have such a big problem with the truth being exposed.

    What is even worse is to attempt to destroy a person who has spent most of their life fighting for the republican party and denouncing the rhinos that have invaded our party…

    We do not need another rhino willing to stab us in the back.

    Please answer the questions honestly and let the people decide who they want to represent them.

    I have never attacked any political candidate but if exposing the truth is considered an attack you better look in the mirror..

    Vermonters I encourage you to thoroughly investigate every candidate running for office and see what they are true intentions are.

    Our republican representation doesn’t care about what we think… They claim they vote their conscience.

    Based on the remarks from erica and others that have been elected office I’m not so sure I want them voting their conscience..

    This is a wake up call for anyone supporting erica or any other candidate…

    What happened on this page and her responses are totally unacceptable and I truly believe they should expel her as a candidate for congress representing vermonters.

  16. Vermonters are blessed to have two very good candidates in the US House GOP primary with Ericka Redic and Anya Tynio.

    I have endorsed Ericka Redic for the nomination as I believe Ericka has the “moxie” to best challenge Balint and the Bernie Bros. Anya is well-spoken but she’s not a campaigner. Ericka has put her focus on economic issues, which is where the head and the heart of the state and the nation are right now: https://justthenews.com/politics-policy/environment/majority-americans-prioritize-economy-over-climate-change-harvard-poll

    The inflation and energy issues are intertwined as the coming economic tsunami–a serious threat to our national security and our way of life by way of the Green New Deal. If we face energy shortages, including the electrical grid this winter, we better be sure we have representaives to congress who are going to work to fix that–and it sure would not be Balint and Welch!

    Regarding the spurious claims that Ericka has somehow abandoned issues such election integrity are unfounded. I viewed the WCAX article and interview that some comments have referenced and I don’t find the comments on the 2020 election by either Anya or Ericka to be erroneous or inconsistent with what was commonly known at the time of the interviews. Is proof of fraud or manipulation forthcoming? In my view that is increasingly likely given what we saw this week in AZ and the potential for more information to come forward over time. We are not in a static environment on this and it would appear both of these candidates know that based on their responses. And the intelligent viewer/commenter would also understand that the biased press is trying to push our candidates in a corner on 2020.

    All conservatives and center-right thinkers, must understand that sending a far left progressives to congress is problematic. Therefore, it is critical to support the Republican candidates who become the nominees for US House and Senate. Let’s be smart about this. And that means you, too, Richard Ley and company…I will support whoever wins the primary with all my heart. and you should too.

    • Wendy,

      I can’t thank you enough for addressing me personally and I
      appreciate your response..

      Unfortunately some like Peg Flory and myself have chosen who we will not support in the Republican party for senator.

      Peg has decided to endorse Becca Balint.

      I did not endorse anyone like Peg chose to, however I have chosen to exclude Erica Redic for he crazy oitbursts and her attacks on that those that question her position on Donald Trump and many other issues.

      I asked several questions that she has refused to answer publicly. That concerns me immensly and should concern anyone endorsing or supporting her.

      I was ATTACKED for posting the source that exposed her for lying and abusing a person who qouted her in article. Just what is Erica afraid of? Her own words?

      Have you invested the time to read the comments on that article?

      Since she won’t answer the questions and you have publicly endorsed her would you be so kind as to read and list the questions here and answer them for us so we can make an informed decision as whether to support her or not?

      It is disgraceful to ask voters for their support but keep them in the dark.


      I also have witnessed Erica attacking people other than myself on other posts who want FACTS from her and NOT PROPAGANDA.

      We are at a point in our history that it is important to vote for those that want to be factual and honest with us and DENOUNCE those that refuse to answer simple questions.

      When we are not allowed to speek freely in our groups because it might upset the applecart it is more proof the applecart needs to be oveturned.

      Wendy, when I sit in a Republican meeting with traitors who have denounced President Trump and have voted for and support this fraudulent Biden administration I can no longer support them.

      We do not elect politicians to go to Montpelier to the DOME OF GLOOM or Washington DC to vote their conscience.

      If that is true let their CONSCIENCE elect them to office.

      Anyone awake in America today knows for fact voter fraud took place in the presidential election.

      I’m sick of people denying the truth and expecting me to blindly follow.

      Supporting and endorsing candidates or elected officials who do not support our values is DISGRACEFUL.

      What is even more DISGRACEFUL is the denial of our right to expose these people to the voting members of our party.

      Just to point out a fact…if you vote for the lesser of two evils you are stiil voting for evil.

      I’m going to stick with TRUTH, JUSTICE and THE AMERICAN WAY.

      One of my favorite people in government is REPUBLICAN Sen. John Kennedy of Louisiana..

      John doesn’t waiver and he does not support the sellouts on either side of the aisle.

      I absolutely love this quote from him because it is so true…”We can never get the dirt out of the water if we don’t get the PIGS out of the creek.”

      This speaks volumes. It should be a WAKEUP CALL.

      I am voting for Anya Tynio because she is most qualified and respects the voting poulace. I would encourage others to check her out and place a chek mark next to her name on the ballot.

      I am also supporting Gregory Thayer for lieutenant governor. He has the best qualifications to help pu Vermont back on the right trak and has demonstrated his tireless commitment
      to do so working hard for Vermonters across the state the past couple of years.

      Unlike Sen. Joe Benning….he doesn’t call himself a ‘scott republican’ and he didn’t vote for bide and the destruction of America

      And unlike Joe Benning, Greg doesn’t call the PATRIOTS in Vermont and the United States of America, INSURRECTIONISTS or
      WHITE SUPREMACIST for practicing our constitutional rights.

      Joe Benning says we should elect him because he knows the PLAYERS. That is an excellent reason not to elect him. Tha is why we are in the predicament we are in today.

      We have a few excellent choices in this primary and it is time to take advantage of candidates that stand up for the truth and what is right fo us.



      Richard Ley

    • You wrote that you do not find Ericka Redic’s comments “to be erroneous or inconsistent with what was commonly known at the time of the interviews.”

      That is incorrect.

      Redic said just a few weeks ago on 6.29.22 that “nothing has been proven” with regard to Biden election fraud.”

      The Navarro Report was published December 17, 2020, Col. Phil Waldron’s Your Wake Up Call was released August 11, 2021, and 2000 Mules was released May 2, 2022. Those are just three of numerous documentaries and reports showing that election fraud most certainly had been proven by 6.29.22 and that Redic’s comment was not “consistent with what was commonly known at the time of the interview,” as you assert.

      Words matter. “Narrative” is a thing. To voters, Redic’s equivocation comes across as a sleazy attempt to ingratiate herself with the seditious RINO contingent that is supporting Biden election theft.

      Also, Redic is supposedly a reformed felon. But her willingness to lie that “nothing has been proven” in order to advance her political career at our expense shows that the aberrant mentality to defraud others in order to benefit herself which underlay Redic’s past criminal activity has not been reformed by sobriety.

      And in addition to all of this, her unstable personality and volatile behavior, lashing out and viciously attacking voters in the very post announcing Dubie’s endorsement, have clearly shown that Ericka Redic does not have the temperament to hold public office.


      Archive of documentaries and reports on election fraud here:



    • It turns out Wendy Wilton has also endorsed Christina Nolan.

      Christina Nolan lied that “Joe Biden won the election” and “Donald Trump is the past.”

      Like other VTGOP RINOs who support Biden election theft, Christina Nolan is a traitor against the American people, the lawful President and the United States of America.

      Wendy Wilton disgraces the Republican Party and betrays conservative voters by supporting Christina Nolan and Ericka Redic.