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Gov. Phil Scott appoints Doug Farnham as Chief Recovery Officer

Doug Farnham
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Berlin, Vt. – Governor Phil Scott today announced the appointment of Doug Farnham as chief recovery officer, following the catastrophic July flooding.

Farnham has served as the deputy secretary of the Agency of Administration since December 2021, where he has overseen the State’s management of historic federal pandemic recovery and infrastructure investments. The Governor has directed Farnham to incorporate and coordinate flood recovery efforts with the ongoing historic community revitalization work that is underway as the result of pandemic-era recovery funds.

“Doug has been a valuable member of our team, with significant experience coordinating multi-agency efforts and close collaboration with the federal government,” said Governor Scott. “As we move into the recovery phase of our response, working to build back smarter and more resilient to the impacts of climate change will be key. Recovery means helping people get back on their feet and making the most of the transformational investments that were being made before the floods. It is important to have someone with Doug’s experience to help bring all the tools and resources together, so we keep our transformative community revitalization work on track for the greatest impact.”

“I am honored to serve as chief recovery officer, and motivated to do everything I can to help accelerate repair, reduce risks going forward and make this recovery another part of the historic community revitalization work Governor Scott is leading across the state,” Farnham said. “Everyone deserves to feel safe at home, and I recognize that we have a lot of work to do to restore security to hundreds of households.”

Prior to his appointment as chief operational officer and deputy secretary, Farnham served at the Vermont Department of Taxes since 2011 in several roles, including deputy commissioner, policy director and economist, and director of property valuation and review.

Before joining state government, Farnham served six years in the Unites States Army, 82nd Airborne Division and earned his bachelor’s degree from the University of Vermont and a master’s degree from Norwich University. Farnham currently resides in Montpelier with his wife and son.

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  1. No offense to Mr. Farnham. The game being played is pluck a taxation enforcer, an insider to the federally controlled Administration, and his job is to coordinate with other Administration appointed agents to dole out federal money on the barely cooled heels of plandemic federal money? It certainly behooves the connected, compliant and look-the-other-way bureaucrats to join the multi-million dollar federal grift game. Watch carefully who gets the gravy and who gets the shaft. Demand audits by third-party, non-partisan accountants on all of these “appointed” boards, task forces, committees, etc. Where and to whom is all the federal money being doled out to when the results for the public is more taxation? High time to put an end to the federal grifts and thievery perpetrated by Phil Scott and his merryband of do-no-gooders.

    • I completely agree with and applaud what you said up to the last sentence where you then shoot yourself in the foot. What proof do you have that Phil Scott perpetrated any federal grift and thievery?

      I think it’s high time you and your merry band supplied politically-neutral and factual references for your accusations.

      • How about you do so first? Start with your baseless accusations of Trump. And do be merry about it.

      • Perhaps you should review the full statement of the Consul General Huang Ping, a CCP representative who visited the State House, February 2019 to confab with Phil, Dave, and Jim. The statement issued through the Chinese Consulate NYC reads in part: “Phil Scott, the Governor of Vermont, welcomed Huang Ping and his delegation to visit the state capital, saying that Vermont pays great attention to developing relations with China, and it is willing to strengthen cooperation with the Consulate General. Scott was pleased to see substantive progress in the China-US economic and trade consultation, which he said is good news for Vermont. Vermont has a limited population but abundant resources, among which tourism is one of the pillar industries. He welcomes more Chinese people to visit, study, and work in Vermont, and he is expecting to explore more chances for cooperation with China.” Shortly thereafter in May 2019: “More than 400 representatives of business and national and subnational governments from the United States and China attended the fifth U.S. China-Governors Collaboration Summit in Lexington, Kentucky, sponsored by the National Governors Association.” I believe I’ve relayed these facts before, but I’ll keep repeating it for those in the back who are asleep. However, some in our populace are woefully ignorant and cannot see the forest through the trees. We were sold out to China via our Federal and State governments – get it?

      • Melissa and Kathleen won’t answer your question but instead will rely on the crutch of whataboutism and shifting narratives. I’d like to hear her proof as well even though we all know the answer is that she has no proof and just likes to make crazy claims for unknown personal reasons.

      • You mean to imply Kathleen and I have no receipts or proof? So, confabbing with the CCP is not enough to raise your eyebrows? I guess if you are of the same political ilk as the CCP, I get it. I guess violating Constitutional rights with fake fraudulant “emergency powers” is okay as well. Your inference is exactly what the Left does with “Orange Man bad” rants. When they accuse Trump of being racist and committing tax fraud, they can’t seem to come up with any proof for some odd reason. How did that Russian collusion claim work out?

  2. How about the handling of eb5, where the merry band of swamp creature got away without a slap on the wrist and paid everybody off with tax payer money? There are many, many examples. Drinking propaganda for breakfast every day doesn’t lead to a well informed mind.

    • Propaganda Oats, it’s not just for breakfast anymore. CDC recommends a steady IV drip courtesy of cable news and all local broadcasting affiliates of NBC, CBS, ABC. Oh, and get your shots, it’s flu season year round.

  3. Trolls are perhaps the modern day name for fools, maybe pride filled people? There is no debating or arguing or searching for the truth, they can have six of the wisest people on a certain topic on each side of them, yet their own thoughts are superior. There is very little wisdom or discernment, there is no humility. They can not see the difference between someone actions, associations, and what they say. Some of the seeds wither in the weeds, some land on fertile ground and multiply, some 30 fold, some 60 fold, some 100 fold, such is life.

  4. Propaganda oats are to refined and sophisticated, leads too high sugar levels and cloudy mind! Sadly it’s a trolls favorite breakfast cereal! That and the lovely, scrumptious warm jelly filled doughnut, stay away, but oh so delicious.

  5. Dear Jaydee and Chris,

    Would you pay $20,000 for a private school, when another private school gives a better education for $11,000? Vermonters here’s your sign.

    Would you buy gas at a local monopoly for $4.12 when Costco sells the same gas across the street for $3.85? Vermonters here’s your sign.

    Would you pay $588,000 for a single wide home? Vermonters, here’s your sign.

    Would you pay $50 for a bottle of aspirin and have to wait 3 months to have it delivered? Vermonters here’s your sign.

    Would you pay $43 for a bottle of rum, when across the river it costs $29? Vermonters here’s your sign.

    Would you pay $57,043 for a Toyota Corolla? Vermonters here’s your sign.

    Kathleen and Melissa are directly over the target, they are the epitome of wiser than the snakes and more innocent than doves.

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