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  1. I hope this is real. I went to the school board meetings at EWDS almost three years ago and seriously questioned this ideology. I had lived in Baltimore City for 13 years and worked in an office of 80 people, half white and half black. I asked the school to explain how I oppressed the black people in the office that I respected and considered friends. Many of these coworkers had college educational, homes, management roles, and nice clothes, while I had none of these things.

  2. And how do you expect me to understand all this stuff unless I am guided through all of it by the exclusionary thinking of Shelburne?

    • I didn’t know that the word “exclusionary” is a synonym for “inclusionary.” How ’bout that!!!

  3. I hope our Vermont School Board of Superintendents have also rethought this and stopped it in all our schools!

    • Hardly. The Vermont Superintendent’s Association promotes it. Hopefully Parents Defending Education files suit and defeats it there as well.